Oct 31, 2013

Hidden Roses

Hello sweeties <3

Yet, another outfit post but this time with a twist because...dun dun dun...I am gonna show you my underwear. Well, actually not because my underwear is my secret but I want to post about a Lolitas undergarments. Actually most Lolitas don't care about what they wear underneath...especially when in comes to bloomers...some say you need to wear them if you wanna be a "real" Lolita, some don't mind but actually minding what you wear under your cute Lolita dresses comes with many advantages ;)

So, what does my Lolita-Underwear consist of?
A Tank-Top because you sometimesn wear sheer blouses that don't really cover your kidneys or other sensitive parts of your body enough. So to avoid a cold a tank top it is. Also some might not like how blouses feel on your skin AND it helps to absorb sweat in summer :3
Bloomers - some say they are a must have, some don't care...actually you can also wear short underneath your dress as nobody sees it anyways. But if some nasty wind or stairs come your way bloomers (or shorts) are a great help ;) And in the winter they give an extra layer of warmth :3
Tights (underneath the OTKs) - in summer you don't wanna wear tights but in winter you should at least wear some nylons underneath your socks.

As for the cardigan I only added that because it was cold and I don't really wanna show my chubby arms :P They still need training xD

So, what do you think about bloomers? Must-wear or do you hate them?

Have a nice day~

I am off to Franconia for the weekend so see you on Sunday *chuuuuu*


Oct 29, 2013

Strawberry Sunshine

Hello sweeties <3

Somehow I need to catch up with all the things I wanted to post last week but somehow ended up postponing the whole time ^^" And what better way to start this catching up with a OOTD that I wore for the last warm and sunny day of this year? ;) I know that the theme that I chose doesn't match the season at all but as I am not really a person who matches her clothes to each season I didn't really care...and hey, in my world strawberries grow all year round ;3

JSK: Angelic Pretty
Blouse: Metamorphose
Cardigan: tfound at a tiny store in Nuremberg
Tights: Takko
Shoes: Bodyline
Necklace: don't remember the brand ^^" Ichigo-something?
Roses: Claire's, H&M
Wig: Lockshop

Have a nice day everyone~


Oct 28, 2013

7 things~

Hello sweeties <3

Gosh~ these last weeks have been so exhausting for me...not only was I sick [well, still am a bit xD] but I also seem to have had to much time on my hands to think and thus depression hit me pretty hard...but I finally got myself out of this deep pit with the help of my awesome friends and the great things that happened this week ^O^

1. Jupiter are coming to Germany next year and my cute Nezumi and myself will definitely go see their life *O* When I heard about the tour - thanks to Emilie Lynn <3 - I went into hyperfangirl mode *squeals* Can't wait to see them <3 <3 <3

2. Had a great time at Sam's birthday party with my lovely girls from Stuttgart :3

Sam and I at Tokyo Dining ^o^

3. Watched Marie Antoinette with Kirsten Dunst... ... ...again xD I just love this movie so so so much. The dresses are soooooo gorgeous *O*

4. Wore a lolita dress that wasn't any kind of pastel color and didn't feel like the derpiest derp in the whole world...I have to say I liked it pretty much and want darker dresses in my wardrobe now *hahaha*

Thanks to my dear Nezumi for lending me the dress <3 <3 <3

JSK/Headbow/OTK: AATP (End of Immortal Eden)
Cardigan: Bodyline
Shoes: Nu Kawaii
Blouse: ebay-find
Roses: Claire's
Wig: Lockshop

5. Got complimented on my legs *fufufufu* As I actually think that my legs are way to fat and bulky from time to time it is nice to hear them complimented :3

6. Had a nice photoshoot at the palace grounds of Ludwigsburg castle - hopefully I get the pics soon so I can show them to you :3

7. Listened to Jupiter's song "Nostalgie" nearly all week round and got my spirits back on track because of that ;)

Hope you had a nice start into this week <3

Have a nice evening~


Oct 24, 2013

OOTD - Casual Sweet

Hello sweeties <3

as the cold is still taking its toll on me and I am in no way able to think or let alone write a straight line for this blog [I actually have many things planned though] I decided it is time for another OOTD :) I wore this some time ago for meeting Thi Lialin and her boyfriend ^^

JSK: Baby the Stars shine bright
Cardigan: No Tabu
Turtleneck: H&M
Socks: Innocent World
Shoes: An-tai-na
Belt: ebay
Hairbands: Claire's
Headband: Claire's

Have a nice day everyone <3


Oct 22, 2013

7 things~

Hello sweeties <3

Yup it is Tuesday again and I still haven't posted my 7 things but at the moment I can't get up to do anything productive. Maybe it is the weather or me thinking too much again but are the 7 great things that happened last week :)

1. Received 3 awesome Valentines that honestly made me cry because I am so thankful to have friends that think about me in that way <3 <3 <3

2. Got my Creme de Couture Pallett from Sigma and loving it...can't stop looking at it because it is so beautiful *_*

3. Autumn showed its beautiful face...Saturday really felt like "Indian Summer" ;)

4. The new album "Unholy Ground" from Sunrise Avenue came out and I got it on Froday :3

5. Went to Tokyo Dining with Thi Lialin and her boyfriend.

6. Started watching American Horror Story and loving it...I will probably write an extra post about this show...did I mention that I love horror? :3

7. Decided that I can also look cute with my own hair ^^

...what do you think? ;)

Hope you had a great start into this week ^o^

Have a nice day~


Oct 21, 2013

Short Trip to Vienna Part 2 - Innocent World Teaparty

Hello sweeties <3

As promised here is the report about the Innocent World Teaparty...FINALLY!!! xD You can't imagine how excited I was for this event. I was planning my outfit nearly 2 months in advance, I was so nervous that I would look dull or out of place and the night before I even modified the roses on my hat so they looked fancier. I still was pretty nervous when we reached the venue but after I saw all the pretty girls in their pretty dresses I forgot to be nervous because I didn't know where to look first *hahaha* Also the hotel where the event was held was so pretty...a perfect match for a teaparty *_*

picture taken by MeFotografie - Freitagsgass1, 98617Meiningen,

Short trip to Vienna Part 1 - Sighseeing

Hello sweeties <3

sorry for my lack of post during the last week but as I got myself a cold I didn't have the energy to post about my trip to Vienna and the Innocent World Teaparty...also I was too hooked up in American Horror Story so yeah *coughs* But here it finally is, the long awaited (not ;D) post xDD

Oct 16, 2013

BTSSB - 星すむ今宵のトロイメライ

Hello sweeties <3

I still have to sort out all the pictures from the Innocent World Teaparty and my weekend in Vienna so my report about that still has to wait. To bridge the time until than I want to show you the newest print from BTSSB.
 The print shows a winter wonderland with a Christmasmarket and many people strolling around. The scenery reminds me of Chrsimas stories and fairytales. I can't wait for Christmastime to start *_* Love that print~

Oct 15, 2013

7 things~

Hello sweeties <3

Ooops it seems that I somehow forgot to post my 7 things yesterday ^^" I was still too exhausted from the weekend so I didn't come around posting and now I have a cold and I hope my brain can think about 7 great things *haha* Well, this week it shouldn't be too hard though as I attended the IW Teaparty and had many great moments there :3 It will take some time until I can post about the teaparty as I still have to sort through the be patient with me ;) But first lets start with my 7 great things for last week :3

1. Went to the Innocent World Teaparty and met many awesome people <3 It was really great even though we didn't have that much time to talk *sighs*

2. Had a great weekend with my girls in Vienna :3

3. Visited castle Schönbrunn and fell in love with that place *_* It is so beautiful~

4. Had the best Wiener Schnitzel and Kaiserschmarrn EVER *O*

5. Went to Cafe Süssi with my Dears and had the best tea and sweets in the most beautiful scenery EVER <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

6. Got inspiration from so many gorgeous ladies...honestly I never saw so many beautiful people in one place *O*

7. Bought the new Anna Sui perfume "La vie de boheme" smells so delicious *_*

How was your week? What did you do?

Have a nice Tuesday everyone <3


Oct 9, 2013

OOTD - Autumn is here

Hello sweeties <3

Before I leave for Vienna tomorrow I just wanted to share an outfit with you that I wore for a meeting with cute Nezumi in Stuttgart :) As the weather and my mood weren't that great that day I decided to wear something simple but still cute...and although it features a lot of pink (as usual) I think it is pretty autumny. What do you think?

*dun dun dun* That is me with my real hair ^^" Actually I still don't really like it as it is far to thin and feels like babyhair but it is getting better and better. Still using the Viviscal supplements and still loving them. Hopefully I come around on doing a review about these supplements soon. How is your hair? How do you groom it? Do you have any tipps for an itchy scalp and thin hair?

Outfit Rundown:
Dress: New Yorker - Cardigan: Bodyline - Tights: H&M/Takko - Beret: H&M - Collar: H&M Kids Section - Boots: New Look - Hair pin: present

I tried on fake lashes again and I think I am getting better and better at applying them ^^v 

Have great day and nice weekend everyone <3


Oct 8, 2013

New Baby ;)

Hello sweeties <3

This weekend I finally decided to do it! I bought a Canon EOS 600D and I am loving it. To celebrate it I have to show you the camera in all it's glory *_* Also I took some comparison pictures with my digital camera. Obviousely the Canon 600D is far better but it is interesting to see what difference a camera makes. I am still testing out all the settings and I will probably annoy the hell out of people in Vienna when trying to get a grip on my camera but so far it is really fun to work with it and it isn't that hard to understand the main settings. Most important things for using a DSLR are the ISO, aperture and hutter speed. I am using the camera on the manual setting all the time as, honestly, I am to stupid for the other settings...shouldn't it be the other way around? O.o" Anyways~ you will probably see many random camera post from me in the near future xD

This is my baby :3 What should I call him?

Oct 7, 2013

7 things~

Hello sweeties <3

It is Monday again and thank god that my working week is only three days *yay* On Thursday we are travelling to Vienna to attend the Innocent World Teaparty and to do some sightseeing in Vienna *muahahahaha* But it is not Thursday yet and I need to post 7 great things that happened this week :3

1. Finally got a new camera. After many weeks of contemplating I got myself the Canon EOS 600D *O* Yesterday I tried it out all around my room with the help of Benjamin Jaworskyj  His tutorials are really awesome and I somewhat understand my camera now *yay* ^^b

I experimented with different focus and stuff. I think it came out pretty decent. Only thing I edited in gimp is the black/white. What do you think?

2. Met Nezumi in Stuttgart and we had a really great time doing some shopping ^^

3. Watched Dirty Dancing for the millionth time and still loving every bit of it. Sometimes I do need some kitsch in my life ;)

4. Redecorated my room...yep, for me this is something great and fun *haha*

5. Got an account on Lacebook - Lolita Fashion Snaps :3

6. Created a lookbook-account and had the courage to post my first outfit there :3 If you also have a lookbook I would be glad if you could send me a message so I can follow you :)

 Click on the pic to get to my profile :)

7. Had a short week because of German Unification Day :3

How was your week? Hope you had a good start into this one ^^


Oct 6, 2013

Innocent World Teaparty~

Hello sweeties <3

So, only one week and the Innocent World Teaparty will take place. I am really excited and hope that everything will go as planned. I am a little nervous about my outfit though as only my dress will be Innocent World and the rest will be Off-brand or other brands. Logic tells me that if the main piece is IW it should not be a problem but I am nervous nonetheless *hahaha* Also I have two options that I can wear for the teaparty, well now I might have already decided but I want to show you both options nonetheless :3

Option 1 - Rose Princess in the Garden :)
 Onepiece will be Innocent World - The most comfy Onepiece in the world :3
Blouse/Shoes - Bodyline
Belt - found on ebay
Cardigan - Bodyline
Tights -  either Claire's or H&M depends on the color I am choosing that day xD
Necklace - Accessorize
Bracelet - present :3
Wig - Lockshop
Hat - Karstadt
Roses - H&M, Claire's, New Yorker

Oct 5, 2013

Autumn Feelings~

Hello sweeties <3

October has come and so has autumn. For me this is the time of long walks, reading and relaxing at the warmth and comfort at my home. To get the right autumn feel I was putting together some things that symbolize this season for me :3 Here you go~

Scented Candles - My favourite brands here are Yankee Candles and Bath and Bodyworks. I totally love all bakery scents. My favourites at the moment are: Merry Marshmallow and Vanilla Cupcake from Yankee Candles~
Books - at the moment I am reading The feast of all Saints...well, I am reading all year around but in autumn/winter I read far more as I don't really want to go out in the cold and rather stay at home and read *haha*
Cozy Hats - Well, that one is obvious *haha* And if the hats are cute it is even more fun to wear them :3
Make-Up in darker colors - Although I am still wearing pastel colors even in autumn, I love to put on darker make-up in autumn to match the "spirit" of autumn ;)
Body Butter - As it gets colder my skin also gets really dry and itchy so I need my body butters.
Hand creme in every scent - I am addicted to hand creme and in autumn/winter I can't stop myself ^^"
Hot Cocoa or tea - as it gets colder you need to get warm also from the inside ;)
Watching DVDs - Especially Dracula and Interview with a Vampire belong to autumn for me. I watch those movies at least once every year in autumn...this is kinda my tradition *haha*

What are you connecting with autumn? Do you have any special "traditions"?

Have a nice weekend <3


Oct 4, 2013

Style your wig - Winter Princess

Hello sweeties <3

Here comes another part of my style your wig-series. As always I would be happy to see my readers try out that style and maybe some of you also send me pictures ;) This time I had a princess in mind that is walking through the snow in winter. Huddled up in her warm clothes and still wearing a cute hairstyle. I also put together a Co-Ord matching that hairstyle but unfortunately my camera didn't want to take good pictures of that *sighs* Definitely need a better camera *gnah* But enough complaining - let's start the tutorial :3
This is what you will get :3

...btw. I am definitely thinking about getting contact lenses now. I really like my glasses but sometimes no glasses might be nice as well :3