Jan 31, 2012

Best time of my life~

Hello me sweeties <3

At the moment I am really feeling nostalgic when I am thinking about my time in Japan. I really want to go back there so much...but well, first gotta earn some money to do that and than find someone willing to come with me *hehehe* But to make up for the time I can't go to Japan I thought about putting up some impressions of one of the best years I ever had up on my blog :3 Enjoy ;)

Jan 22, 2012

Time for Fashionshow~

Hello Sweeties <3

It took me one week but finally I got all the pictures of our Lolita-Fashionshow from last Saturday. It was really small and we were only 9 girls but I think we showed of the different styles of Lolita very well. I did the introducing part and thus was very nervous but all went okay and I think we did a pretty good job in describing everything to the audience (press is a totally different story as always ;D)

Me introducing all the styles and the girls ^.^

Jan 12, 2012

Start of a new Lolita-Year - January Meet-Up

Hello again sweeties <3

Last Saturday was our monthly meet-up. This time we decided that we had enough exciting big meet-ups in the past months and so we just went for coffee and tea at Cafe Mohr in Erlangen. We chatted a lot about what we did on Christmas and New Year and could also welcome two very sweet girls to our group. The Franconian Princesses are getting bigger and bigger every time ;) 
Someone forgot their doll on the stairs xD
Awesome Chocolate-Cake <3 So delicious ^o^
OP/Bow: Metamorphose - Cardigan: Bodyline - Shoes: An-tai-na - Socks: Secret Shop - Accessories: H&M, Bijou Brigitte
Following Saturday (14.01.) we have another event! This time it is a small fashion show together with a Cosplay Group to show the different styles of Japanese Streefashion. I am really excited :3