Jan 18, 2014

Updated Skincare Routine

Hello sweeties <3

as it is a new year - already 2 weeks into it - I decided to post an updated skin care routine for you. You can find my old post here if you want to check it out ^^

This is everything I am using at the moment.

In the morning I am either using the Eucerin Dermato Clean or L'oreal Hydra Active 3 Cleansing Fluid to clean of the night. After that I use the Clearasil Daily Clear Refreshing Washgel so my face doesn't feel all sticky anymore. Because after cleaning my face that my skin feels rather dry I have to use a moisturizer. As it comes I am also panicky about every tiny wrinkle that I see (and that probably isn't even there *hahaha*) I am using the Hada Labo Anti Age Lotion and Milk - so I get to moisturize my skin AND I fight against the signs of least this is what I hope I do *hahaha*

In the evening I am eather using the Balea Cleaning Wipes or L'oreals Hydra Active 3 Cleansing Fluid to remove Make-Up (if I put something on in the morning...sometimes I am just too lazy x"D). After that I I turn to my Holy Grail of facial peelings - the Scrub your nose in it peeling from Soap and Glory that I thought I'd never find again *^* Sooooo happy they have it in stores again although the packaging is rather different...I loved the old packaging *sighs* Anyways, after my face is squeaky clean I am applying the Hada Labo Anti Aginn Serum and Night Cream and I am all finished and wrinkle save ;D

What is your skin care routine? Do you use as many products as I do or do you only need 1 or 2 products?

Have nice start into the weekend my dearies <3



  1. First I thought you use all products at once (@▽@)"

    I just need two products: honey in the morning to wash my face and my cleansing oil in the evening to get rid of all the makeup ♫꒰・‿・๑꒱

    1. All at once would be a little bit overkill xD
      Most of the time I don't apply makeup for work so most of the time I don't use half of the products *hahaha* But I am paranoid so in my mind I have to use as much as possible *ahahaha*