Oct 31, 2012


Hello Sweeties <3

Just a short information for all the people who love to read and want to connect to other people ;) My collegue recently introduced me to Goodreads and I love that page. There you can add the books you read to a virtual shelf, talk about them with your friends, make a list of want-to reads and so is really great site to get inspiration for your next read - so check it out ^^

Also add me if you already have an account on there - AliceHearts on Goodreads

What are you reading at the moment? I am currently switching between books *haha* This is kind of a habit of mine I am doing since years xD I am reading The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice and The Night circus by Erin Morgenstern. I will probably do a kind of "review" of the books and how I liked them in the future...maybe ;)

Wish you a nice and pleasent day~

Oct 30, 2012

Fairytale Garden~

Good Evening <3

Did you ever feel the urge to just disappear into a fairytale world and be a princess? I know that I have this desire every other day...and on Sunday it somewhat became reality ;) Schelli, Sam and me went to the "Märchengarten" (Fairytale Garden) in the vicinity of Ludwigsburg castle. Well, actually we also went to see the pumpkin exhibition there but I was rather looking forward to the "Märchengarten" *hahaha* 
In the past this garden was a refuge for the noblemen who were residing at the castle, today it showcases many different fairytales in a really unique and cute way <3 We, for example, met Snow White, Rapunzel, evil witches and many more of our childhood companions ;) 

The storyteller and me at the entrance to the "Märchengarten"...I wonder what he is going to read next ;)

Don't be sad, be happy instead!

Hello my sweeties <3

Although last week wasn't the best the weekend made up for it a thousand times <3 Until Friday I wasn't really feeling that good and so for Saturday I decided that I wasn't going to be sad anymore and meet up with my new collegue in Stuttgart instead *yay* We did some shopping, had something to eat and just chatted about the things we have in common like reading the same books and totally loving british TV-shows It is funny how much we have in common *haha* And we only know each other for a week now xD 

 My Outfit for the Day (excuse the bad quality...definitely need a new camera ^^")
Dress: Promod - Turtleneck: New Look - Shoes: New Look - Tights: H&M - Bag: Lovely Shoes - Necklace- Bijou Brigitte

Oct 21, 2012

Mini-Haul / OOTD / News~

Hello sweeties <3

Here are some things I got myself as a "reward" after the swap meet *hehe* Nothing much, just some small things ^^
 Balea "Zuckerschnute" Deodorant ~ I already have the shower gel and the bodylotion and still can't get enough of it *_*
Nail Polish Remover from Essence ~ it smells like strawberries and so far the one that did the most for my nails ^^b
Guhl Conditioner for damaged hair ~ definitely need that as my hair and my scalp is hating me at the moment x.x
Powder Blush "Strawberry Latte" from Catrice ~ never really tried blushes and thought this is a good start ^^
Stay Matte Powder by Rimmel London ~ because I needed a new Powder and I only had good experiences with Rimmel so far~

Todays outfit~
Dress: J.honeys - Turtleneck: Pimkie - Tights: C&A - Boots: New Look - Headband: Fan+Friend
One of my favourite outfits for winter although the dress is actually a summerdress *hahaha*

And last but not least, my local (well, not anymore as I am kinda exiled here in Stuttgart xDD) has it's own facebook-page now...come and visit the Franconian Princesses :3

I hope you had an awesome weekend as well :)

Good Night sweethearts <3

2. Swap and Buy

Hello again sweeties <3

Another week has past since my last post but the last week was really busy with work so I hope you forgive my absemce ;)

Yesterday, our Lolita Community had the second Swap Meet and for me it was a great success *yay* Although it wasn't as big as the last one I sold everything I brought with me *more yay* I also got myself something but as I am still contemplating where the money I got should go to I only got myself some small things ^^
I swapped one of my Dear Celine-JSKs against this cute Cutsew from Baby <3 Don't know how I will wear that yet but I figure something out eventually *haha*
Cute little crown...was about time I got one as I am a princess ;)
Me = Princess xD The crown is sooo cute :3
My Outfit for the Meet ^^
JSK: Innocent World - Blouse: Metamorphose - Socks: H&M - Shoes: An-tai-na - Necklace: Metamorphose - Roses: Claire's - Hairbow: Bijou Brigitte - Wig: Lockshop

Did your community also do a swap meet in the past? What do you think about it? In myopinion it is a great way to meet new people and get some really cute stuff that you actually can try on before buying...I think most times in Lolita Fashion it is hit or miss when buying online, you never know how something fits on actually trying it out before buying is really great in my opinion ^^

Thanks for reading *chuuu*

Oct 16, 2012


This week Koo-chan and me got one of the cutest Valentines evaaar <3

Thank you so so so so much :3 That really made my day yesterday <3

Btw. this is one of my favourite pictures ever...and a historical *haha* moment at that, as after one year of saying we want to twin, we actually did xD

Hope you all have a nice day :3

Oct 12, 2012


Hello sweeties <3

I seriousely spend to much time on the internet xD Every day I find something new that catches my interest. This time I want to share an awesome homepage with you. It is called Westwing and it is a site where you can find cute or stylish designer furniture and interior things for up to 70% off. I think this is a pretty good deal.

Especially the sale called "Rustikales Landhaus", that is on now, makes my heart beat faster...the things are so adorable...if only I had the space to put everything *hahaha* Not to speak the money ^^"

Image taken from
I love the shabby chic style soooo much <3

So, how do you like your home to look? Do you like shabby chic or some really edgy design stuff? What does your room look like?

Hope you have a nice day~


Oct 11, 2012

Lovelyshoes ~some kind of review~

Hello my sweeties <3

Yesterday I finally received my package from Lovelyshoes *yay* I would have received it faster if not for customs but well, I finally got my new supercute shoes (and bag xD) and am really excited to show you the stuff ^^

Oct 9, 2012

Craving for Bath and Bodyworks

Hello sweeties <3

source: amazon
Recently I have been following a lot of beauty vlogs (especially the one from hkitty1122 is really great, check it out <3) and on many of those the people were talking about a shop called Bath and I did a little research, found the online shop and to my disappointment they don't seem to send their stuff to Germany or Europe in general *sobs* But, I wouldn't be me if this would set me I looked on amazon and OH WONDER, there we have the possibility to buy stuff from Bath and Bodyworks *muahahahaha* My problem now is: What should I take to test it out? As I can't physically go to the store and indulge in all the fragrances I am at a loss *sighs* So, maybe you can help me decide ;) Cherry Blossom or Twilight Woods? What would you take?
source: amazon
 The design of the bottles is so great <3 I really want to try so many things from Bath and Bodyworks *sighs* Also want to try their candles and shower gels and...*sighs more* I think we seriousely need those shops in Germany *haha* ...and me saying that before I even tried it out might seem weird but from all the reviews on youtube it just gotta be AWESOME <3

Well, enough of my rambling about things that I don't really know anything about xD But maybe someone can help me out with the above "problem" ;) What do you think? Do you want to have Bath and Bodyworks in your country as well?

Thanks for reading ^^

Good Night and Sweet Dreams~


Hello my sweeties <3

I received yet another package yesterday *hehe* I received this cute dress from ebay in both colors *_*
source: ebay
The quality is not supergreat as expected because I only paid around 6€ for one dress but it is not really bad either...and it fits...kind of ^^" It actually doesn't really look superbad on me but on the area around the hips it doesn't fit quite right. So, as I really really want to wear those two cute dresses I decided that I have to do something to make them fit. From now on I really wanna start doing some kind of sports every day. I already bought a stepper to shape my legs and in the long run myself but lately the laziness took a hold of me and I didn't really work out as often as I wanted to ^^" But this changes now...those dresses are my incentive to lose some weight and get in shape *hahaha* I am not fat, that I know, but I have body regions that I really don't like...well one to be specific and this region is called my, bear with me when I, from time to time, post an update on my progress ;)

One of the dresses in real life ;)

I also bought this cute belt to match the dresses (I actually also ordered one in white but haven't received that yet ^^")

So, that was just a short update from me...what are you doing to stay in shape? Tell me and help me out on my quest to a healthier body ;)

Have a nice day~

Oct 6, 2012

A new design, the Bodyshop and other gets~

Hello my sweeties <3

Yes, this is no illusion...I redesigned my Blog yet again as I was not really satisfied with the design before. It was cute I think and I liked it but it wasn't me. As I was (and still am) reading "The Night Circus" I wanted my design to resemble the dark atmosphere of the book but in the end it just wasn't me. So, yesterday I decided that it is time to change that and this is the design I came up with ^-^ And I think it is really me but this time I held it pretty simple. The background is from The cutest blog on the block and the pattern on my header is from here. What do you think about the new (and hopefully final *haha*) design?

Oct 5, 2012

What's it called? K...duh~

Hello my sweeties <3

So many posts in my head that I want to do...and I am not doing them because I am rather posting about some new anime I discovered ^^" But I honestly will come around to post the other stuff as well...I promise ^^

So, what is this new anime? As the title of this post suggests it is called K...I don't know yet why it is called that way as only the first episode has been released so far but from what I can tell it is set in another, lets call it dimension where psychics seem to rule the world xD and is about a guy called Yashiro Isana, or just Shiro, who doesn't think of anything bad while walking the streets and suddenly is attacked (in the most stylish way) by some dangerous looking guys. I love the style and the character design...I squee-ed and fangirled the whole episode, so many bishônen <3 All in all it seems like a crazy mix of Code Geass and Durarara...and I love both anime *all thumbs up for that*

So, what anime are you watching at the moment? Can you suggest good ones that I really should watch?
<3 <3 <3
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Oct 4, 2012

OOTD - Emilielynns Birthday

Hello sweeties <3

This is just a short outfit-post...after a long time of only posting meet-up/holiday-posts and what-not *hehe* I wore my Powder Rose-OP yet again...I am still so in love with it <3 I am glad that I got myself the black version as it makes my closet less pastelly (well, not really but I just like to pretend xD)

 This time I wore it with all pink and yellow instead of only black and I pretty much like it...Sweet is just so much me...can't help that *haha*
 OP: Angelic Pretty - Socks: Angelic Pretty - Cardigan: Bodyline: Wig: Lockshop - Shoes: Custom House - Earrings: Bijou Brigitte - Roses: Claire's

A travel back in time

Hello sweeties <3

You might think "What? Another post? So soon?"...well, as I have some inspiration and time in my hands I am just going to post the last part of my holiday adventures now...before I will be gone in the shadows for another two weeks...well hopefully not...but anywayson to the post XD

On my last Friday of my holidays (21.09.) I met up with a friend from highschool...we FINALLY, after three years of never getting a date that suited as both, we met up to catch up on stuff, shop (I will make a post about what I got that day later...hopefully ^^") and talk about the good old times...that day kinda made me feel really really homesick and wish back the good old times without too many worries...buhuut thats not gonna happen and well, my life now is not as bad either. Only sometimes you wish for the old times to return and just be a rather stupid teen again (makes me sound so old, that I am not XDD)

Pandapillow *O* I want that sooooo much...but didn't have the money for that *sobs* Well, maybe Santa hears me and gets one for me *hehehe*
 Castle Wildeck...during school days me and my friends would often go to the little park there during our lunchbreak and just chat.
 If you follow that way you reach the house were my grandparents lived while I was at school...I would often stay at their place as it was only a 10 minutes walk to school (instead of 30 minutes with bus from my parents place xD)
 I don't think this bench is actually used by anyone as it is on a bridge near the main street but I walked by it on my way to school from my grandparents great deal nostalgia to that *haha*
 And another cute corner of the town filled with tons of memories...and I am feeling a little homesick again already xD"

Oct 3, 2012

Leipzig Zoo

Hello sweeties <3

I am finally coming around on posting pictures from the greatest Zoo in Germany *hahahaha* After around 5 years I finally had the chance to go to the Zoo in leipzig again and it was so, so, so great *O* Especially now that the latest attraction the "Gondwana Land" (some kind of tropical forest) has opened. Today I really won't talk much...I'd rather have the pictures talk for themselves ;)
In front of the entrance to "Gondwana Land"...BEARS <3 <3 <3

Oct 1, 2012


Hello my sweeties <3

Woohoo~ another post...well, last week was so busy I didn't even had the time to properly think about my blog ^^" But the stress a work finally seems to have gone down *fingers crossed* And I have many things to tell you~ For example about my trip to the Zoo in Leipzig and a little "time travel" of mine ;) Buuuut  before I tell you about that I want to show you some things I got at the weekend <3

Awesome ankleboots bought at a shop called Pera. ...I think this shop somehow belongs to New Look *haha*

I desperately needed a new Coat...and found thsi awesome baby at New Yorker <3 It is really comfy and I plan on wearing it with Lolita also ^^

Well...actually I didn't plan on buying yet another jacket (New Look) but this one was just too cute *O* It is so fluffy and comfy...I plan on wearing it with black shorts and my new my mind that looks great...what do you think?

 As the wigs I bought at ebay are getting all ratty I needed new ones and my shop of trust for wigs is Lockshop :3 Already got my pink wig from there and now I bought the one called Angelic Honey *points up* and the Soft Curls Black and as usual I am amazed by the quality for the price <3

I am still waiting for two dresses and belts I ordered at ebay to arrive at my place and of course I am waiting for my Lovely Shoes-Order...hope I'll receive that soon :3 Can't wait to wear all my cute stuff out *haha*

Well~ these were my latest shopping excapades ^^" Now I am gonna watch Devil May Cry...Love for Dante <3

Love and Kisses~