Jun 30, 2012

Waiting for...

Hello my sweeties <3

I finally decided to get myself some Secret Shop Teaparty-Shoes in mint and yellow...but as I don't want to wait 1 year for the shoes to be send to me I ordered them at an ebay-shop. I hope they will reach my place soon and I don't have to wait months for them xD But as they were already sent by the seller I doubt that it will take to long for them to reach me *hehe*

Aaaand I also received the wigs I ordered on ebay yesterday...that was really fast because on the page they say shipping takes nearly one month and I got the wigs after 8 days ^^ (you can find a review on this shop on Yuki-chans blog) I also got myself a pink wig and matching pigtails from Lockshop and it is awesome...the fibres are so soft and the color is just gorgeous :3

<3 <3 <3 (The pigtails on the black wig I already had but I think they really look good on that wig ;D)

And I also found a nice dress on the Dunkelsüß-Flohmarkt...I hope I will get it as I was eyeing that dress for a long time now and the price is just great :3

I hope I'll get it ^^ Cross your fingers for me :)

And also don't forget my giveaway ^.^

Lots of love and kisses <3 

Jun 29, 2012

First Giveaway

Hello my sweeties <3

So, as promised here is my giveaway for all my lovely readers :3 Well it comes around a bit late because *yay* I have 71 readers already but still here it is ^.^
Just something small for my first giveaway: notebook with pen for all inspiration floating around, Music Earrings and necklace ^^

How to take part in this giveaway:

 ★☆★ 1 ★☆★
Follow my blog as a public follower!

★☆★ 2 ★☆★
Post about this giveaway in your blog, don't forget to link back here ;)

★☆★ 3 ★☆★
 Leave a comment below this post, that includes:
• Your Name
• Your E-Mail Address (or some other means to contact you if you are the winner ;D)
• the link to your entry about this giveaway
Deadline for this giveaway is the July 21st!!! 

I hope many of you will participate ^^

Lots of love and kisses~

Jun 28, 2012

Cottoncandy-Me :3

Hello again my sweeties <3

Sorry for my long absence but this week was really busy with work and other stuff. After work I couldn't do much more that switch on the PC and chat with some brain wouldn't do anything else *sighs* But now I finally got some time to, I'll tell you about my weekend first ^^

So, what happened? I finally, finally got my ears pierced *yay* After 29 years I finally can wear earings...and all because my friends are awesome and gave me a gift card for it...and it was at a real I hope this time I can keep my pierced ears without them gettin all infected like before >.< Cross your fingers for me ;)

Saturday evening we celebrated Ayins birthday and for some hours turned into little kids...Lolitas and a playground is and interesting mix *hihi*
Of course we took many pictures of our "adventures" ;) At first we were really mature and took rather normal pictures. Me in all pink...not only the clothes also my hair turned pink *hehehe* The wig is from koo-chan and I fell in love with it <3 And decided I needed my own *O* 

Jun 19, 2012


Hello again :3

Just a short update about my latest buys ^^

Two wigs from cheerybuff <3 I wanted to get some wigs for a long time and after reading Yukis review I decided to buy them at this shop.

This dress in violet and red. I searched for a maxidress like that since the beginning of march and now I finally found it :3 Had to get it in two colors xD

What did you buy in the last time? 

Love and Kisses <3

StrawBEARie ;)

Hello my sweeties <3

This weekend was really really awesome. On Saturday we went to the Tegernsee to celebrate the birthday of sweet Vanilla. Although we had to drive for a really long time and there were more than one traffic jams it was a really great day...and really relaxing. The weather was great and the lake, the mountains and the nature were just gorgeous.
 When we arrived at the Tegernsee we first ate something really "Bavarian" in a really bavarian restaurant. After that we had a boat tour and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Of course we also did some sightseeing...we went to the beautiful church that is directly situated near the lake. And to close the day we had awesome icecream...mine was with delicious :3

Jun 14, 2012

Home sweet home

Hello sweeties <3

As promised here a short report of my weekend :) As I already mentioned on Thursday I went to my parents place to celebrate my moms birthday. I already told you what I did on Friday. Saturday morning was packed with preparations. We did some last minute shopping for the big party and also went to visit my grandmas grave as June 9th also is her anniversary of death....I can't believe it is already 2 years that she left us *sighs* I still miss her as much as 2 years ago T_T

After we came back home we had not much time before the guests arrived and so we packed all the stuff and went to the room we especially rented for that day...because you only turn 50 once in your life ;) Except for the room the party was like any other bigger birthday party so I won't bore you with details xD It was nice to meet my family again and talk about memories we share. Although I felt out of place a little bit I really miss them I am living at the other end of Germany at the moment I can't visit them to often *sighs*

 Dress/Pumps: H&M - Cardigan: Asos - Tights/Necklace: Accessorize - Flats/Purse: Deichmann

Fooling around with the decoration xD The flowers were table deco but I thought they looked better in my hair ;)

Unfortunately on Sunday I had to travel back to Stuttgart quite early as the trainride took me 7 hours from which I had to stand 3 hours >.< The weekend was really exhausting because of that but I was so happy to see my family and homeplace again that it doesn't really matter :)

Thanks for reading~

Love and Kisses <3

Jun 13, 2012


Hello sweeties <3

I am really busy at the moment so the post about my weekend will have to wait a little longer ^^" Maybe I get the chance to update tomorrow :) ...for now I have some Instagram-Pics for you ;)

Thanks for looking~
Good Night ^o^

Love and Kisses <3

Jun 9, 2012

Cute and Casual

Hello my sweeties <3

How are you? ^.^
 Pullover: Asos (fell in love with that shop *O*) - Shorts/Shoes/Tights/Headband: H&M
(btw. I like my legs in those pictures...oh blurry phone-cam how I love thee xDD)
Here is what I wore yesterday :3 Didn't do much through the day but felt like dressing cutely *hehehe* Well on Thursday I went home to my parents place to celebrate my moms 50th birthday that is actually today but as I had to travel 7 hours to get home I thought I could stay some days longer than just one day *hahaha*

Now you might think "What the hell? Wasn't she supposed to be a Lolita? Where are the Lolita-Coords?" Well, I still am a Lolita, I still wear my dresses but I can't wear them as often as I would like to wear them anymore. Due to work I have to dress down...and on weekends I often don't do anything special that justifies me getting all dressed up...but actually I don't mind that...that way Lolita will stay something special for me that I can look forward too *hehehe* <--- does that make any sense now? xD"

Aaaaaand I also bought some new stuff lately...for example the pullover I am wearing :3 Actually when I ordered it I thought it was a cardigan that I could also wear with my Lolita stuff...buuuut it wasn't...I still think it is cute though *hehe*

Click on the images to get to the source.
The shoes and dress are both from H&M ^^ I think the dress is really versatile, I can wear it toned down for work and also more flashy with a colorful cardigan to go out with friends ^.^ I also bought the dress in beige because I liked it so much :3 The shoes also only were 12 Euro so I had to get them *fufufu*

Click on the images to get to the source. 
Those shoes are also from H&M ^^" Who would have guesses~ Although they are pretty high they are really comfy...I think they would also look great with I only need a royal blue dress ^^" The cardigan is from Asos and has pearls on it *_* Isn't it cute? You can detach the colar so that it doesn't look that wintery :)

Thanks for reading and have a nice day <3

Love and Kisses~

Jun 8, 2012

Lelouch Lamperouge~

This is what I am craving at the moment...I know it is nerdy and all that but I NEED these figures in my life *sighs* I need to find some oil somewhere and get rich really fast xDDD

Megahouse Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion G.E.M. Serie PVC Statue 1/8 R2 Zero 25 cm

G.E.M Series Code Geass Lelouch of Rebellion R2: Lelouch vi Britannia

Aren't they gorgeous? *sighs* Why do I have so many expensive hobbies? I wanna travel, have nice dresses and my fangirl-heart needs these figures xDDD

Meeting an old friend ;)

Hello sweeties <3

How are you? Sorry for not blogging for a rather long time but to be honest there was not really something blogworthy that happened during the past two weeks. Well I went too visit my friends in Erlangen last week but other than eating and talking and eating again we didn't do that much ^^" But I still have some pictures for you ;)

I met the Sandman from my childhood...not the creepy one who comes into your dreams and gives you nightmares. well~ for me the "GDR-Sandman" is the only real one *hahaha*
That makes me feel all nostalgic :3 I really loved to watch it when I was small...I also kinda hated it because watching it meant that I had to go to bed short after xD
Here is one outfit I wore during that weekend that I really like...I decided I would go without Lolita for that weekend just because I was to lazy to bring all the stuff with me ^^" I kinda regretted it at one point but well...decided it didn't matter and that I could still have fun without being all dressed up *hahaha*
I think most of the stuff I am wearing is from H&M ^^" I love that store atm...and I love those shoes so much...they may not look like it but they are super comfy *_*
I kinda like that picture of myself...don't ask me why...maybe it is the shoes xDDD I also love the dress...I think it is really gorgeous...when I saw it in the store I didn't really like it and thought it looked like some curtains but after trying it on I totally fell in love :3
If you ever visit Erlangen you have to eat at Hiro Japanese Food there :) The Udon were awesome <3
Well~ that was last weekend for me...realized how much I miss my friends and how much I want to be with them but at the same time noticed that I can't keep on living in the past and clinging to memories...although I still love all my friends and don't wanna miss them in my life, me living so far away from them now definitely changed some of my relationships...but I think this is also a good opportunity for me to change myself and get one step closer to the person I want to be *hehehe* Except from this insight I also decided I definitely will celebrate my birthday in Japan next year *hr hr hr* Wish me luck on that plan ;)

Thanks for reading my random outpouring~ m(_._)m

Love and Kisses <3