Aug 30, 2012

Blooming Garden is here~

Hello again xD

Just received my Blooming Garden <3 As I wasn't at home it landed at my neighbours place...and he just brought it over ^^ And it is soooo gorgeous *sighs* My outfit for the next meet-up is decided *yay* I really need to dress up again *haha* Last time I wore Lolita was three weeks or so is time that I dress up again *haha* But I think the next time I will be able to wear Lolita is *thinks* maybe in one week...or two...I don't know yet XD
As I thought the color of the blouse matches really great with the colors of the JSK :3

There was also this cute necklace in the package :3 It is from Metamorphose and was only 1000 Yen ^^v *yay*
<3 <3 <3

So~ that really is all from me for today XD 
Have a nice evening <3

I want to marry it *O*

OMG! OMG! OMG! This is the most awesome dress I have ever seen...maybe even better than Vampire requiem...but thats just a big maybe xD But anyways, it is so so so so gorgeous...I WANT it so much *sighs* But to afford it I have to sell one of my dresses first *ponders* Which one should it be? *hihi* 
It's from the brand Baroque from Korea (here is their fb-page) <3 <3 <3 
Anyone interested in buying this *points down* dress ;)

BtSsb - Little Cat Bouquet
I would want 100EUR for the dress ;) I bought it for around 130EUR and only wore it twice or so :D (info on hellolace) It is coming with waistties but the satin ribbon in the back is missing ^^"
No~ seriousely, even after someone buys this JSK I promised not to buy a new dress until next cross your fingers that I can still get one of those dresses in January ;)

So~ have a nice evening <3

Aug 29, 2012

Bunny Cinderella

Hello my sweeties <3

Just something really quick so that I don't forget in the evening xD Just saw that dress at Intrinsically Florrie and at first glance thought it was AP or BtSsb...but no, it isn't! It is Bodyline and I want want want it sooooo much now *O* 

As usual I like the pink and mint version best but as I have so many pink and mint dresses already I think lavender or black are great choices as well :3 ...and I promised myself not to buy a dress anymore until the end of the year...see how I fail xDDD But it is only 60$ maybe I can afford it *hahaha*

So what do you think about that dress?

Have a nice day <3

Aug 27, 2012

Pink and white - my room

Hello sweethearts <3

I just took some pictures of my room for you first I wanted to do a wardrobe post but than I decided not to do because at first I need a "concept" *hahaha* Well...and as I have an account on poupee you can find my whole wardrobe on there ;) So here are just some pictures of my little princess-room...I am pretty proud of how my room turned out and I have to admit, I want to show it off to you *hehehe*
1.+2. My wardrobe :3 I love it so much but it was hell to put it together...and I don't mean buying all the dresses xDDD
3. Yes~ I am a fangirl...I love to collect all kind of figures :)
4. Nessi lives beside my bed *haha* A present from a friend who visited Scotland in spring <3
5. Big cup I found at Nanu Nana for less than 2 Euro <3
6. One of my favourite books ever <3 <3 <3 And a lantern I bought at Ikea ^^

Thanks for watching ;)

I am so in love...

Hello my sweeties <3

And again I am watching "Interview with a Vampire" and also started reading "Armand the Vampire" for the millionth time...and still every minute, every word has the power to enchant me and draw me into this world. I know I said that I have many obsessions but to tell the truth never can anything take the place of these wonderful creatures - and I am absolutely more than a fangirl here...I am totally in love <3

Have a nice evening <3

Aug 23, 2012

Nostalgic Anime~

Good evening <3

I am feeling rather nostalgic today :3 So I decided I make a list (because I love making lists xD) of my 10 favourite anime I watched as a kid...maybe you also remember some of them and can tell me what you liked or disliked about them ;) 

This list is random, meaning that I loved (and still love) all those anime to the same degree :)

Saber Rider and the Star da sky xD I love Fireball <3


Hello sweeties <3

Did I tell you that I recently won a totally awesome giveaway? No~ than I will do it now ;) Some weeks ago cute Vanilla decided to celebrate her success (and that she definitely has <3) with a small giveaway. And me knowing that her stuff is just so awesome and super-cute gave it a shot and tadaaaaaaaa~ I won...i am not only happy that I won a giveaway for the first time but also that my first time winning is Vanillas giveaway *O* Love your stuff sweetie <3 So there were three sets from which I could choose my price and *drum roll* below is what I got:
One of those spoon-necklaces I was lusting for since forever xD and matching candy-ring :3
I also bought the above headbow to match my Powder Rose-OP and my Blooming also is from Vanilla's Traumfabrik. Traumfabrik means dream factory and that name totally tells it all ;) Did I already mention that her stuff is totally awesome? xD

And last but not least I bought something at a store called depot to store all my necklaces and bracelets and other cute stuff on. Well, actually this is something to put cakes and cupcakes and the like on but as I don't have an oven at the moment and can't really make those I decided it is a good place to store my accessories and I think it looks pretty cute...don't you think?

All my treasures <3 Yes, thats a print by Mucha in the back...I love his work :3
So~ how do you store your accessories?

Bye-Bye <3

Aug 22, 2012

Birthday at Tokio Dining

Good Evening my sweeties <3

Just delicious <3
Oh look~ it is wednesday again and I finally uploaded the pictures I took on Saturday to my laptop xD Sp, what did I do on the weekend? On Saturday we celebrated Yuzukis birthday at an awesome Japanese restaurant called Tokio Dining. The food there was so delicious that I forgot to document all the awesomeness...I got a picture of the starter though. I had gyoza (they are kind of like wantan but nout quite the same xD) and they really tasted like the ones I had during my stay in Japan...sooo good *O* As main course I decided to take cold Soba as it was soooooo hot outside and I just couldn't eat something hot ^^"
Later we went to the city center of Stuttgart to have some cocktails. Actually we wanted to visit the lounge 5 again but as there was a special event that would have cost us 12 Euro just to get in we decided to try out a bar called Kostbar. It is a cocktail-bar in the middle of a plaza and although not as amazing as 5 it still was great there. 

I wore my new Orsay-dress for the occasion :3
I really love to meet the girls in Stuttgart ^o^ I have so much fun every time we do something together there...I just wish that my girls from Franconia could be here as well. Would make this awesome city even more perfect :3 I never thought that I would say that about a german city but I totally fell in love with Stuttgart ^o^ So far my most favourite city in Germany *hihi*

Hope you had a nice day today ^^ I wish you a good night *waves*

Aug 21, 2012

Vampires - My dark obsession ;)

Good Evening my sweeties <3

Have I ever told you about another of my great obsessions? (I know, I know...I have thousends of those xD) But anyways, I was just watching an interesting documentary (although pretty over dramatic at points) and thought I could write something about one of my favourite topics ever - Vampires <3
Tom Cruise as Lestat <3 (source:tumblr)
My obsession started with the movie "Interview with a Vampire". I loved Tom Cruise as Lestat (although there is another person more suited for that role ;D) and as soon as I heard that the movie was based on a book I was hooked on the subject. I soon started to absorb all the books from the Vampire Chronicles and totally fell in love with Lestat, Armand and all the other illustrous creatures from the books. But what exactly kept me so hooked to all the vampire stories? Because it didn't stop with only Anne Rice's books *hihi* Well the actual vampire from the legends isn't something to fall in love with - bloodthirsty, cruel, without a soul, a creature from hell BUT the vampires Anne Rice, and Bram Stoker before her, created received a soul. They are now not mere creatures aout of horror stories to scare people the have a romantic and mysterious flair around them. Those vampires make you long for a dark and eternal life. You want them to take you with themm into this mysterious life, away  from what is normal...and sometimes boring. And hey, the point that they are all really handsome makes you long for their eternal love even more xDD So, rather than a prince in shining armour I want to be taken away by a mysterious vampire ;)
Screenshot from Versailles "Ascendead Master" - Kamijo is Lestat for me ;)
But I have to say that my love for Vampires stops at "Twilight" (Yes, I admit I read the books, so I know what I am talking about :P)...whart Anne Rice, Bram Stoker and other great authors did for the modern myth of the Vampire Twilight destroyed so fast, you couldn't even my opinion anyways. In my opinion Edward is a lame copy of Louis du Point du Lac. Louis really was haunted by being a Vampire but he knew he can never escape as he wasn't able to end the life he so much despised. Well, not only Louis was haunted by his existance, every one of the vampires from the chronicles was. I think the stories of how they cope (or don't) are so much more "believable" than Twilight...everything revolves around Mary Sue, wait, I mean Bella. It is not really shown that vampires really ARE monsters. Rice and Stoker constantly remind you of that fact but still you can't hate those "creatures" as they are love them but also know that they mean death to every human. So, sorry to say that but for me the Twilight "Vampires" are just a lame excuse for a vampire. I know, I know, I said it before, real "real" vampires are ugly, hideous and evil creatures that our out for blood and don't have much resemblance to humans. The ancient myths and lore are not so "nice" like the books I love so much. This dark romance was created in the 19th century when those kind of stories were en vogue. 
Caravaggio - Cupid (1602-1603). Anne Rice described Armand to look like one of Caravaggios Cupids.
 You see, I am really absolutely totally obsessed with vampires -  the eternal life, the dark romance, the mysterious world they embody. I am in now way able to write something objective about that topic *hahaha* So, if you got the time you could watch the documentary. As I said before it is rather over the top and over dramatic but there are some interesting things in it nonetheless (unfortunately I only found the german version oft it ^^" But there should be an english one out there as well...I suppose xD")

So, who else wants to be a dark Vampire Princess? *hihihi* What kind of things keep you hooked for a very long time? Tell me about your obsessions ;-)

Have a nice evening <3

Aug 20, 2012

Kinderschuhaward ^^

Hello again my sweeties <3

OMG~ I received another award...this time I was honored by Mii-chan <3 Thank you so much~


Regeln (in German because I am lazy :P)
  ♦ Der Blog muss noch in Kinderschuhen stehen, darf also nicht mehr als 200 Leser haben!
  ♦ Berichte über den erhaltenen Award auf deinem Blog!
  ♦ Verlinke den Blog von deinem Nominator als Dankeschön, damit auch dieser kleine Blog wachsen kann!
  ♦ Gebe den Award an 5 Blogger (ja ich kann lesen aber es kriegen bei mir 6 Blogger xD) weiter und berichte ihnen von der Nominierung!
  ♦ Schreib die Regeln auf, damit der Award auch weitergegeben wird!
Wer beschenkt wird

Have a nice Day <3

Aug 17, 2012

It is pink...

Hello my sweeties <3

Look what I got myself at amazon yesterday *tadaaaa*
Ultrafit by Ultrasport Lady Stepper
As I complain about my body pretty often and complaining never helped anyone I decided I want to do something against it. I already started doing Aerobic once a week (now we have holidays here so no course atm) but I don't think that is enough so I got myself this little fellow. Hopefully I have the mental strenght to use it every day ^^" But I will give my best *hehe* ...oh, and did I mention: IT IS PINK XDDD

Well~ have a nice evening <3

Aug 15, 2012

Travelling Lolita~

Hello my sweeties <3

How are you? Hope you are fine and have a nice and sunny day :3

Just wanted to post some recent Outfits that I wore during my long weekend ^^

Travelling Lolita...wore that on Friday on my way to Erlangen ^^ Well~ the color of my shoes is not exactly the same green/mint of the dress...but I like how it looks together anyways :3

Pocket Embroidery onec again <3 This time with my own hair xD And OMG without blouse (but Cardigan *haha*)...was tooo hot to wear one...and I think the dress looks nice as a sundress too ^^

And a new dress I bought at New Look :3 Kinda like the dress of a greek goddess <3 And hey, my body type fits the image of a I right? ;D

On another note, in becoming the "irresistable me" I make progress every day...I give myself a thumbs up for that *hahaha* Although I have to get rid of that overthinking every little thing and that clingy nature of mine...but I am working on that :)

Have a nice day <3

Aug 14, 2012

For an irresistable me...

Hello my sweeties <3

Today I want to talk about something that has occupied my mind for the longest time. 
-Loving yourself the way you are and being happy -

Until now in my mind, although I had portions of myself, that I really liked, that I really was proud of, I was a self-loathing person. I thought myself not good enough for others, I felt inferior most of the time. And to be honest I needed people to tell me that I had worth. But now I realized that not other people give me worth, I am already a great person. I tried to look for love to make me complete and give me something that I thought I needed so much but that was an illusion, I realize that now. Well~ I already knew those things in the past...god knows how often my friends told those things to me. My problem was I didn't want to let go of the things I knew held me back and I didn't want to realize that something went wrong. I build my own castle of fairytales I spun myself. Fairytales of undying love that is only found in another person. But the saying "You can only really love another person if you love yourself" may be oh so banal but it is so true. And again, "knowing" this and really knowing it are some totally different shoes.

So~ what made me have that epiphany, you may ask? Well, for the last 6 months my lovelife was running wild, I was swept away and everything went on in chaos. At some point I decided for myself that this can't be the way, I can't stay miserable all the time. I want to be happy! So~ I got reminded of a book that 6 months ago I would never have read. When I first heard about that book I just thought "Nah, I don't need that, I can manage!"...well, I could not!
Who doesn't want that? ;)
Now I am only halfway through that book but it already helped in ways I would never have imagined. Although what is written there is nothing new to the world it made me open my eyes to the things that went wrong with me in the past. And don't let the title mislead you - it is more than a guide to get the man for you. It is a guide to loving and being in harmony with yourself...and if you achieve that you can be in harmony with others...because the only one who can make you happy is yourself. If you can't do that, how do you expect to make others happy?

So~ hope you have a nice day as well <3

Lots of love and kisses~

Aug 10, 2012

An awesome day in Stuttgart :)

Hello my sweeties <3

As I have holidays today and already yesterday a good friend decided to visit me for two days and yesterday we went to Stuttgart ^^ It was such an awesome day...we chatted a lot, had coffee at Starbucks, did some shopping and in the evening we met up with Yuzuki and first got us some Cupcakes at Cupcake Boutique, had some Tapas later and went to 5 again :)

At Hugendubel...every bookstore needs those kinda benches xDDD
Bought the dress on the left at Orsay for only 10 Euro *yay me* And my hair looks horrible...I let the black and my bangs grow out atm and it doesn't look to good in this state but well...will look good eventually xD
Tapas at Besitos <3 Om nom nom~
Cupcaaaaaaaaaaaake xD and most awesome Cocktail ever at 5 <3
Strawberry Kiss at Cupcake Boutique <3

So, how was your day? Anyone of you enjoying summer holidays right now?

Aug 7, 2012

Blooming Garden

Hello my sweeties <3

OMG~ I totally forgot to post something about getting one of my dreamdresses that I am lusting for since forever ^^" 2 weeks ago I reserved the Blooming Garden JSK in yellow at Closet Child *yay* I really can't wait to receive it and wear it out ^o^ I already have one Co-Ord in mind...Hopefully it will work as well in real life as in my mind xD"

It is soooo gorgeous :3 I really like the ribbon at the waist ^^

I want to wear these things with it:
I think the pink of the blouse will match the print really well :3 And of course my yellow teaparties which I love to death <3 And of course many roses for the hair in yellow and pink *hehehe* I only need some new pair of pink tights (as I already destroyed the last ones i bought >>).

Hope you have a nice day~