Apr 30, 2013

Japan Day 7 - Mountainclimbing at Miyajima

Hello sweeties <3

Here comes day halftime on our trip and it was again time to go further south ;) But before we took our train to Fukuoka we made a stop at Miyajima to see the famous red Tôri and climb the mountain to enjoy the great view from up high ^^b It was just breathtaking...although it was more than dangerous to climb up there xD The stairs were really...erm, interesting and innovative. But we made it up in one piece ^^v
The famous Tôri...we were lucky enough with the tides and could even stand beneath it ^^v

Apr 29, 2013

Japan Day 6 - Hiroshima

Hello sweeties <3

The picture is made out of origami cranes and says peace. There are so many origami cranes everywhere in the park as a prayer that atomic warfare and war itself will stop. Even school classes from other countries put their folded cranes there.

Japan Day 5 - Killerdeer in Nara

Hello sweeties <3

Sorry for the wait but my weekend was really packed and I didn't have the energy to do a proper post but here is day 5 of my Japan tripe where I roamed around in Nara. To my shame I have to say that before that I only went to Nara once during my exchange year even though I was living in the Nara prefecture...I feel ashamed but only a little xD The first thing you notice about Nara, besides the temples and shrines, that most of the time are being rebuild are the deer...they are everywhere and if you have food they follow you around till the end of the it seems xD If you don't have food and want them to follow you around, no problem, you can buy deer cracker at nearly every corner. And as I thought "wooo, I want to feed them, they are soooo cute!" I bought some crackers...and even though they look cute with their big brown eyes they are Rambo in disguise O.O At first there were only 2, than 3 and later I was chased by a whole flock...seriousely, to get food they bite your backpack, jacket and even stomp on your feet X.x Anyways, I still really like Nara...even with the hordes of tourists and deer xD
Todaiji shrine with the famous 15m Buddha meditating inside :)

Apr 26, 2013

Japan Day 4 - Red Tôri everywhere...

Hello sweeties <3

...and without further talking here is day 4. We already decided that we did not want to do so much because the last two days were so hard on our feet and so we went to Fushimi Inari...and in my memory it wasn't so hard to climb up there BUT the last time I went there we only went halfway ^^" Boy, was I wrong! This time we went all the way up and at some points we thought that there cannot be more red tôri...but they kept on coming xD Well, the scenery was gorgeous and we enjoyed every step of the way...still, sometimes we really doubted ourselves if we took a wrong turn to Tôri-Wonderland or something ^^" Anyways, we also decided on a plan to get rich *haha* As all the red Tôri are some kind of goodluck charm to get you wealth and they come in many sizes we decided to start small and later get bigger tori for bigger money...problem is, in the end we didn't buy one of the small souvinir-tôri *ehehehe* 
After coming back from the "mountains" we went to have Kaiten Sushi...and it was sooooo delicious. Nothing compared to the sushi you can get in Germany X.x To conclude the day we went to the Sky Building in Osaka and enjoyed the view...and also my quest for love began as I bought my first Omikuji (fortune paper) and prayed at the shrine xD"

Japan Day 3 - Kyoto my love

Hello sweeties <3

And I finally sorted out the pictures for Day 3 *hahaha* Although work was not that busy this week I didn't come around doing much in the evening...maybe I am far more jetlagged than I thought I'd be xD" Well, here goes Day 3 <3

Apr 24, 2013

Japan Day 2 - Kaiyûkan and Osaka Castle

Hello sweeties <3

After our first day in Japan that was made up of waiting, going by train, waiting some more and riding the train again on the 2nd day we went to the Aquarium in Osaka, visited the castle and went to Amemura to do some shopping. Yep, that day was totally packed with stuff and our feet hurt like hell in the evening but it was totally worth it. 
The first souvenirs found their way into my pocket :3 I love Japanese Combini...every country should have them ;)

Japan Day 1 - Namba here I come :3

Hello sweeties <3

Finally I was able to sort out the pictures for Day 1 and 2 *haha* So here we go with my Japan report ;) As you know our flight left Frankfurt on April 6th and after 12 looooong hours we arrived in Narita in the morning of April 7th. There we took our first picture in front of the "Welcome to Japan" every good tourist should *haha* We were really really exhausted.
Than we had to wait in line to get inside the country for around 90 minutes...I actually don't really remember but it was loooong X.x After this hurdle was taken we had to get our Japan Railpasses...and again we had to wait pretty long *sighs* Finally finished we had to take the slow train to get to Tokyo as the Narita Express was cancelled because of "strong winds"...we were starting to doubt our luck at that time xD

Apr 23, 2013


Hello sweeties <3

I am still trying to sort out all the pictures we took in Japan, so my report about my awesome trip will have to wait (hopefully I can post the first part tomorrow ^^")...for the time being I want to introduce you to a song that totally made my morning today <3
Yep, I am finally watching this awesome dorama and this song is just perfect to get into a good mood...and hey~ KAME is soooo cute :3 *fufufufu*

Have a nice day~


Apr 21, 2013


Hello sweeties <3

Since yesterday I am back from Japan and I am sad T^T It was a really awesome time and I want to go back so badly already. When we landed in Tokyo 2 weeks ago it really felt like coming home...landing in Frankfurt yesterday felt rather sad though ^^" Anyways, just wanted to tell you that I will try to upload posts about my trip to Japan during the next days as I am still kinda jetlagged xD"

So for now here is a nice video to pass the time :3
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

For now I wish you all a nice evening~


Apr 6, 2013

Ready for Japan

Hello sweeties <3

Only 30 minutes left and my trip to Japan is going to start :) I am so so so so so excited *_* I already was awake at 4:30 am today because I couldn't sleep ^^" Well, at least I can sleep in the plane...hopefully *hahaha*

Just wanted to show you my OOTD really quick :)

Dress: H&M - Cardigan: H&M - Turtleneck: Orsay - Jacket: New Look - Tights: Pimkie - Socks: Secret Shop - Boots: New Yorker - Collar: H&M - Headband: Claire's

Well, I am off to Japan now~ See you in two weeks <3


Apr 5, 2013

Awesome Swap from Canada

Hello sweeties <3

This will probably be my last post before leaving to Japan...well, maybe second-to-last if I get the time to upload tomorrows OOTD...we will see *haha* But on to the awesomeness that is my latest swap *O*

Just awesome...stunning...gorgeous *O* I am so out of words <3 <3 <3 I was lusting after the Naked Basics Palette for so long and finally I also got some Lip Butters from Revlon *_*

Apr 4, 2013

I am in love...

...with my Kindle <3 If you love books as much as I do you definitely should check out the amazon Kindle. As of now there are various different versions. There even is a HD version of the Kindle Fire...but if you just want to read on your travels and don't want to take a suitcase full of books with you the normal Kindle (4) is perfect for your needs. I got mine for only 65 EUR during a sale. Normally it is 79 EUR but I think for an eReader thsi is pretty inexpensive :) I am also using the Kindle to read my beloved manga :3 You can also directly download books to your Kindle via WLAN and there are special deals from time to time. Recently there was a special spring sale on amazon where I got many many books for under 2 EUR ^^v

I haven't decided how I should name him...I just know that it is a "boy" xD Crazy, right? But all my technical devices had names so far. My current laptop is called Sebaschan because it is black and he is listening to all my a good butler should, right? ;)

One of the first books I bought to "feed" to my Kindle was Die Magier von Montparnasse by Oliver Plaschka. Milky Rose was recommending this book to me :) I think I will read it on my flight to Japan as I probably won't be able to sleep than ^^"

What are you reading at the moment? Do you have any books that you can recommend to me? 

Have a nice Thursday my dearies~


Apr 3, 2013

Catrice - Candy Shock

Hello sweeties <3

I went to dm again on the weekend and got myself something from the Candy Shock LE by Catrice. Actually I wasn't planning on getting anything from that LE as the previews didn't "talk" to me that much but in the end I couldn't resist and got myself some things and I have to say that I am more than happy that I did ;) Here is what I got:

Multi Colour Blush in C01 Sugar Shock
Soft Nail Lacquer in C02 Play it Blue
Soft Nail Lacquer in C04 Vanilla Love
Lip Peeling with Vanilla Flavor

Multi Colour Blush in C01 Sugar Shock
Here I was sold through the packaging and the swirls xD The color payoff actually isn't that great, I would say it is more like a highlighter than an actual blush as you nearly can't see it on the skin BUT the shimmer that it gives to your face is really nice ^^b

...this is the result after 3 layers of blush. Can't really see that much but as a highlighter it will be nice in my opinion~

Lip Peeling with Vanilla Flavor
Well, I bought it because my lips have been totally dry recently and I thought I could give it a try. So far I can't really say much about it as I only tested it for a short time but it made my lips feel smoother after applying it...we will see how it looks in the long run ;)

Soft Nail Lacquer in C02 Play it Blue
Soft Nail Lacquer in C04 Vanilla Love
Well, both colors are really opaque but you do need 2 coats to get a somewhat even finish...but this is written on the bottle so I won't complain about that xD The colors are gorgeous and they have a matte finish. I really like that as most of the polishes I owned so far had a glossy finish. These are the perfect colors for spring ^^b [btw. don't mind my nails...they look horrible at the moment x.X]

Did you already get something from the Candy Shock LE? What do you like? Did you already try the eyeshadows?

Have a nice day~


Apr 2, 2013

Fancy Dress Up Sunday - Pink Forest Fairy

Hello sweeties <3

As I didn't do much on Easter Sunday and was even to lazy to go out I decided it was time for another instalment of Fancy Dress Up Sunday ;) This time I was inspired by the following video to do something fairy like. Although my try is a lot more toned down and "normal" I think I caught the spirit of a fairy roaming the flowerfields in spring rather well...what do you think?

Apr 1, 2013

March favourites - Part 2 Random

Hello sweeties <3

...and here is part two of my March favourites :3

Once upon a time *O*
Totally love that show...started watching it in March and well, ended watching it in March...was totally hooked on it~

Fairy Tail *O* Sadly for now episode 175 is the last one as the anime caught up to the manga T^T But I think stopping here for now instead of putting in fillers is far better...would be weird to have fillers now anyways O.o Btw. love the song "Against Magic"

Milka Crispello à la Vanille Pudding <3 <3 <3 Can eat one pack of those at once ^^" Soooo delicious~

Strawberries in every form xD as soon as I spotted the first ones at the grocery store I HAD to get some~
I just love strawberries~

My favourite outfit this month :3 Although it was just something rather makeshift I really liked it <3

What are your March favourites?

Have a nice day~


March Favourites - Part 1 Beauty

Hello sweeties <3

And yet another month of 2013 is over. Workwise it was one of the hardest months ever but my weekends were really really awesome...although for Easter I had to change plans because I was struck by a mean cold T^T But end of a months means it is Favourites-Time :3 So here we go, my favourites for the month of March~