Jan 27, 2014

Shall we Date?

Hello sweeties <3

It seems that I have found myself a new obsession...well, actually it is pretty old - I am talking about Otome Games. So far I have only played the Yaoi-Version of those games but now that the smartphones are getting better every minute there are also many games for your mobile phone. And I am addicted to the Shall we date?-Series. At the moment I am playing 3 games simultaniousely and you can actually really play them for free ;D There are some installments of that series where you have to buy each story on its own...I am not playing those...yet but they seem interesting xD But I wanna talk about the games I am playing now :3

1. Ninja Love+
As the name suggests it is a game about Ninja ;) You can choose between four characters and have to try to get a good ending with the guy you chose. As in every Otome-Game you don't have so many choices...either there is a great, mediocre or bad answer and you have to get to know your character to get the ending you want. Each ending gives you more achievements so playing one story a couple of times is a good choice ;) Contrary to other Otome-Games for normal consoles here you use up power that either regenerates after some hours or you can buy items with real or in-game money. There is also a social option where you can add friends to get boni ^^ Well, the story is really romantic. You start as the princess of the ninja who is thrown into this title and has to stand her ground beneath the ninja...has to grow as a person and well, fall in love xD If you are looking for a game with depth you shouldn't play the games from Shall we Date? ;D

2. My sweet Prince
The system is roughly the same as in Ninja Love+. You use power to advance the story, items if you want to be faster, can buy those items with ingame money or use real money, dress your avatar to get more charm points and a higher love ranking and find friends to get more ingame money and achievements. So the games only differ in setting and background story. Here you are a traveller in an arabic country beeing accused of robbery. Through some unfortunate events you come to the palace and find yourself in the situation to be the fiancee of one of the 6 princes - each of them different and you have the one you chose fall in love with you. There are different endings for each prince and each one activates more achievements.

3. Destiny Ninja

Well, another game with Ninja in it but this time you are a girl who lost her memories and is found by...whomever you want...I decided on Miyamoto Yoshitsune for my first try ;) Except for the story it is pretty much the same as the other two games. Only now you have to get friends with the animal companion of your Crush ;)

The artwork for all three games is really good and everytime I used up all my power I can't wait till the power is recharged and I can play on :3 It doesn't take up much of your time and it is fun to play inbetween...and which girl doesn't want to be adored by all those pretty men? ;D

Did you already play Otome Games? What did you think about them?

Have a nice day everyone <3



  1. I have never played otome games - nothing beats Link! (^_~)* Solving puzzles and kicking monsters is more what I like to play, although I've discovered FF Theatrhythm for myself ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪ Maybe you like that game too ^^

    1. Well, I agree to disagree...although I like Link I think nothing beats Cloud ;) Or wait, Sora...kicking Cloud is great as well *höhöhö*

      Gonna check out this a game for PSP Vita or where do you play it? ^.^???

      And well, Otome Games are made for stupid hopeless romantics like myself...nothing to beat there *hahaha*

    2. It's for the Nintendo 3DS (^_^) With aaaaaall the FF music <3
      That reminds me how you beat up Squall at the beginning of KH ^^" Okay, Sora wins xD

      About the romantic stuff... you know that some people thought I would be like a second Xena, before they first met me... (^_~)

    3. WANT TO PLAY *-*

      Höhö~ I don't need some knight in shining armor...I will be my own knight *fufufufu*

      I don't know how someone could ever think about that though...still after all those years...mysterious xD

  2. Mhhh, hört sich interessant an. Gibts die dann nur fürs Smartphone? Kann man die nur online spielen oder geht das auch offline? *gespannt bin*

    1. Also ich glaub man kann das auch auf dem PC spielen :) Ich selber spiels aber nur auf dem Smartphone ^^
      Und ich glaub man muss dafür online sein...

    2. Ich hab jetzt mal mit dem ersten angefangen ^^ Ich bin gespannt :)

  3. Was für ein cooler Zufall xD Ich hab vorgestern angefangen Destiny Ninja zu spielen^^
    Das ist das erste Mal, dass ich sowas spiele, aber der Suchtfaktor ist wirklich hoch! Hab auch heute direkt zwei andere Mädels aus meiner Uni angesteckt, hehe...
    Ich wollte mir auch noch andere aus der Shall we date? - Serie runterladen :3

    1. Destiny NInja ist soooooo toll *o* Von den drei Spielen momentan mein Favorit *hr hr hr*
      Kannst mir ja mal deine ID geben dann kann ich dich adden :3

    2. Ohjaa, kein Problem ^___^
      Das ist ja nichts so geheimes, dann kann ich das auch hier posten: MYAH3KzQMC

  4. Oh Gott, ich hab gerade mal bei google play geguckt und es gibt ja schon erstaunlich viele! Hätte ich gar nicht gedacht. xD Naja, jedenfalls spiele ich keine otome games, aber ich erkenne die Vorzüge, hehe. xD Ich glaub die bl/yaoi-Versionen wären auch ein guter Einstieg für mich. Aber lieber nicht, ich bin so schon internet- und handysüchtig genug. xD"

    1. Japp, gibt ne ganze Menge...die meisten sind nur leider net kostenlos sondern man muss ich wie gesagt jede Story einzeln kaufen...aber wenn mans wirklich spielen will, gehen die Preise xD

      Also wenn du BL-Games spielen willst, kann ich dir ein paar nette empfehlen...wobei die meisten, die ich gespielt habe auf Japanisch waren ^^"