Aug 22, 2012

Birthday at Tokio Dining

Good Evening my sweeties <3

Just delicious <3
Oh look~ it is wednesday again and I finally uploaded the pictures I took on Saturday to my laptop xD Sp, what did I do on the weekend? On Saturday we celebrated Yuzukis birthday at an awesome Japanese restaurant called Tokio Dining. The food there was so delicious that I forgot to document all the awesomeness...I got a picture of the starter though. I had gyoza (they are kind of like wantan but nout quite the same xD) and they really tasted like the ones I had during my stay in Japan...sooo good *O* As main course I decided to take cold Soba as it was soooooo hot outside and I just couldn't eat something hot ^^"
Later we went to the city center of Stuttgart to have some cocktails. Actually we wanted to visit the lounge 5 again but as there was a special event that would have cost us 12 Euro just to get in we decided to try out a bar called Kostbar. It is a cocktail-bar in the middle of a plaza and although not as amazing as 5 it still was great there. 

I wore my new Orsay-dress for the occasion :3
I really love to meet the girls in Stuttgart ^o^ I have so much fun every time we do something together there...I just wish that my girls from Franconia could be here as well. Would make this awesome city even more perfect :3 I never thought that I would say that about a german city but I totally fell in love with Stuttgart ^o^ So far my most favourite city in Germany *hihi*

Hope you had a nice day today ^^ I wish you a good night *waves*

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