Sep 28, 2012

Franconia meets Stuttgart~

Good Morning Sweeties <3

Oh man~ my week was so busy with work and overtime that in the evening I didn't have the time and energy to post about the second week of my holidays ^^" But now I have all the pictures and some time to post about it *hehe* First thing I want to write about is the long-awaited Meet-Up of the Franconian Lolitas with the girls from (around) Stuttgart ^^ All in all I have to say it was really nice to see both communities meet even though there were some bumps in the road, so to say ;) 

Sep 22, 2012


Hello my sweeties <3

Just a short update...will write about my holidays tomorrow...or maybe *thinks* Wednesday? xDD But today I got a Valentine and I have to share it with you :3

Thank you so much for that Valentine <3 And I am also glad that we share so many interests :3 *hugs* And we sure will rock Versailles *muahahahahaha*

Sep 15, 2012

Vegan Sweets and Pictureflood

Hello sweethearts <3

How was your week? On Thursday I met with Michelle, a local Lolita, and we tried out Coox and Candy, a vegan cafe in Stuttgart. Each of us had a cupcake and a piece of tarte - and you didn't even taste the difference to sweets made with non-vegan ingredients. So, as I myself will probably never turn vegan, I think it is good to eat somethink like that once in a while -  and to all the people out there whoe thought vegans only eat salad, well, now you definitely know better ;) After we stuffed ourselves with the delicious things and tookn our time chatting about everything and nothing, we went to Rosensteinpark to take loads and loads of pictures :3 It was really fun and I think we also burned some calories *hahaha*

These lanterns are just so awesome...we mused about the beast carrying the poles for quite some time xD

Sep 13, 2012

Lovely Shoes~

Hello my sweeties <3

Some time ago I decided that I seriousely need some pink boots (or the like) for all my lolita outfits...I already have trillions of boots in every color but I never got around to getting myself some pink ones. And the first address to get cheap and cut shoes is <3 And as you already know me I couldn't resist and bought not only supercute ankle boots but also some cute pumps and an adorable bag :3

Rabbit imitation high heel waterproof increased fashionable boots Z-LGN-C-6 pink
Aren't they adorable? You can even put the fluffy part up and convert them to something like "real" boots xD
Just couldn't resist <3 And pink again xD

Japan style sweet fashion discount handbags TW-2323 O again and just tooo adorable :3

Once I receive the goods I will probably make a review about them, so stay tuned my lovelies <3

What did you get yourself recently? *curious*

Have a nice day <3

Sep 12, 2012

雪の王女 - Snow Queen

Hello cuties <3

Did you already see Baby's new print? It is so gorgeous and ready for reservation starting September 14th...unfortunately not for me as I promised myself not to buy a dress until the end of the year *haha* But the print and theme is just to lovely to pass it by without saying anything about it ;)
As a child and now still I loved the fairytale of the snow queen and the print really shows the "spirit" of this story. I think for a theme like that the lighter and "colder" colors are the best...really makes you feel like the Snow Queen *hehehe*

These accessories are so cute :3 The muff-thingy is so great for a really cold winter in Saint Petersburg :3
Screenshot of the print <3 <3 <3 so lovely ^^

So, what do you think? We really need mor fairytale themed prints out there *hehehe* Can't have enough of them :3

Living in a sunny dream~

Hello again my sweeties <3

Here comes part two of my trip to Tegernsee :3 I won't use many introductory words again today and just start posting pictures...again ;)

Boats at the yacht club in Tegernsee <3 I really felt like falling into some world made of postcards only xD

Never received so many compliments for my outfits like in those two days...some people stared at me weird but most of the reactions were positive <3

Sep 11, 2012

It must be paradise~

Hello my sweeties <3

I am back from my short trip to Tegernsee and already miss beeing there *sighs* Well, I already came back yesterday but I didn't feel so well because of the heat and nearly slept the whole day ^^" But now I got my energy back and can write about my awesome trip to one of the most beautiful places on earth :3 But instead of writing what I did I will let the pictures talk because there are no words to describe the beauty of the place and the awesomeness of the time I had there <3 Thanks again to Vanilla for letting me stay at here place and making me feel so welcome there *hugs*

Sep 7, 2012


Hello my sweeties <3

This is the last lunch break before my holidays, only 4 hours left and I will visit Vanilla at Lake Tegernsee <3 I can't await to get there. During my first short visit I totally fell in love with that region. Well, now I also will only stay there for 2 days but better than just some hours *hehe*

And to get me in the mood, here some pics from my last visit there :3

Hopefully the weather will be as awesome as last time :3

 Gorgeaous view is gorgeous <3

So, what are you doing for the weekend?

Have a nice day <3

Sep 6, 2012

Lucky Pack Time :3

Hello my sweeties <3

I am here for some promotion today *haha* Cute Vanilla from Vanilla's Traumfabrik is selling Lucky Packs at her facebook-page <3 I'll get myself one of the big ones as I am a great fan of her work...did I already say that she makes awesome stuff? xD
For more info visit (and like ;D) her fb-page <3
So, if you love cute jewellery go get yourself one of the lucky packs as long as there are still some in stock ;)

Have a nice day~

Sep 3, 2012

Dancing through Sunday ;)

Hello my sweeties <3

How was your weekend? Did you do some- thing exciting? Well~ I went to Stuttgart on Saturday with Yuzuki to have an awesome girl's night out. First we went to have Sushi at Sushi Circle. Like always it was totally awesome <3 With our stomachs full we went to have cocktails at, you might already know, 5 - and there we travelled the world...we started at America *om nom nom* and than I went to Europe - very delicious - while Yuzuki had a taste of Africa - interesting experience I might say *haha* After chatting about everything and nothing we than decided to move for a bit and visited the club called Village that is on the same street as the 5. At first we were at the R&B floor but after a while decided that House is far better for us. 2 hours later we couldn't move anymore and moved our tired limbs to have something cold to drink before going home by night bus. All in all it was a loooooong but really great evening - that definitely screams "Lets do that again!" - yep~ sometimes I just need to do this really girly and mainstream things as well ;)
It was so delicious <3 They really have interesting first you think "WTH is that ? O.o" but everything is delicious :3
On Sunday we wanted to sleep in but it didn't work that well but as I had planned to meet some collegues at the "Pferdemarkt" - a fair to celebrate horses !? kinda xD - in my town it wasn't all to bad *haha* Well~ after Yuzuki went home I met up with my collegues and we looked around at the fair, had ice cream and I was being silly *points down*
Tree Lover xD
Beautiful Japanese Garden in my town :3
Hope you had a nice weekend and a great start into your week <3

Sleep well sweethearts :)