Aug 6, 2013

7 things

Hello sweeties <3

I admit, I am a little late this week but I have been really busy the last days. Anyways, lets start with 7 great things that happened last week~

1. I received a really nice Valentine again. Thank you very much <3
2. Went to the Klassik Open Air in Nuremberg...
3. ...and got to spend time with my girls there <3
4. After 2 years I went on a paddle boat tour again...we wanted to do it for so long and finally got to it xD
5. I dived further into my latest obsession and bought the Single "Blessing of the Future" by Jupiter...I think I also got the Limited Edition x"D
6. Watched "The Heat" with my colleagues...really funny movie although it is pretty stereotypical.
7. The condition of my hair improved pretty much since last week *yay*

So, how was your week? What good things happened to you during the last 7 days?

Have a nice afternoon <3


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