Jan 30, 2014

[Book Review] Der Winterpalast

Hello sweeties <3

It is time for another book review :)

Title: Der Winterpalast
Original Title: The Winterpalace
Author: Eva Stachniak
Pages:  530
Language: German 
ISBN-10: 3458358951
ISBN-13: 978-3458358954

You can buy the book here
Geheime Gänge, verdeckte Türen, dunkle Nischen: Als die Waise Warwara als Dienstmädchen in den Winterpalast kommt, lernt sie schnell, sich ihrer Verschwiegenheit und ihren aufmerksamen Blick zunutze zu machen. Keine Intrige, die ihr entginge, kein Getuschel, das ihren Ohren verborgen bliebe. Schnell wird sie zu einer der wichtigsten "Spioninnen" im Palast. Als die junge Sophie von Anhalt-Zerbst - die spätere Katharina die Große - an den Hof kommt und auf dem Weg zur Macht eine Verbündete braucht, wird Warwara ihre engste Vertraute. Schließlich erklimmt Katharina den Zarenthron - aus der unerfahrenen Fremden wird eine der mächtigsten Frauen ihrer Zeit.

[English - Goodreads Summary]
Her name is Barbara—in Russian, Varvara. Nimble-witted and attentive, she’s allowed into the employ of the Empress Elizabeth, amid the glitter and cruelty of the world’s most eminent court. Under the tutelage of Count Bestuzhev, Chancellor and spymaster, Varvara will be educated in skills from lock picking to lovemaking, learning above all else to listen—and to wait for opportunity. That opportunity arrives in a slender young princess from Zerbst named Sophie, a playful teenager destined to become the indomitable Catherine the Great. Sophie’s destiny at court is to marry the Empress’s nephew, but she has other, loftier, more dangerous ambitions, and she proves to be more guileful than she first appears.

What Sophie needs is an insider at court, a loyal pair of eyes and ears who knows the traps, the conspiracies, and the treacheries that surround her. Varvara will become Sophie’s confidante—and together the two young women will rise to the pinnacle of absolute power. 
What I think about it:
To be honest I bought this book because I liked the cover and I loved hearing stories about Catherine the Great in the past. I wasn't really expecting anything and so I was really surprised about how great the book actually was.
It tells the story of Catherines rise to power not as you would think. We see here struggles through the eyes of another young woman who through the strings of destiny comes to work as a spy at the Russian court under Empress Elizabeth. Through her eyes we not only see the lives of all the historical personas surrounding Catherine but we also learn about the lives of the people working for those famous historical figures.
Eva Stachniak did a great job researching the life at the Russian court during that time and also about the historical figures. Even though many things in this book are mainly a work of fiction the constellations and characters seem to be true to the real historical persons. I really like how she combined the "real" people with her own creations like Warwara and her family.
I think Eva Stachniak did a great job bringing the Russian court back to life. One might think that historical fiction might be boring but I enjoyed every page of this book to the fullest and just can't wait to read "The Empress of the Night".
What is your opinion on historical fiction? 

Have a nice evening <3


Jan 27, 2014

Shall we Date?

Hello sweeties <3

It seems that I have found myself a new obsession...well, actually it is pretty old - I am talking about Otome Games. So far I have only played the Yaoi-Version of those games but now that the smartphones are getting better every minute there are also many games for your mobile phone. And I am addicted to the Shall we date?-Series. At the moment I am playing 3 games simultaniousely and you can actually really play them for free ;D There are some installments of that series where you have to buy each story on its own...I am not playing those...yet but they seem interesting xD But I wanna talk about the games I am playing now :3

1. Ninja Love+
As the name suggests it is a game about Ninja ;) You can choose between four characters and have to try to get a good ending with the guy you chose. As in every Otome-Game you don't have so many choices...either there is a great, mediocre or bad answer and you have to get to know your character to get the ending you want. Each ending gives you more achievements so playing one story a couple of times is a good choice ;) Contrary to other Otome-Games for normal consoles here you use up power that either regenerates after some hours or you can buy items with real or in-game money. There is also a social option where you can add friends to get boni ^^ Well, the story is really romantic. You start as the princess of the ninja who is thrown into this title and has to stand her ground beneath the ninja...has to grow as a person and well, fall in love xD If you are looking for a game with depth you shouldn't play the games from Shall we Date? ;D

2. My sweet Prince
The system is roughly the same as in Ninja Love+. You use power to advance the story, items if you want to be faster, can buy those items with ingame money or use real money, dress your avatar to get more charm points and a higher love ranking and find friends to get more ingame money and achievements. So the games only differ in setting and background story. Here you are a traveller in an arabic country beeing accused of robbery. Through some unfortunate events you come to the palace and find yourself in the situation to be the fiancee of one of the 6 princes - each of them different and you have the one you chose fall in love with you. There are different endings for each prince and each one activates more achievements.

3. Destiny Ninja

Well, another game with Ninja in it but this time you are a girl who lost her memories and is found by...whomever you want...I decided on Miyamoto Yoshitsune for my first try ;) Except for the story it is pretty much the same as the other two games. Only now you have to get friends with the animal companion of your Crush ;)

The artwork for all three games is really good and everytime I used up all my power I can't wait till the power is recharged and I can play on :3 It doesn't take up much of your time and it is fun to play inbetween...and which girl doesn't want to be adored by all those pretty men? ;D

Did you already play Otome Games? What did you think about them?

Have a nice day everyone <3


Jan 22, 2014

In the splendor of the czars

Hello sweeties <3

On Saturday I went to the exhibition "In the splendor of the czars" with some friends and, who would have though, I used this occasion to wear Lolita again ;) I was really really excited to see the exhibition, not only because I love all things baroque, but also because I am reading a book about Catherine the Great at the moment and thought I would learn something new about her in the exhibition. Unfortunately the exhibition started just after her reign and was more focused on the connection of the house Württemberg with the Russian Empire than the actual splendor of the czars. I was a bit dissappointed as on one hand there was so much new information but than on the other hand things I was really interested in weren't really explained *sighs* 

To match the splendor I decided to wear something princessy and romantic this day *points down*
JSK: Metamorphose Temps de Filles
Blouse: ebay
Socks: Secret Shop
Shoes: Antaina
Belt: ebay
Cardigan: Bodyline
Necklace: Claire's
Wig: Lockshop
Roses: Claire's

And derping around a bit XD
My makeup wasn't all fresh when I took the pictures but I liked how it came out in the my Marie Antoinette Palette from Lime Crime *-*

What did you do at the weekend?
And what are you reading at the moment?

Have a nice afternoon <3


Jan 21, 2014

I am handcream~

Hello sweeties <3

Today I want to talk about one of my many many addictions -  handcreams!

Even though I already have loads and loads of handcreams I can't stop myself from buying even more. Especially when there is a Limited Edition I have to at least buy one back-up ^^" Does anyone of you have the same problem? x"D

This is my collection at the moment...after I gave away at least half of it...yep, I nearly had 20 different handcreams at my disposal...but hey, this is not as bad as my showergel "collection"...if you want to see that I can also show it to you *hahaha*

Cake Snow Woman in the scent Vanilla - I received this in a swap from Canada and love the scent to death. Unfortunately it was a limited edition and we don't have the brand in Germany T^T
Essence 24h hand protection balm in Caramel Hot Chocolate (2012 LE), Gingerbread Chai Latte (2012 LE) and Banana Dark Chocolate (2013 LE) - I love Christmasy and chocolate scents and couldn't resist getting all of the different scents...but after thinking a long time I decided I only have two hands and gave the rest away as presents ^^"
Balea Limited Edition Raspberry - I don't even know why I bought this one...maybe the package, maybe because it was the scent though as it is really fruity :3
Alessandro Christmas Time - this I didn't buy myself because it was in a Glossybox...but now I want the fullsize T^T
Nougat Nurturing Hand Cream in Peony - also from a Glossybox...not my favourite scent but it is indeed nurturing.
Caudalie Paris Hand and Nail Cream - not in the picture as I am taking this one everywhere with me. My absolute favourite at the moment...although it is a bit expensive. It is so nurturing and makes your hands feel soft for at least half a day...maybe I am exaggerating but it really feels that way *hahaha* And did I mention taht it smells heavenly? :3

What handcream do you use at the moment? Are you satisfied? 

Have a nice day everyone <3 


Jan 19, 2014

[Book Review] Der Lavendelgarten

Hello sweeties <3

Today I have another book review for you - this time it is about a lovestory set in the present and World War 2 - Enjoy ;D

Title: Der Lavendelgarten
Original Title: The light behind the window
Author: Lucinda Riley
Pages: 512
Language: German 
ISBN-10: 3442477972 
ISBN-13: 978-3442477975

You can buy the book here!

Jan 18, 2014

Updated Skincare Routine

Hello sweeties <3

as it is a new year - already 2 weeks into it - I decided to post an updated skin care routine for you. You can find my old post here if you want to check it out ^^

This is everything I am using at the moment.

In the morning I am either using the Eucerin Dermato Clean or L'oreal Hydra Active 3 Cleansing Fluid to clean of the night. After that I use the Clearasil Daily Clear Refreshing Washgel so my face doesn't feel all sticky anymore. Because after cleaning my face that my skin feels rather dry I have to use a moisturizer. As it comes I am also panicky about every tiny wrinkle that I see (and that probably isn't even there *hahaha*) I am using the Hada Labo Anti Age Lotion and Milk - so I get to moisturize my skin AND I fight against the signs of least this is what I hope I do *hahaha*

In the evening I am eather using the Balea Cleaning Wipes or L'oreals Hydra Active 3 Cleansing Fluid to remove Make-Up (if I put something on in the morning...sometimes I am just too lazy x"D). After that I I turn to my Holy Grail of facial peelings - the Scrub your nose in it peeling from Soap and Glory that I thought I'd never find again *^* Sooooo happy they have it in stores again although the packaging is rather different...I loved the old packaging *sighs* Anyways, after my face is squeaky clean I am applying the Hada Labo Anti Aginn Serum and Night Cream and I am all finished and wrinkle save ;D

What is your skin care routine? Do you use as many products as I do or do you only need 1 or 2 products?

Have nice start into the weekend my dearies <3


Jan 16, 2014

OOTD - Winterprincess

Hello sweeties <3

On Saturday I went to Stuttgart with some friends to do some shopping and later have some awesome Japanese Food at our favourite restaurant Tokyo Dining. As usual I had an awesome time with my ladies and the food was delicious as well. Here is what I wore for the occasion. I decided to wear my new Cinderella Jewelery for the first time and I was finally able to coordinate my Meta berret with a Lolita dress :3

 Really love that pic *-*

Jan 14, 2014

Revlon - Photoready Foundation

Hello sweeties <3

Today I have yet another review waiting for you :3 This is another review I wanted to do for a pretty long time. Not only because I love the product and want to share that with my dear readers but also because of my high expectations I had before I received it ^^ I got the Revlon Photoready Foundation in a swap with a nice girl from America. Unfortunately in Germany Revlon isn't sold anymore - I seriousely don't know why that happened >.< But I think if you look on ebay or amazon you can still find Revlon products on the internet for a reasonable price. On Amazon you can get it for around 20 EUR. As I have really fair skin I am using the color 003 Shell.

Jan 13, 2014

[Book Review] The Raven Boys

Hello sweeties <3

Today is a special day *dun dun dun* I am going to write my first book review for the "Einmal durchs Regal"-Challenge hosted by Nezumi and Sasija....also this is my first book review ever so be nice ;) This is the book I read for the main challenge:

Title: The Raven Boys
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Pages: 409
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0545424933
ISBN-13: 978-0545424936

You can buy the book here!

Jan 12, 2014

Little Late Christmas "Haul"

Hello sweeties <3

Well, the new year is already 2 years old and I still didn't come around doing a Christmas haul post xD Still I want to show you what I got during Christmas...I even bought it myself or got it as a present. Also I don't want to brag or anything I just like reading/watching Christmas hauls myself so I thought it might also be interesting for you :)

Jan 10, 2014

OOTD - Visiting Middleearth

Hello sweeties <3

On Sunday I went to see the Hobbit 2 with some friends and for that occassion I dressed up a little. I didn't want to wear Lolita but still wanted to look cute and mostly I wanted to wear my new awesome boots :3

Dress: J.Honey
Blouse: ebay
Tights. ebay
Belt: ebay
Boots: Deichmann
Headband: Claire's
Necklace: Metamorphose

I also went to the hairdresser :3 Got some highlights and a new cut...what do you think?

I love Legolas :3

Did you already watch the Hobbit 2? What did you think about it?

Have a nice day <3


Jan 8, 2014

Lolita Wardrobe 2014

Hello sweeties <3

Everywhere I look there are lolita wardrobe posts popping up on my feed...and thus I thought, why not join in the fun as well? So here we go - my current Lolita Wardrobe :) [Sorry, for the bad lighting in some pics but recently the sun doesn't wanna show herself here T^T]

I love my wardrobe but sometimes I really need more space xD

Jan 6, 2014

Hada Labo - Ultimate Anti-Aging Series

Hello sweeties <3

Today I want to talk about a product range that I already tested 1 month now and that I think is really awesome. As I already mentioned in earlier posts I started using Anti-Aging Creams around 1 year ago as I think that you can never start early enough with it. Well, to be honest I am rather paranoid when it comes to my look so I already tried many products and although the Diadermine Anti-Aging Creme I was using before isn't that bad, I was sucked in by Hada Labo Commercials all around the webz.

Hada Labo is actually a Japanese brand but I got my products from an Indonesian Seller on ebay. The ingrediants are the same as in the Japanese Product though. On the packaging it also says that one of those products is sold every 2 seconds in Japan and although I doubt that I think Hada Labo sells really well.

Jan 3, 2014

OOTD - Smalltown Princess // The way we perceive others

Hello sweeties <3

Although in my opinion this outfit is nothing to fancy it has a special meaning for me now. I was wearing it for a visit to my grandfather shortly after Christmas. As the day was really nice and I love the town my grandpa lives in I decided to take a walk and this is where it happened. Some teenage girls decided to not only laugh at me but insult me in a rather obscene way. 

Normally I would just ignore those comments but this day made me think about how people with a different look are perceived and treated by the majority of the people. Although we might be living in an openminded society some things are still net really accepted yet. For example looking different. Most people have the decency to keep their thoughts to themselves but there are also many people who have to push their believes and thoughts on others. I think this is rather sad! I don't want everyone to love Lolita or other "extreme" fashions but at least accept other peoples decisions to wear what they want. No one is forcing you to look or like it. It is probably impossible to change all the people in the world to accept people who are different but hey, I will try anyways! I think everybody should wear what he/she wants - If it makes people happy I don't have to like it. I can give my criticism about it but who am I to decide what makes other people happy?

Dress: H&M
Belt/Blouse: ebay
Cardigan: No Tabu
Tights/Hat: H&M
Shoes: Deichmann

Have a nice and relaxed weekend <3


Jan 2, 2014

OOTD - Princess of New Years Eve

Hello sweeties <3

I hope your start into this year was really awesome and you are not yet starting to give up on your resolutions. My start into this year was a rather slow but nevertheless really great one. I celebrated with my dear Nezumi and the 10th Doctor ;) We watched some DVDs and also build some kind of resolution box for 2014 [but more on that in another post ;D] How did you celebrate the New Year? Did you have a big party or did you also have a rather "lazy" night?

This is what I wore:

Dress: Haenuli Cinderella JSK
Blouse: ebay
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Leche by Yösuke
Cardigan: New Look
Roses: Claire's

Have a nice evening <3