Jan 7, 2013

Last Days of 2012~

Good Morning sweeties~

I am seriousely lagging behind in my posts *hahaha* One week of 2013 is over and I haven't gotten around to posting something about my New Years Eve ^^" Actually I didn't do that much...I celebrated at a friends house and we ate Fondue and Raclette, talked a lot and than the year was already over. But although we didn't have a bombastic event it was a good way to end the old year because my friends were around <3

My last Outfit of 2013:
Dress: Jesus Diamante - Bolero: Bodyline - Necklace: Kuma Crafts - Rose/Crown: Claire's - Bracelets: H&M - Earrings: Bijou Brigitte - Wig: Lockshop *I love it*

On the 30th we also went to see the movie Anna Karenina and I loved the costumes and the scenery...the story was rather weird but well, I am not the greatest fan of Tolstoi *hahaha* This is what I wore for the occasion...totally different from my New Years Eve-Outfit though...and totally different from everything I am usually wearing xDDD
Most of the things I am wearing were borrowed from Emilielynn as I don't have that much black in my closet *hahaha*

Last but not least I also received some late Christmas-Presents from Emilielynn and Ayin which are the most epic presents I ever got :3
Moon Prism Power Make Up *O* - from Emilielynn <3 <3 <3 <3
*O* It is Cloud and I can put my cups on him *har har har* And also two new nail polishes from Ayin :3

I had a really awesome end of 2012 and a great start into 2013. I hope my dear readers also had a great start into this year :)

I wish you a good start into the second week of 2013~


  1. Sehr ungewohnt, dich in schwarz zu sehen, aber es steht dir sehr gut :) Auf die Geschenke könnte ich ja fast ein wenig neidisch sein :D Schön, was du da bekommen hast.

    1. Man kann es zwar kaum glauben aber Pastelfarben haben erst seit etwa 3 Jahren wieder so bei mir Einzug gehalten ;) Vorher hab ich eher schwarz und dunkle Sachen getragen xDD

      Die Geschenke sind einfach nur EPISCH *_* *gnahahahaha*