Aug 30, 2012

I want to marry it *O*

OMG! OMG! OMG! This is the most awesome dress I have ever seen...maybe even better than Vampire requiem...but thats just a big maybe xD But anyways, it is so so so so gorgeous...I WANT it so much *sighs* But to afford it I have to sell one of my dresses first *ponders* Which one should it be? *hihi* 
It's from the brand Baroque from Korea (here is their fb-page) <3 <3 <3 
Anyone interested in buying this *points down* dress ;)

BtSsb - Little Cat Bouquet
I would want 100EUR for the dress ;) I bought it for around 130EUR and only wore it twice or so :D (info on hellolace) It is coming with waistties but the satin ribbon in the back is missing ^^"
No~ seriousely, even after someone buys this JSK I promised not to buy a new dress until next cross your fingers that I can still get one of those dresses in January ;)

So~ have a nice evening <3


  1. Das Kleid von Baroque ist auch wahnsinnig schön x3
    Ich finde den in rosa ganz toll *-*

    1. Also in rosa finde ich das auch echt super aber in mint find ich es einfach am schönsten *O*

  2. Das Kleid ist ein Traum *___* Find's schon lange toll :D

  3. Die Farbe wäre mir etwas zu knallig û.u Aber der Schnitt und die Details sind wirklich süß :)

    1. Ach ich find die Farbe so schön frisch *hach* ich liebe mint <3 <3 <3