Aug 30, 2013

Storage Part 2 - Make-Up Galore

Hello sweeties <3

Some posts ago I showed you how I store my accessories, now I want to show you how I store my make-up. To store my makeup I am not only using random boxes and other trinkets that I found in decoration stores - I actually bought a vanity at ikea to store my stuff :)

Okay, I am also using random boxes to store stuff as not everything fits into the drawer of my vanity ^^"

Aug 29, 2013

Awesome swap with the US

Hello sweeties <3

As you might know I am doing beautyswaps from time to time and yesterday my awesome swap from dear Melissa arrived at my place. And I am so excited about everything she got me *_* It is not a big amount of products but as I was lusting after high-end products I knew that it would be a small but still really great selection. Did I already say that I LOVE everything I got? :3

She packed everything in cute wrapping paper :3 It felt like Christmas~

Aug 28, 2013

Me and my castle~

Hello sweeties <3

On Saturday Nezumi, Sam and myself decided to visit castle Ludwigsburg to take some pictures and later enjoy the fireworks near the Märchengarten. But shortly after noon we weren't so sure if the fireworks were really going to happen as heaven opened its gates and we thought we dressed up for nothing. Anyways we went to Ludwigsburg nonetheless and we were lucky *yay* The sun showed its face again shortly after we arrived and we were able to take some great shots :3

Nezumi lent me her Chess Chocolate JSK *O* I really really love that print <3 Actually I wanted to wear another Coord but when Nezumi asked if I wanted to wear Chess Chocolate I couldn't say now ^O^ I also tried another hairdo this time. I think it looks really cute and on top of that it is pretty easy to do :3 Will do another tutorial on that pretty soon ;)

Aug 27, 2013

Treasure Hunt - Storing my Accessories

Hello sweeties <3

In my room tour post I promised that I will show you how I store my accessories and make-up. In this post I want to show you how I store my accessories. You don't need to buy special holders or jewel boxes that might cost tons of money. You can find many cute things in dollar/euro stores that can be used as storage for jewelery and other accessories :)

I use my dresser as shelf for storing my accessories. If you don't have that much space I think this is a great way to decorate as well ;)

Aug 26, 2013

7 things~

Hello sweeties <3

It is Monday again and this means it is time for 7 great things that happened last week~

1. Started doing some sports again...some might say sports ain't something good but it lifts my spirits somehow xD
2. Found a nice Plan B dress for the IW-Teaparty :3 *yay*
3. Had the pleasure to wear Chess Chocolate by Angelic Pretty. Thanks to Nezumi <3

4. Had a nice chat with Nezumi on the phone <3 Yep, it included lots of fangirling *haha*
5. Bought many awesome books for my Kindle...many new worlds to dive into *yay*
6. Watched the fireworks in Ludwigsburg on Saturday <3

7. ...and had an awesome time with two awesome girls :)

Hope your last week was nice as well and the start into this one wasn't to rough ;)

Have a nice evening~


Aug 24, 2013

Glossybox/Pinkbox August 2013

Hello sweeties <3

last week I received my two subscription boxes. I have to say that my favourite this time is the Glossybox but the Pinkbox wasn't to bad also ;)

Here is what I got in my boxes :)

Aug 23, 2013

Princess in a Shoebox - how to create the perfect room for yourself

Hello sweeties <3

As I don't have the biggest room myself and I assume some of my readers also don't have a castle I wanted to show you that even with the smallest of rooms you can do pretty much. But before running out and buying cute stuff without end you should think about how you want the room to look like. Do you want your room to be cute or artsy? Princesslike or more mature? Also it is best to decide on a colortheme before you start to shop at Ikea or the like ;) As I never really had the possibility to decorate a flat/room myself (I lived in the dorm during my university time) this time I decided I would go all out. I wanted the room to look bigger so I decided on white furniture. But as only white looks to sterile I decided to combine it with my favourite color pink and rose themed materials ^^

Aug 21, 2013

Style your wig - Sailor Venus inspired look

Hello sweeties <3

As I am wearing wigs pretty often with Lolita I thought I could start a new series of posts called "Style your wig". And although I know that there are people doing far better hairstyles I love to create different styles with my wigs. So here is my first creation...I hope you like it ^^

Aug 20, 2013

Wish upon a rose

Hello sweeties <3

This weekend I finally had the opportunity to meet Nezumi and some other dear friends from Stuttgart again <3 Since nearly two months we planned to go to Tokyo Dining and this weekend we finally did it *haha* But before we went there we had a little photoshoot and I finally got the possibility to wear my Perfume Bottle JSK *yay* I am not 100% satisfied with the Co-Ord though...I actually wanted to wear my Rocking Horse Shoes with the dress but unfortunately it is still stuck somewhere between China and Germany *haha* Also the Socks I actually wanted to wear were flying around someplace else ^^"

Actually I wanted to put up my hair a little bit more but than I thought it would look to much like the hairdo I have most of the time so I took my inspiration from Sailor Venus with the hairbow in the back. I think this makes the hairdo look more regal. What do you think? If you want to know how I do my updos I can do one or two Tutorials for wigs in the future...what do you think? :)

Aug 19, 2013

7 things~

Hello sweeties <3

It is Monday and you know what that means ;) 7 great things that happened last week *yay*

1. Jupiter Channel Vol. 4...asfsdkfnealfdc...soooo awesome <3 Kamijo was special guest and he and Zin were so cute together. Reminded me again why I love them so much *haha* My special Fangirl moment this week :3
2. Preview of Kamijos first PV and Jupiter's Scarlet and Nostalgie *_* 
3. Met Thi Lialin in Stuttgart after months <3 Had to catch up after this long *haha* 
Top/Shorts: H&M - OTK: H&M - Shoes: Deichmann - Headband: Claire's - Earrings: Six - Roses: Bijou Brigitte/H&M - Hairpiece: found on ebay long ago ^^"

4. Had a nice chat about Jupiter and Versailles *another fangirl moment*
5. Went to Tokyo Dining with dear friends in Stuttgart.
6. 30 Seconds to Mars - Do or the video <3
7. My long awaited swap from the US was shipped out...can't wait to receive it :3

Wish everyone of you a great start into this week <3

Have a nice Monday~


Aug 16, 2013

OOTD - Everyday Princess

Hello sweeties <3

I realized that I didn't do an OOTD post for a pretty long time. Therefore today I want to show you what I wore for my brothers birthday...although he is more conservative he is starting to accept that I am his total opposite when it comes to clothes and well, our way of life. In the past we fought pretty often about petty things but recently we understand each others decisions better...well, I think we start to grow up ...finally xDDD

Dress: H&M - Blouse: ebay - Cardigan: H&M - Tights: Takko - Shoes: An-tai-na - Roses: C&A, Claire's, H&M - Headband: Claire's - Wig: Lockshop - Necklace: Kaufland - Shoes: An-tai-na

I love this hair color *_* If my hair gets stronger again I will probably dye it in that color...I had dark hair long enough xD

Have a nice weekend everyone <3


Aug 14, 2013

I am in love with Modcloth~

Hello sweeties <3

Some months ago I heard about for the first time on various blogs but never really looked at the homepage itself as I thought the clothes etc would be to expensive for me but some days ago a friend of mine posted about the Sale that is going on right now on the homepage and I had another look at all the nice clothes...and as it always goes when I see a sale I had to order something. At first I was a little bit hesitant about ordering there as the shop is located in the US and I was affraid that the shipping costs would kill me but I "only" had to pay ariound 20 USD shipping from the US to Germany. Well, compared to shipping within Europe it still is expensive but in my opinion it was worth it :) But I think most of all you want to know what items I here you go~ [All the following pictures are taken from the modcloth-homepage - Links to the items are posted below ^.^]

 The Ethereal Thing Dress - This one remimds me of the ballet. Also the colors are directly taken from the rainbow :3 I think this dress is a modcloth exclusive ^^v
Since You Been Bonn - This dress reminded me of the Bavaria and the mountains...a really rustic dress from the brand Blutsgeschwister. Wanted to try something from that brand for a prettyb long time and this dress was a steal :3 I already have a Co-Ord in mind and can't wait to receive my order ^O^

 O Sparkly One Earrings - They called my name and I had to order them...I think they will be a perfect match to both dresses above but also to the dresses I already have in my closet :3
Display of Sunshine Necklace - a dear friend said taht it reminded her of Sailor Moon...and I have to agree. And as a big Sailor Moon Fan I couldn't leave the necklace in the shop xD

 Countryside by Side Blouse - I was looking for a blouse in mint for forever and modcloth heard my prayer *hahaha* I love the ruffles and can't wait to combine it with my dresses ^.^

I hope the items won't take to long to reach my place so I can play around with different Co-Ords and write a real review about my experience with Modcloth~

Did you already know the homepage? Have you ordered there before? What is your opinion on this homepage?

Have a nice day everyone <3


Aug 13, 2013

Home sweet home - Ore Mountains

Hello sweeties <3

Last week I visited my parents and had a really really great time even though I was lazy most of the time *haha* But it was really great to see my family and home again. Only when I come back home I notice how much I miss this place. At the end I didn't really want to leave T^T ...but work called and I had to go back *sighs*

On Thursday we went to Schloss Wildeck to enjoy the nice weather and scenery :3

Aug 12, 2013

7 things~

Hello sweeties <3

Nearly one week without posting could that happen? Well, I visited my parents last week and thus didn't have the time to post properly but now I am back and as it is Monday there are 7 great things waiting for you ;)

1. I visited my parents again after 2 months...that felt like an eternity x"D
2. Started knitting...I think my grandma tried to teach it to me years ago but I never was into handicrafts that much but suddenly I had the urge to start and really love it.
3. Made a big decision for my future...but for now I keep that a secret ;)
4. Had many nostalgic moments at home~

5. Met three awesome friends in Stuttgart on Tuesday and had a fangirl moment again *_*
6. Got hooked on Cristoph Marzi's Somnia...great author and great book ^^
7. Received my Limited Edition of Blessing of the Future <3 <3 <3 *poins down*

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I hope you had a great start into this week~


Aug 8, 2013

BTSSB - Trick or Treat

Hello sweeties <3

There are news from BTSSB! Although it is not yet Halloween they brought out another halloween themed print. But this time it has a twist as the "creepy" scenery is mixed up with the most adorable characters BTSSB created. Kuma-chan and his friends are having a halloween party ;) Does that count as creepy cute? *haha* But have a look for yourselves~
 The JSK comes in two versions. I have to say I like the left version better as the right version has too many bows and whatnot in the front and I really like the lacing-up detail of the first JSK so much better :) The littel star brooch is also really cute :3
 The print will come out in 4 colorways. I have to say I really love the lavender version (who would have thought? xD) but the brown version is pretty neat as well~
 Cute socks but nothing really special in my opinion. The headbow is typical for the BTSSB headbows. I like the star detail and the lace pretty much though :)
 awesomeness <3 I want it!!!!

 The starclip for the hair and the cape are pure awesomeness <3 <3 <3 I WANT!

What do you think about that print? Would you get it yourself?

Have anice afternoon~


Aug 6, 2013

7 things

Hello sweeties <3

I admit, I am a little late this week but I have been really busy the last days. Anyways, lets start with 7 great things that happened last week~

1. I received a really nice Valentine again. Thank you very much <3
2. Went to the Klassik Open Air in Nuremberg...
3. ...and got to spend time with my girls there <3
4. After 2 years I went on a paddle boat tour again...we wanted to do it for so long and finally got to it xD
5. I dived further into my latest obsession and bought the Single "Blessing of the Future" by Jupiter...I think I also got the Limited Edition x"D
6. Watched "The Heat" with my colleagues...really funny movie although it is pretty stereotypical.
7. The condition of my hair improved pretty much since last week *yay*

So, how was your week? What good things happened to you during the last 7 days?

Have a nice afternoon <3


Aug 5, 2013

Classical Saturday

Hello sweeties <3

...and just now I noticed that I totally sound like River Song saying that all the time *haha* Doctor Who reference without even noticing it xD But anyways, on to the topic that is another awesome weekend with my girls :3 As the weather was really great we decided on holding our monthly meet-up at the Classic Open Air in Nuremberg. Before it even started we had a nice picnic with so much delicious food *om nom nom* Later some of us also decided to cool down for a bit and we went to Dutzendteich to have a little paddleboat adventure :) It was an awesome day as always ^.^

Aug 2, 2013

I am Shinji...

Hello sweeties <3

as the title suggests (or maybe not at all xD) I want to talk about something that follows me around for nearly 15 years already. Yes, I am talking about Neon Genesis Evangelion. Once every year I get the urge to watch the series and the movies and once every year I understand a little bit more what the show wants to tell me. I won't go into a deep analysis of the show as there are really good ones on the webz already - what I want to talk about is what the title says: I am Shinji...maybe we all are?

(c) Gainax and Sadamoto Yoshiyuki
I have to say while watching the show I pitied him, I hated him and sometimes he just annoyed me but looking deeper into his character I saw many traits that I also call my own. For example I want to be acknowledge by others, I need people to tell me that I did something good as many others also I don't think that this is all to bad as only through other people we see ourselves BUT relying only on others words and praises makes you dependent. If those words go away nothing is left and you fall into the pit of happend with Shinji in the anime. 

(c) Gainax and Sadamoto Yoshiyuki
Another point is the meaning of the AT field - it symbolizes the barriers between much as we might love or know someone we can't really fully understand another person. Shinji is struggling with this situation pretty much and so do I. As I count myself as a rather socially awkward person most of the time I can't read people to well...I second guess everything I want to say and do pretty often BUT I think this is a struggle everyone has to go through and as hard as it may seem it is only human. Because knowing every tiny bit of another person would drive you crazy...I think End of Evangelion makes a great point there. As convenient as it may be to know everything about everyone it wouldn't really work in my opinion ^^"

(c) Gainax and Sadamoto Yoshiyuki
So, in the end even if I disliked the character he is a mirror of myself - or at least partially ;) Same goes for Asuka who is showing her loneliness in a totally different way~ In the end we are all only searching for a place in this world~

Did you watch Neon Genesisi Evangelion? What did you think about it? Yay or Nay?

Have a nice day~