Sep 15, 2012

Vegan Sweets and Pictureflood

Hello sweethearts <3

How was your week? On Thursday I met with Michelle, a local Lolita, and we tried out Coox and Candy, a vegan cafe in Stuttgart. Each of us had a cupcake and a piece of tarte - and you didn't even taste the difference to sweets made with non-vegan ingredients. So, as I myself will probably never turn vegan, I think it is good to eat somethink like that once in a while -  and to all the people out there whoe thought vegans only eat salad, well, now you definitely know better ;) After we stuffed ourselves with the delicious things and tookn our time chatting about everything and nothing, we went to Rosensteinpark to take loads and loads of pictures :3 It was really fun and I think we also burned some calories *hahaha*

These lanterns are just so awesome...we mused about the beast carrying the poles for quite some time xD

My new pet xD

The parks has so many great places to take awesome pictures <3

Shall we dance? ;)

first testing the temperature and than diving straight in ;)

Innocent Me - You deceived already? xD

My garden *harharhar*

I love those pictures...never had so many great pics of myself in only one day O.O (so, gotta picspam that xD)

That tree was so comfy~

Cute Schelli <3

Forgotten Doll...awwwww~

Today I am gonna attend and probably host a meetup of the Franconian Princesses and Wonderland Tales...excited!!!

Hope your weekend starts good as well~


  1. Du wirst das hervorragend hinbekommen und ich helf dir, wo ich kann heut :D Auch wenn Sam als Fotografin etwas später kommen wird XD

    Ich freu mich, wenn dir die Bilder gefallen :) Haben wir ja ganz gut hinbekommen und du sahst wirklich toll aus <3

    Ich freu mich auf nachher ^ ^

    1. Hehe~ Danke ^^

      Hab mich heute leicht überfordert gefühlt XD War aber echt toll, dass du und Sam noch gekommen seid ^^ *freu*

  2. Das Kleid steht dir richtig gut! <3
    Die Bilder sind sehr hübsch geworden ^-^

    1. Danke <3 Ist auch eines meiner liebsten Kleider ^^

  3. Aww, that dress is so pretty! *___* It really suits you! :3