May 28, 2013

Yet another haul...this time with fancy pictures xD

Hello sweeties <3

yes, you are reading right: Here comes another haul. As you know I was ordering many things on ebay lately and most of them already arrived at my place which is really fast imo. Usually when ordering from ebay it takes much longer for goods to arrive at my place ^^" I am just cursed like that *haha*

On Friday I received the Liole BB Creme -Beyond the Solution. I only tried it on my hand and there is no difference to the Triple the Solution (that I totally loved) in my opinion ^^b I also received the Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher. The package is so cute and the color is gorgeous :3

May 27, 2013

2nd Giveaway ~Back from Japan~

Hello sweeties <3

I actually wanted to do this giveaway in the beginning of this month already but I never came around posting it *haha* As I was in Japan last month I already bought some things for you guys ;) Here is what you can win:

Good Luck to all of you <3


May 26, 2013

Fairy Tale JSK by Innocent World

Hello sweeties <3

I have set  my eyes on yet another JSK ;) This time it is from Innocent World and the motif fits me perfectly as it is a fairy tale one :3 It is called the Fairy Tale JSK and it comes in two versions:

I really like this version with the bow on the waist and the embroidered part in the front. Also the buttons are really adorable as they are made to look like apples <3

 The second version is also really cute :3 The embroidery in the bust area and the bow in the front reminds me of Russian traditional costumes and well, I really love those :) Also the ruffles on the skirt are a nice addition. This time I can't really decide which version I like more ^^"

The print comes in three colors and is super gorgeous *O* So far we have Little red Riding Hood, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty on the print :) For colors my favourites are BeigexRed and GreenxChocolate <3

What do you think about this print? Yay or nay? What color combination would you get yourself?

Have a nice day my lovelies <3


May 25, 2013

Swan Lake - Le Lac de Cygnes

Hello sweeties <3

I think it is time that I spoke about my love for the story of Odette who turned into a swan and met her prince. Sounds pretty crazy, right? But this is actually one of my favourite fairytales of all time. Whenever there is an adaption on TV, may it be the anime version, the ballet or even the Barbie version, I have to watch it. I loved the anime Kaleido Star because in the second season they performed a version of Swan Lake *haha* Hopefully I will get the chance to see the Russian state ballet performing it <3 Because the only real version of Swan Lake is dome by the Russion State Ballet...well, thats probably just my opinion *hahaha* But anyways, there are not only movies and a ballet about the story, there are even dresses for Lolitas to wear...and lucky me now posesses two dresses with this motif.

 As you know I received th Swan Lake JSK from Metamorphose from my dear friends as a birthday present <3 I also reserved the Pas de Deux in the Blue Moon Odette JSK from Baby at Closet Child and I will hopefully receive it next month :3
 The Meta JSK is a transformation wonder :3 You can take off the sleeves, the front part and all the bows and it looks like a totally different dress ;) And the print is so gorgeous~

 The details of the Baby JSK are so nice <3 And the print is really delicate...can't wait to receive that dress *_*

<3 <3 <3
Have a nice day my lovelies~

May 24, 2013

Only Teardrops...

Hello sweeties <3

Did you watch the Eurovision Songcontest on Saturday? I watched it together with Emilielynn and Vanilla and we had so much fun. Well, there were also some creepy songs but most of the contetstants were really great :) Here are my favourites~

Winner of the ESC 2013 - Emmelie de Forest woth "Only Teardrops"
Gotta admit the performave was cute, the guy playing flute was as well xD and the song is just so beautiful <3

May 23, 2013

My reason for blogging...

Hello sweeties <3

Again I want to talk about something more serious. Recently I have been thinking a lot about why I am writing this blog. To be honest, and you all might have noticed already, I don't really have a special talent. I can't really draw that well, although I try on a regular basis. I can't sing to good, although I love to do it as often as I can (and not only in the shower x"D)...and I am possibly the most awkward person that I know of xD When I am around people I often don't know how to do the appropriate thing...and this seemingly boring awkward person is already writing a blog since 2 years and over 100 people are interested in what I have to say. I am really really grateful for that! Thank you so so much for following me <3 
But although it is nice for my ego to have as many readers as I have, I didn't start my blog for that reason. Initially I wanted to write about me being a Lolita and still having so many different hobbies outside of that. And since than my blog got a life of its own *hahaha* I have so many ideas for new, fashion, music, books, much to talk about with no clear line to it is just me and my sometimes crazy life *hihi* Now this blog has become really precious to me as I can share things I really love with the world~ Therefore I hope you will keep on reading my blog and maybe you will find some inspiration here <3 <3 <3

Have a nice evening my lovelies~


No guts no glory...

Hello sweeties <3

Today will be different as I want to take you back to times long past...meaning my childhood ;) Most of you won't even know the shows I will talk about but I assure you, after you get used to the oldschool style and the "crappy" animation those TV shows are really worth a watch. But lets start~

1. The Galaxy Rangers
The show is from the 80s but I actually watched it in the 90s...well, I am older but not that old ;) It is the story about 4 people who through different circumstances become a team and somehow try to save the galaxy from evil. The story is pretty generic but awesome nonetheless ;)

2. Thundercats
Well, this one is just epic! And I just noticed that there is also a new show that was produced in 2011/12 and that I am going to watch. So if you don't like the 80s animation, maybe the 2011 version is something for you ;) Although I can't say anything about that yet ^^"

3. Saber Rider
Well, no nostalgic post without Saber Rider. Although it is a Japanese anime it never really made it big in Japan. Only after being altered for American TV it became a really big hit in the 80s and 90s. As kids my friends and I even played out certain epidodes of the show...and to this day I am still a total fan of Fireball <3

4. Queen Millennia
Well, this anime was also altered for western viewers...I also only know the western version. And also it confused me alot I still loved it. I think this was actually the first anime I ever watched...I was six years old I think xD And remembering it I don't think this anime was meant to be watched by a six year old me *hahaha*

There were many more shows that I watched when I was really young. I watched many things that were not supposed for a 6-8 year old during that time and maybe that is the reason I am a bit not "normal" but especially the above four shows stayed in my mind. They were the start of my obsession with animation, especially Japanese animation...and there were many more shows to come that I was obsessed with *hahaha*

What TV shows did you watch as a little kid?

Have a nice day


May 22, 2013

About getting older and still staying young~

Good Morning sweeties <3

Last weekend I was celebrating my birthday with my dears in Erlangen and I got the most awesome present evaaaaar...well, that should come to no surprise to me as I have the most awesome friends evaaaaaaar <3 Love you guys~

So awesome <3 The Swan Lake JSK was on my wishlist for a really really long time and my awesome friends got it for me *O* I love the tale of Odette and I think the print on this dress is shwing the story perfectly \^O^/~ I also received the Bella Bamba Blush from Benefit, the Anna Sui Forbidden Affair perfume and the first season of Game of Thrones <3

May 21, 2013 got me again~

Hello sweeties <3

I really don't know what is happening with me recently. I want to post so many things but coming home from work I land in front of the PC and just watch some TV shows *hahaha* I am turning into a lazy bum *ohnoes* Well, to avoid that, I want to show you what I recently bought on ebay...because I nearly bought every makup from Douglas, Sephora and dm that I was craving for, I had to turn my attention to all the korean brands ;)
Liole BB Creme Beyond the Solution - I already tried the Triple the Solution BB Creme that is nearly the same as this one, only that it has a skin whitening effect. I thought I wouldn't need that as my skin is already really light. I bought it here and can't wait to get it <3

May 16, 2013

Sleek - Oh so special / Lagoon

Hello sweeties <3

After months and months of contemplating and watching youtube reviews I finally bought my first two sleek pallets. I ordered them at Shades of Pink for only 9,99 EUR each and I am totally impressed. I bought the "Oh so special" and the "Lagoon" Pallet from the Aqua Collection Limited Edition. You can get the Oh so special-palette in the normal product line, the Lagoon pallet you can still get here :) 

The pallets come in cardbordboxes. Each with a different design.

Sugar Pansy / Jewel Tree Bouquet

Hello sweeties <3

Last weekend I went to Nuremberg again to meet up with my girls. As we had a holiday on Thursday (May 9th) I took Friday of from work so I could stay longer ^^v In the end we didn't do anything to extraordinary. We just talked a lot and did some shopping. And of course we had our monthly meet-up were we went to the Trempelmarkt in Nuremberg. As always I bought lots of makeup *haha* I hopefully get the time to post about that later *haha* For now I just wanted to show you two outfits I wore during my long weekend. I finally got the chance to wear the dresses I bought at Closet Child in Japan *yay*

OOTD shopping Friday ;)
Thanks to koo-chan for lending me the blouse and cardigan :3 I already bought the blouse myself as it is soooo can get it here ^^ I really love the Sugar Pansy Print by AP...I was contemplating for a long time if I should get it or not but after seeing it in Japan for only 10800 Yen I had to get it asap xD It is a really great dress for spring and summer in my opinion...what do you think?

OOTD Meet-Up Saturday
I wanted this dress for a pretty long time now and thought that when I find it I would have to pay loads of money for it but in the end I found it for only 10800 Yen at Closet Child in Harajuku *yay* The print (that you can't see to much off *haha*) is so gorgeous *O* And the fabric is just awesome...perfect for a princessy co-ord, what do you think? And it took me like forever to get my hair ready X.x

The perfect prince <3

Well, this post was kind of random...please excuse that xD I am really busy at the moment, as usual in May because there are too many holidays, too many things I want to do and not enough time for everything *ahahaha*

Have a nice day everyone~


May 14, 2013

Clockwork Aristokitty *nyan*

Hello my sweeties <3

Honestly everytime I start a post I want to write "Hello my dearies!" but that reminds me of Rumplestilzkin from Once upon a time so much that I keep to what I normally use xD

...BUT enough of my rambling and on to the topic that is at hand ;) I saw it and I fell in love :3 It is the new print by Alice and the Pirates and it is called Clockwork Aristokitty. OMG, it is so gorgeous and cute at the same time. I will definitely put it onto my wishlist because cats and squares and CATS *O* And the hat is just plain awesome. Well some might argue that catears give of a strange vibe with Lolita but I don't really care. I am wearing bunnyears with pride why not catears also? But enough of the rambling and on to the pictures <3
 I really like both versions but my favourite color so far is green. Black is a little bit plain in my opinion and well, at the moment I am really into light green so this dress is right up my alley :3 I really like the polkadots at the second JSK - Sooo cute!

 The bow is not headeating and dominiating on your head and the hat is just A-W-E-S-O-M-E <3 <3 <3 <3 I love it!

 Cats make everything awesome <3 One new print to be added to my wishlist...that I am redoing will get much much muuuuuuch longer than my current one, so stay tuned ;)

Have a nice day everyone~
I am going to Stuttgart today to celebrate my birthday a little bit :3


May 10, 2013

Sometimes I can be casual...

Hello my sweeties <3

So that you don't forget me over the weekend I want to show you some recent casual outfits that I really liked. What do you think? Do you want to see more OOTD posts or do they bore you?

Outfit I wore two weeks ago to meet Cassiyas little baby boy <3
Dress: Orsay - Turtleneck: Pimkie - Cardigan/Socks: H&M - Roses: Claire's - Shoes: Secret Shop - Headband: ebay - Necklace: Cumacrafts

I was trying to do something different with my normal blegh hair and it kinda worked but I noticed that I really need a curling iron to get decent curls...can you recommend a good one to me?

Outfit for travelling to cute Vanilla <3
Dress/Cardigan: H&M - Tighst: New Yorker - Turtleneck: Pimkie - Shoes: Bodyline - Beret: Meta - Bow: Bijou Brigitte - Wig: Lockshop - Earrings: SIX - Necklace: Cumacrafts

Today I am off to our monthly meet-up :3 I am so excited as I missed last months meet-up because of my trip to Japan. This month we will go to a park called "Märchenwald"...I already have my outfit planned *hehe* I will turn into Sleeping Beauty ;)

I wish you all a very pleasent weekend <3


May 9, 2013

Hanami 2013

Hello sweeties <3

Like last year I helped Vanilla (please also visit her on facebook <3) with her jewellery booth at the Hanami. Only this time we had the help of Emilielynn and koo-chan ^^v Although our booth wasn't placed at the best of spots we sold plenty of things *yay* ^^v As we were four people we also got the chance to have a good look around the convention and so it happened that we met many totally awesome cosplayers, a really cute Japanese girl and we got the chance to see the DCM *more yay* It was an awesome weekend and at the end I didn't want to leave ^^" I love my girls so much <3
Meet Amy ;) She kinda turned into our mascot *hihi*

May 8, 2013

April Favourites

Hello sweeties <3

Although it is already one week into May I still want to show you my monthly favourites for April. Some things I already used for more than one month, some things just joint the ranks of my beauty products but can nonetheless be recommended to you ;)
Bioderma Sensibio - Everybody was raving about how awesome this product is so I also decided I'd give it a ago and I am superhappy with it :) It not only cleanses my skin without giving me any breakouts it is also a really great make-up remover. Two swipes and nearly no makeup is left...even if I am doing a more colorful style this gets it all off my face ^^v

Listerine Total Care - as I have problems with my teeth at the moment a friend recommended Listerine to me and I am totally happy with it. It tastes a little bit like bubblegum and keeps my mouth fresh for a really long time...and I am sure it kills all the bacteria that might be living a happy life in my mouth xD

Soap & Glory Scrub your nose in it - minty bubblegum for your face. You can use it as a facescrub or a facemask and it makes your face feel so refreshed afterwards <3 Did a great deal for my face...well, I didn't have great problems with my skin to begin with but everytime I am using this I feel so refreshed afterwards :)

Essence like a day in a candy shop eau de toilette - Smells like candy and I totally love it. I feel like walking through a bakery/candy shop while wearing it ^^b

Physicians Formula Correcting Powder - I am using it as a normal powder over my foundation and I love it. 10 ponts from me :)

MaxFactor Soft Resistant Make Up in Light - At days when I don't want to wear BB Creme I mostly used this foundation. It is not as opaque as korean bb creme but for a natural daily make-up this is my go-to foundation. I use it with and without concealer and either way it totally works for me :)

Revlon Lip Butter in 001 Pink Truffle - I love the lip butters by Revlon. They moisturize your lips without being to sticky and on top of that the colors are just gorgeous. In April I was mostly using Pink Truffle because it is really subtle and fits many many styles ^^b

Lash Queen Feline Blacks by Helena Rubinstein - Just love it <3 The brush is really nice, the mascara itself is not too heavy and they give volume and lenght to my lashes without sticking them together :)

UD Naked Basics Palette - Awesome for travel and great for creating nude daily looks...together with the Naked palette this tiny palette is enough to create many different looks ^^

NYX Blush in Cinnamon - Not the typical color you would go for but the one I used the most during the month of April. It has a 50s vibe to it imo XD

Sugar Lip Treatment by fresh - Consisting of a sugar scrub and a lip balm this treatment did wonders for my lips...and I have to admit it really tastes good xD

What are your favourites for the month of April?

Have a nice day 


May 7, 2013

Japan Day 13 - Odaiba and Tokyo City Hall

Good Evening sweeties <3

Tadaaa~ last post of my Japantrip...and it is kinda sad ^^" But well, as I told you in my last post I already have some other posts planned out ^^v So, on our last day in Japan we went to the Joypolis Gamecenter in Odaiba, I finally saw the Fuji TV building (Digimon Fans will understand me ;D) and I got the chance to see Tokyo from above at the city hall in Shinjuku~ We also went to Ikebukuro to get me some Boyslove *hehehe* It was a really great finish for our trip <3 <3 <3

Found the Cheshire Cat in Odaiba *hihi*

Japan Day 12 - Asakusa

Hello sweeties <3

We are nearly finished ;) Only 2 days left to report about *sad face* But I have other posts planned so don't worry you won't be stuck with me rambling about Japan forever. There is still a favourites post, some reviews and a Con report waiting for you *haha* ^^" But first things first ;) On day 12 of our Japantrip we went to Asakusa to get trampled by all the tourists X.x Seriousely the Kaminarimon in Asakusa is the most frequented sight in all of Japan...well, except for the Kinkakuji maybe. After seeing the shrine that this time wasn't rebuild we soon went to see the Hanayashiki amusement park - the oldest and tiniest amusement park in Japan. It was like diving into cute and somewhat twisted at the same time *hahaha* If you ever visit Tokyo you definitely have to go there *O* Later we went to Asakusa Kitchen Town and I finally found the appropriate Bentoboxes for Schelli <3 In the evening our little group split up and I went to Tokyo station to buy some books...well, at first I got lost in Akiba and than I went to Tokyo station xD