Jan 25, 2013

Teaparty in Stuttgart

Hello sweeties <3

The week is finally over and I have time to post about last Saturday :) As I might have mentioned the local Lolitas had their monthyl meet-up and this time it was a teaparty. The Orga ordered two delicious cakes for all of us, prepared some games so that we can get to know each other and made the event just awesome ^^ We also received a little present from the Orga <3 And I also won a bento box for getting the most points in all the games *yay* 
The location was really pretty and there were many spots to take nice pictures at Cafe Stöckle but unfortunately my Smartphone sucks and I didn't come around to buying a new camera yet ^^" 

I really liked my outfit on that day...I tried a mix of sweet and hime but I don't know if I succeeded xD Anyways, I love the combination of light blue and pink :)

 With gorgeous Lalaina :)

Chocolate Cake *om nom nom*

Thanks again to the Orga for preparing this awesome teaparty and those cute gifts <3

After the teaparty I went home with my japan-travelbuddies and we finally ordered our Japan Rail Passes ^^b And as a bonus I received an awesome treat *points down*
It was so delicious <3

Have a nice evening~