Feb 28, 2012


Good evening my sweeties <3

Sorry for not posting for like an eternity but my days are filled with work and so many new stuff that I just didn't come around to update my blog. This entry also will only contain some impressions of my new live. But the most important update first: I finally got a flat *yay me* It isn't that big but it is really cute and I already planned what furniture I will buy and how I will decorate it :3 I hope I can move there in 2 weeks and get everything ready...if I do I will post the pictures of my new home her...just stay tuned ;) But first the promised impressions from my new life ^.^

Too many stairs in Stuttgart xD It gives a nice scenery but it is hell to climb them @.@

Feb 15, 2012

New Start...sort of ;)

Hello my sweeties <3

I am so sorry for not posting for such a long time but I was rather busy with packing all my stuff for moving to Stuttgart on Sunday...and as I also started working on Monday and everything was pretty overwhelming I didn't get the time to update this blog. But I finally made some time to at least upload some pictures I have taken during the last days ^.^ So~ enough of the talk and on to the pictures (excuse my weird English but I am just to tired in the evening to produce decent sentences xDDD).

Last Friday I met up with two friends from university to celebrate my new job and their graduation. We went to a bar/restaurant called Leons in Nürnberg. They have awesome cocktails and even better salads :3
The decoration on the cocktails is so great <3

Feb 7, 2012

Impressions of Nuremberg

Hello sweethearts <3

Cuz I had some thinking to do and I can to that best if I am taking a walk I decided to visit the castle in Nuremberg...although it was around -20°C outside xD But after I got used to the cold it actually was a really nice trip to the castle with sunshine and many new precious memories ^.^
Frauenkirche in Nuremberg <3

Feb 6, 2012

Time flies and Meet-Up~

Hello my sweeties <3

OMG~ the first month of 2012 is already really felt like time flew by xD And I have to say this month was really packed with many new things. I finally got a job and the best thing about it is that I can use my Japanese. I am really happy about that. Work is starting next week and I have to move to Stuttgart for that. I am really really excited and anxious at the same time but I think everything will go well ^.^

We also had our monthly meet-up this weekend. This time we went to an auction house where a friend of ours is working. Although I didn't find anything interesting it was really nice to see all the antique stuff and jewelery. If I would have had enough money I definitely would have bidden on some antique furniture but as I didn't start my job yet I was patient and didn't bid on anything at all XD After the auction house we went to have coffee and tea. This time we skipped the photoshoot because it was waaaaaaaayyyy to cold to do it outside and the cafe itself was pretty dark ^^" But nonetheless I got around to take some pictures of my outfit...this time I tried Hime Lolita for the first time. What do you think? Big hair is big XDDD
OP: Baby ~ Blouse/Cardi: Bodyline ~ Shoes: Secret Shop ~ Socks: AP ~ Accessories: Chocomint, H&M, Claire's

Feb 3, 2012

10 years ago...

Hello sweeties <3 

I thought about doing my fashion-timeline in one of the next posts. What do you think about it? Are you interested how good old me has evolved over the years? As a little preview I show you the me from 10 years ago compared to the me now...10 years ago I really was as far away from Lolita as I have possibly could been xDD But I really loved that Matrix-Gothic-Style back than *hihi* What do you think? ;) 

So~ do you have pictures from 10 years ago? What did you look like? Would really like to see how my readers "evolved" ;)

Feb 1, 2012

Posture, posture, posture...

Hello sweeties <3

Today I want to talk about a topic that got me many sleepless nights...oh well, thats not really true but I really thought about it alot. I am talking about posture while wearing Lolita. I often see really really pretty dressed and cute Lolitas and adore there style lots and lots but sometimes it happens when they start to walk and all the cuteness is destroyed just because the walk like a tramp. The back is hunched, the steps are far to big and all in all they walk like a men. I think the right posture is really important in Lolita. In my opinion it is as important as the clothes itself because as I already stated if you walk like a tramp no-one believes that you really proud of the fashion you are wearing. You should keep your head high, straighten your shoulders and take smaller steps. Although it sounds so easy one is inclined to easily forget everything and fall into their old patterns but if you try walking like that you really feel more confident. So~ I know this is a kinda critical topic and I also know that I am not perfect and that I also fall back into the all-so comfy walking, but I wanted to get that topic off my chest. So~ what do you think about it? Can you agree or am I totally wrong? ;)

Thank you for reading my two cents to this topic <3

*sends love*