Jan 31, 2013


Hello sweeties <3

Pic taken from here
Recently I have been enjoying Japanese Doramas again and stumbled across "Koizora" (Sky of Love) and as I am a little sucker for dramatic lovestories I had to watch it. But I have to say it is nothing for people who want a happy ending because there definitely is no happy ending. The ending is supersad but it leaves you with hope. It is like it is saying "There might be really sad things happening in your life but you CAN'T let them stop you! It is okay to be sad but after that you have to look forward and remember the good things that happened!" - I really love the story, although I cried a lot during the end ^^" Definitely worth the watch and if you liked "Ima ai ni yukimasu" you will love "Koizora" :)

What shows are you enjoying at the moment? Do you have any recommendations for me?

Jan 30, 2013

Alice’s tear bottle

Hello sweeties <3

It is time for another new print *hahaha* This time I want to give my opinion on the new ArtP-Print called "Alice’s tear bottle". I think the print itself is really really gorgeaous and with the Alice theme you can nearly never go wrong with me ;) BUT the cut of the JSKs kinda makes the whole design fall apart T^T 
I think the design of the print is really cute and it catches the atmosphere of the book really well ^^b 10 points for that part :)
 ...the design of the dresses themselves isn't that great though. Normal designs with a gorgeous print seems kinda off to me...the design and cut of the JSKs isn't horrible but it also isn't something that would WOW me ^^"
BUT I really like the skirt-version of this print this time :3 I think the idea of putting straps on the skirt that you can put on or not is really great and I really love the ruffles at the shoulderpart <3 So, if I'll get anything from this line it will probably be the skirt (says a JSK-person xDDD)

What do you think about this print? Would you buy it?

Jan 29, 2013

Viva la Juicy

Hello sweeties <3

Craving this perfume at the moment *O*

Viva la Juicy from Juicy Couture <3 <3 <3 The flask is so gorgeous and the scent is pure awesomeness <3 (pic from here)

Do you have a favourite perfume at the moment? What scent is on your wishlist? What is your all-time favourite?

LE addict

Hello sweeties <3

It is time for another haul *haha* Last week I went to my local drugstore again and couldn't just leave without buying something...and as always this something turned out to be a little more*coughs* ^^"

2 Souffle Touch Blushes from Essence
P2 Snow Kissed LE Eyeshadows in Soft Winter
Catrice Made to Stay Longlasting Eyeshadow in Metall of Honor
Catrice Absolute Eye Colour Quad 040 Never Let Me Go!
Catrice Smokey Eyes Quad in Love, Peas and Harmony
Flormar Terracotta Trio Eyeshadow in 06
P2 Color Victim Nailpolish in Ready to Rock!

Jan 27, 2013

Eisenberg L'Art du Parfum

Hello sweeties <3

Recently I bought a lot of stuff from the douglas homepage (mostly for my swaps) and with all the different packages came a lot of different samples ^^b And one of these samples made me crave for the original size so so so much ^^" It is the Eisenberg Eau Fraiche for women and it smells awesome. Although it is not a scent that I would usually go for as it is really fresh, citrusy and kinda spicy, I instantly fell in love with that scent~ Now I only need to wait after Japan to get my hands on it *hahaha*
The picture on the carton and the smell make me wanna go to Barcelona...don't ask me why, it's just as it is XD (Pic from here)
My tiny sample :)
The ingredients...with pink pepper to spice it up ;)

And as a bonus - my package for my first swap in February with a nice girl from the UK is all ready to be sent :)

What is your favourite scent at the moment?

Jan 26, 2013

Make-Up Rabbit

Hello sweeties <3

I just came across a new print by Metamorphose and I am not really sure what I should think about it. The idea is kind of cute but the bunny on that print also kinda creeps me out ^^" But look for ypurself:
I am not big fan of the first JSK version and the OP...but maybe that just comes from the color combination. In my opinion green and yellow don't match the print that well...

 ...on the other hand I really like both low-cut versions. Normally this kind of cut is not really what I would go for but with the stripes in the print it really looks great but I think I have to see these in real to come to a final conclusion xD

What do you think? Is this a print you would go for?

Jan 25, 2013

Teaparty in Stuttgart

Hello sweeties <3

The week is finally over and I have time to post about last Saturday :) As I might have mentioned the local Lolitas had their monthyl meet-up and this time it was a teaparty. The Orga ordered two delicious cakes for all of us, prepared some games so that we can get to know each other and made the event just awesome ^^ We also received a little present from the Orga <3 And I also won a bento box for getting the most points in all the games *yay* 
The location was really pretty and there were many spots to take nice pictures at Cafe Stöckle but unfortunately my Smartphone sucks and I didn't come around to buying a new camera yet ^^" 

I really liked my outfit on that day...I tried a mix of sweet and hime but I don't know if I succeeded xD Anyways, I love the combination of light blue and pink :)

 With gorgeous Lalaina :)

Chocolate Cake *om nom nom*

Thanks again to the Orga for preparing this awesome teaparty and those cute gifts <3

After the teaparty I went home with my japan-travelbuddies and we finally ordered our Japan Rail Passes ^^b And as a bonus I received an awesome treat *points down*
It was so delicious <3

Have a nice evening~

P2 - I feel Pretty LE

Hello sweeties <3

Today I want to show you a new Limited Edition of the german brand P2. You can find this LE in stores from 06.01.2013 to 06.03.2013 in selected dm-stores...hopefully one store around my place sells It *fingers crossed*

Now you may ask, what is so special about this LE in comparison to others? Well, I liked the Snow Kissed LE but this one is right down my alley <3 <3 <3 It is pink, it is cute and it is just me ^.^

Pictures taken frome here
The desgin is really somehow reminds me of Disneyland and cotton candy and all that stuff :3 I would already buy the things because of the design alone <3

Jan 20, 2013

Catrice + NYX Haul / Camera-Question

Hello sweeties <3

OMG~ another haul xD Seriousely since the last 6 months I became addicted to make-up...everytime I go to the drugstore or Douglas I HAVE to get at least one item ^^" I also started doing swaps this month and my addiction is growing bigger and, from now on you will see even more beauty haul posts, hope you don't mind m(_._)m

This time I went to dm to get some things for my swap partners and naturally also found some things for myself ^^" I bought two lipglosses and two eyeshadows from Catrice for myself.

Catrice Lip Appeal Lipgloss in 190 Nude - Tritious and 160 Flirty Fuchsia
Top - Flirty Fuchsia ~ it is rather sheer...when I saw it at the store I thought it would be more opaque. I think it would be great to wear over a lipstick :)
Bottom - Nude ~ nice brownish red color and it has sparkles in it *_* Also rather sheer but over a lipstick the effect would be really nice in my opinion.

Jan 18, 2013

Dark Shadows ;)

Hello sweeties <3

OMG~ the last week was so exhausting...thank god it is weekend xD And it will be so great...tomorrow the local Lolitas have a Teaparty...I am really excited <3 I am gonna wear a combination of blue and pink *hehehe* Stay tuned for the outfit tomorrow ;) But today I want to talk about some things I bought myself during the last weeks...yep, actually I shouldn't buy anything because I wanna save money for Japan but from time to time I gotta treat myself with little things ;D

So, here is my little haul :)

Three Lipsticks by Catrice from the Ultimate Colour Series in the colors 190 The Nuder the Better, 130 Frozen Rose and 010 Be Natural. They were 3,75 EUR each but I think they are definitely worth the money. The texture is really soft and it feels totally smooth on your lips. The colour dispense is great as all thumbs up from me ^^b
top - 010 Be Natural
middle - 130 Frozen Rosei
bottom - 190 The Nuder the Better

Jan 16, 2013

Vlog Introduction

Hello sweeties <3

I want to introduce you to a new beauty-vlog out there :) you guys know how much I love watching these so from now on I will introduce a new one from time to time ;) This one is special because it is from my dear friend koocachoo <3 It is in German and she is talking about Beauty and if you are interested go have a look~

Have a nice evening <3

My castle ;)

Hello sweeties <3

Finally some time to update you on my Sunday xD As I already wrote I visited castle Ludwigsburg with my collegues and we had a special tour through the rooms with a chambermaid ;) Although some years ago I already took part in a regular tour this time around it was way more exciting as the chambermaid told us some "secrets" about her majesty *hihi* If you ever get the chance to visit Ludwigsburg I highly recommend you take one of the special tours as they are a lot of fun and the guides really take you to another era in time :) Unfortunately it was not really possible for my phone to take decent pictures inside the castle >.< I seriousely need a new camera. Do you have any recommendations for a not so expensive camera? Well, anyways, I took some pictures outside the castle for you, so here you go :)

 I think Ludwigsburg castle is one of the most beautiful castles in Germany <3

Hunting lodge Favorit...only 5 minutes away from the castle. It is really cute xD

Part of the 19th century garden with the ruin called "Emichsburg" the 19th century it was really en vogue to build fake ruins into your garden as the people thought it to be romantic :)

Actually I was thinking of wearing Lolita but as it was pretty cold I decided against it XD

My castle ;)

Hope you have a nice Wednesday <3