Jan 8, 2013

Inspiration in 2012 ;)

Hello sweeties~

How are you today?

I finally got around to post my favourites for 2012 *yay* Well, maybe naming it favourites would be too much, I shall better call it "Things, that inspired me in 2012"...well, maybe that is the same as favourites *hahaha*

1. Something to read
The thing that inspired me the most was a book. I read it at the end of summer when I thought the world around me was just a big mess and realized that only I am the one making it like that.
If you also feel like everything is coming apart for you, you should definitely read this book. You can find my blogentry about it here.

2. Youtubers
Starting with 2012 my interest for make-up and all that was pretty much re-awakened...although I was already using it since forever I never really thought about special brands or something, when I came across an LE or something that I liked I just bought it but I never really investigated time to "research" BUT last year youtube sparked my obsession. I especially liked 3 youtubers really much - you really should check them out:

3. Anime
What would favourites be without Anime *haha* Well, there are too many that I liked in 2012 and my favourite one changes frequently so I'll just show you my momentary favourite although it is 2013 already...but as I started watching it in 2012 I think it should count as a 2012 favourite also *hahaha* It is FAIRY TAIL <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Yep, I am really far behind in realizing how awesome the story and characters are (kinda the same as with Bleach last year xDDD)
T^T Sooooooo great~

4. Lolita
Seems obvious but at the beginning of 2012 I thought about quitting but I am glad I didn't because it became such a big part of my life that I wouldn't miss it for the world. I met so many great people through it that I don't want to miss ever again :) And I also got some of my dream dresses this year so quitting won't be an option for a pretty long time now :D

I wish all of you a nice Tuesday, don't overwork yourselves ;)


  1. Nahahaein - du DARFST NIEEEEEMALS mit Lolita aufhören - es steht dir doch so gut ;__; Komm bitte nicht nochmal auf so ne doofe Idee <3

    1. Ne, auf so ne dumme Idee komm ich sicher net mehr :) Dafür hat mir Lolita dieses Jahr über zu viele Sachen hinweg geholfen ^^ Ohne Lolita hätte ich doch die besten Sachen dieses Jahr gar net erlebt :3 *flausch*