Jul 31, 2013

Valentines Day

Hello sweeties <3

I already posted about this on my facebook-page but I wanted to share it here as well :) As usual on Monday I checked the Lolit Valentines, thinking of nothing in particular and look what jumped into my sight *points down*

I didn't know if I should cry ot laugh or my week had a pretty rough start and I have been falling into slight depressions recently this pretty much made my day, probably my whole week :) I am glad I have great friends like this~ Don't know what I would do about them. Love you guys~ <3

Have a nice day my dear readers~


Jul 30, 2013 I a princess now?

Hello sweeties <3

I already mentioned in my last post that we had an awesome photoshoot with Karin Reichert on Saturday and now I want to show you my results :) You already saw my first outfit in my last I played the part of Hime Lolita :3 I really love that outfit~ I think lavender and pink go really well together *hehehe*

Although my skirt is wandering upwards in that picture I really love how it looks...for once in my life I like my legs here *hahaha* And those shoes look really comfy but aren't actually >>"

Jul 29, 2013

7 things~

Hello sweeties <3

It is Monday again, heaven is falling down on us (literally O.o) and it is time for 7 great things that happened to me during the last week:

1. I received my Perfume Bottle JSK <3 <3 <3
2. We had the most awesome photoshoot ever at Castle Faber Castel~
3. I had an awesome time with my beautiful girls <3
4. I pre-ordered the 1st Jupiter-Album and it is the Limited Edition :3
5. Got hooked on Candy Crush...really simple but funny game xD
6. Had a nice chat with Schelli on facebook <3
7. I can't think of a proper 7. point I just say: Zin <3 <3 <3 But this stays our secret ;) *psssst*

What do you think about Jupiter? Just a "new" Version of Versailles with a younger version of Kamijo? *looks at milky rose* Well, I think as far as looks go Zin really resemblesKamijo but that's it...Kamijo is Kamijo and Zin is Zin - My first love is still Kamijo and I think Zin is really promising to land on my eternal fangirl list ;)
I really like the new setup so far <3

Have a nice afternoon~


Jul 28, 2013

Hottest photoshoot ever...

Hello sweeties <3

I am back from yet another awesome but absolutely hot weekend in Franconia. This time we had our long planned photoshoot with the awesome photographer Karin Reichert <3 Although the shoot started at 1 pm Milky Rose and myself already woke up at 8 o'clock to prepare the make-up and hair for our first outfit and the delicious bento...although I only cut the cucumber and paprica >>" I am not that good at cooking *coughs* After we were finished Emilie Lynn collected ourselves and our luggage and we drove of to the Location~ I really really love shooting with Karin as she is a super-nice person with awesome skills <3 I hope we can shoot with her again in the future...maybe something 50ies/Pin-Up...what do you think? :3

Here is s a sneaky sneak preview of the shoot...our gorgeous fairy princess in Ero Lolita <3 <3 <3 Wanted to take her home after the shoot but I think her boyfriend would have disliked that *haha*

Jul 25, 2013

When will I be a "real" princess?

Hello sweeties <3

Recently I am feeling really sad pretty often. Well, at the moment I am not really satisfied with parts of my life and I'd rather be and do something entirely my mind I already am travelling so many places, opening my own cafe, working at a chocolate factory, meeting my prince in shining armor - having many many dreams...only thing that I am still missing is courage to pursue those dreams ^^" Stepping out into the world wearing Lolita was a huge step for me and I think it gave me confidence...but changing my life entirely to get closer to my dreams is so much more than I can handle at the moment. 

Sometimes I really just want to step out, take that leap of faith, have confidence in myself...but in the end I am to much of a coward *sighs* Do you also have times like this? You are not satisfied but to afraid to change something? I hope I can overcome my fear someday and get all my dreams realized~I don't only want to be a "princess" on weekends...I want to be myself the whole time, without worrying what my colleagues or other people might think of my hobby.

 JSK: Perfume Bottle by Metamorphose (I am so in love with it <3) I received the dress on Tuesday - it is a dream come true~
Blouse: ebay
Shoes: Lovelyshoes
Headbow: Metamorphose
Wig: Lockshop

I wish everyone of you a nice evening and never stop pursuing your dreams <3 I will also do my best to be the person I want to be~


Jul 24, 2013

Glossybox July 2013 - Le Grande Bleu Edition

Hello sweeties <3

On Sunday I received the latest Glossybox and as it is summer this Edition was all about summer, sun and the ocean - as the name might already suggest ;)

The design of the box was really cute - fitting for summer and the theme~ The inside and the wrapping paper also matched the theme reall good ^^

Jul 23, 2013

Saturday haul~

Hello sweeties <3

After some time I finally have a haul again *yay* On Saturday I went shopping again with Koo-chan in what felt like an eternity. In the past sweeks most of the time I only bought stuff online so it was nice to walk into "real" stores for a change *haha*

First we went to Müller:
Facemask with teatree oil...I don't know which of the words is the brand but Koo-chan told me these masks are reall great. Have not yet tried it out though.
Misslyn Sandstyle Nailpolishes in colors 56 (orange-pink) and 27 (lavender) - I have the #56 on my nails at the moment and so far I really love tipwear etc. yet ^^
Essence Nailpolish in This is what I mint - wanted this for an eternity and finally found it *yay*
Essence pureskin nose strips - help cleanse your nose. There are only 3 strips in the pack unfortunately but the price is around 1,50 EUR so it is not too bad. Also they really worl miracles on my nose *haha*

Jul 22, 2013

7 things and OOTD~

Hello sweeties <3

It is Monday and that means it is time for my 7 good things that happened last week :3

1. Went shopping with Koo-chan after what felt like eternity ^^"
2. Received my Glossybox for July :3
3. Pre-ordered the Limited Edition of Kamijo's single Louis <3
4. Finally sold my Royal Poodle set *ngahahaha*
5. Had an awesome time at Koo-chan's place~
6. Enjoyed the sunny weather in Nuremberg <3
7. Traded my Dot Shantung JSK from Innocent World with Koo-chans Chest Shirring Babydoll JSK *O* I threw it on really quick yesterday :D

As you can see in Koo-chans blogpost there is also a matching headbow but I thought the headbow by Vanillas Traumfabrik also looks nice with the JSK...and I definitely need a poofier petticoat for that dress xD

And here is the OOTD that the title promised...yesterday I really wanted to wear my "My little Pony!-Shirt from H&M - I LOVE it <3

Top: H&M - Shorts: H&M - Wig: Lockshop - Shoes: An-tai-na - Socks: Tutuanna - Rose: New Yorker - Necklace: Cumacrafts <3

Hope you hada great start into this week and the weather is as awesome at your place as it is here <3


Jul 21, 2013

Usagi no Alice~

Hello sweeties <3

Some of you may know that on instagram I am @usaginoalice meaning Bunny Alice - but why I am telling you this? Well, as I already mentioned last Saturday we held our monthly meet-up at the zoological garden and for that occasion I wore my Bunny Ears from Ergi <3 and turned into Usagi no Alice ;) The meetup was really great and I was able to meet some people again that I haven't seen for a pretty long time *yay* We also had a really cute encounter with a little boy who wanted to take a picture together with us...he was so adorable *O* We also received lots of compliments that day...the best one was "You are the new Vogue! More people should dress that way"...and yes, the person telling this to us wasn't making fun of us :) It was a really great day with great people and I was glad that Schelli could join us <3

Derping around xD I got the rose from Schelli and after that called her Kamijo the whole day...because I am silly like that ^^"

Jul 20, 2013

I LOVE Nuremberg

Hello sweeties <3

As you know last weekend I visited my girls in Franconia *sighs* I really want to move back there so I can meet my girls whenever I want without having to travel 3 hours x"D On Saturday we went to the zoological garden in Nuremberg but this post will have to wait as I haven't received the pictures yet ^^" On Sunday me and Schelli went to Nuremberg before we were on our way back home. And I fell in love over and ober again with this great city. In my opinion it has a totally different feel than Stuttgart - I really can't put my finger on the reason why I love Nuremberg so much more but I definitely do *hahaha*

 Beautiful Lorenzkirche (Saint Lorence Church) <3

 Sunshine-Me I love that top...the colors are so vibrant and perfect for summer. And in front of the "Tugendbrunnen" :)

 "Schöner Brunnen" with fake wishing ring ;) The actual ring is on the opposite side and is all black like the rest of the well as so many people already wished on that ring ^^ The golden one is for Tourists ;) On the "Fleischbrücke" with my new awesome and PINK bag :3

Outfit Rundown:
Top: Takko
Camisole: J.Honeys
Shorts: H&M
Socks: Tutuanna
Shoes: An-tai-na
BAg; Robin & Ruth
Wig: Lockshop
Headband: ebay

Hopefulyl I will get the pics of last Saturdays meet-up very soon - I promise I will make an entry about our day in the zoological garden then :)

Have anice day~


Jul 19, 2013

Flower Power

Hello sweeties <3

Just want to show you my OOTD. As I am going to Nuremberg again today and summer is still gracing us with its presence I decided on a really floral and more fancy outfit today :3

Excuse the quality of teh second picture but I just snapped this short before I left for work xD But you can see my outfit and that is all that matters *haha*

Dress: H&M - Shoes: H&M - Camisole: J.Honeys - Leggings: J.Honeys - Necklace: Kaufland - Hairband Claire's - Belt: found on ebay

It is finally Friday and I can't wait to see my girls again <3 Hope you have an awesome weekend~


Jul 17, 2013

About Balloons and Perfume Bottles ;)

Hello sweeties <3

One week ago I promised that I would show you the dresses I recently bought but as work was busy and my weekend was packed I couldn't really blog about that - I am sorry for that *bows* But here you go :3

 Metamorphose "Popping Balloon JSK" in ivory - I already had this one in pink but I always rather wanted this version. Saw it on Closet Child and instantely bought it :) I sold the pink version to Koo-chan...another dress we can twin :3
Metamorphose "Perfume Bottle JSK" in white - A dream come true <3 I wanted it since I saw it at EmilieLynn 3 years ago xD It is a real princess dress *O* Can't wait to receive it~ The best thing is that I also got the matching headbow *yay*

 Pas de deux in the blue Moon headbow by BTSSB - The matching haeadbow to my JSK *nyahahahaha* I love thos kind of bows that somehow seem to eat your head...never though that I would like them *haha*
Metamorphose "Popping Balloon" Headbow - Needed the matching headbow to my new JSK *points up* Also found that on Closet Child :)

Did you recently get some of your dream things?

Have a nice evening~


Jul 15, 2013

7 things~

Hello sweeties <3

It is Monday again and that means it is time for 7 good things that happened last week :) Let's start~

1. The weather was really great the whole week :)
2. I received my first parcel from Innocent World *yay*
3. I went to the zoological garden in Nuremberg for the first time with my girls <3
4. Bought an awesome new pink bag ;)
5. Had an interesting conversation with a really nice person about the historical sites of Nuremberg.
6. Bought something at the IW-Sale xD
7. Received many compliments for our style while roaming the zoological garden...we really made some of the people happy only for letting them take pictures of us xD

Hope you also hada nice week and wish you a great start into this one :)


Jul 13, 2013

BTSSB - Welcome to the sweets Hexenhaus

Hello sweeties <3

While I am at it, here is another print from BTSSB - as for the name I have to laugh all the time because the mix of English and German is just to hilarious *haha* The theme is Hansel and Gretel as the name already suggests :) And this print is kust down my alley. The colors, the theme and just everything screams my name *haha*

 Both versions are really cute but imo the right version is just one tiny bit cuter XD

 I love the mint and pink version...who would have thought that? *haha* I am not a big fan of the red version though ^^" And the ivory reminds me of white chocolate *om nom nom*

 This bag is so awesome *O* And the socks are really cute as well...they look really delicious...somewhat *haha*

What is your opinion on this print?
Is it something you would buy?

Have anice day~


Jul 12, 2013

Alice and the Pirates - Merry Making in the Ghost Town

Hello sweeties <3

There are news from AatP - a new really awesome Halloween inspired print will be put onto the market really soon. And although I know that this kind of dress won't really suit my style as it is way to dark I will put it on my wishlist as it is just to damn gorgeous. 

 There are two versions of the JSK - I have to say I like the2nd version better because of the ribbons...obviousely BUT I think the cut-out in the 1st version is really cute as well :3

 The print comes in 4 colorways...I really like all versions but I think the blue/lilac one is my favourite <3

 The hat *O* So awesome~ The socks are kinda boring though >>"

Well, as I said, I really like that print and I also have a perfect Co-Ord in my head...BUT I am not really sure if I can pull it off *haha* Sometimes I wish that I could be able to put together a "broken/creepx doll"-Look and not look all to ridiculous xD"

What do you think about that print?

Have a nice afternoon~