Apr 29, 2015


Hello sweeties <3

There has a lot been going on in my life recently and sometimes I just didn't have the energy (physical and mentally ^^") to sit down in front of the PC and write a blogpost. Also I wasn't really happy in the last months how my blog "evolved"...because I don't just want to throw outfitposts on you...somehow I want my blog to have more meaning than just showing my vanity ;) Therefore on top of my "life crisis" xD I also did some really hard thinking on how I could change my blog to something more meaningful for me and others...and sad thing is, I haven't really come to a 100% perfect conclusion yet but I think I found my direction...but more on that in my 1st "new" post some time in the future *hahaha* ...on top of it all I am just lazy ^^"

Also I decided to revive my youtube channel and hopefully I can film a new video on the long weekend with the help of my boyfriend *O* I have so many ideas and things that I want to talk about...not only did I go to Japan in April and got inspiration there but I already had so many plans in my head BUT never had the energy *points up* to sit down and do it...but not anymore d^^b I can't sit around forever and wallow in my selfpity and anxiousness~

Also if you want more and regular updates on what I am doing you can still add me on facebook and instagram. I am posting updates from my quirky mind there pretty often :3

And to make this post a little more colorful have some pics from my weekend ;)


Hope you have a nice day <3