Jun 29, 2014

Glossy Box June 2014

Hello sweeties <3

I nearly forgot to post about this month's Glossybox *ahahaha* This time it was pretty awesome I have to say - the theme this time were the United States and thus there were only American brands included *yay*

The design of the box was also really great *-* Stars and Stripes <3

Jun 27, 2014

Safe Haven

Hello sweeties <3

Do you have some place or item that you can call your safe haven? Recently I have been thinking a lot about mysalf, the world surrounding me and also how the world sees me. And let me tell you, the world mostly doesn't see you as who you really are. Most of the time people only want to believe what they think is right - they stop judging objectively. Mind you, I am no exception myself - I try to see the world in an objective light but in the end I take a side and think what I want to think, not what actually IS. But long story short, I don't like what I see in this world and thus I "retire" to my safe haven more often recently...and some of you might have already guessed what a safe haven for me is ;)
(Some people might think I just wrote the introduction to show the video...and they might be right ;D) Everytime I listen to Kamijo I feel good and happy...with his music he creates a world of mysteries where I can dream my silly little dreams. Still, I am aware that this is just me running away from reality from time to time - still after listening to his music the world doesn't seem that bad anymore ^^

So, this was my little rant...probably just to promote Kamijo's latest PV ;)

Have a nice day <3


Jun 26, 2014

Most beautiful place on earth

Hello sweeties <3

It has already been two wweks since I visited my parents and until now I totally forget to show you the pictures *hahaha* Actually we didn't do that many things while I was home but I still took some pictures anyways ;)

As the weather was really awesome I went out for walks pretty often. It is really soothing my soul and helping me focus on the important parts of my life just being out on the fields and enjoying nature. The hectic life seems so far away and all the worries and obstacles that get thrown at you also don't matter than. It really helps me focus somewhat :3

It was really hot outside and I think my camera also started sweating xD And this gives a natural blur somehow...I really like how the pictures turned out without having to work on them :3

Jun 25, 2014

OOTD - Garden Girl

Hello sweeties <3

To really get back into blogging I want to start with an outfit that I wore some time ago but that I think is really cute and comfy :3

Dress: Garden Collection by H&M
Cardigan: No Tabu
Tights: H&M
Socks: Primark
Shoes: Deichmann
Roses: Claire's + H&M

I wore this outfit while meeting a dear friend in my hometown. As I knew that we were gonna walk pretty much but I still wanted to look cute I decided on a comfy dress and normal ballerinas.

Hope you have a nice day~


Jun 22, 2014

Top 3 - Favourite TV shows

Hello sweeties <3

It is the weekend again and I think it is also already time for another Top 3. Sorry for my lack of posts last week but last week was a rather busy and also pretty sad one for me personally so I didn't have the energy to do a post whatsoever m(_._)m Today's Top 3 is about my favourite TV shows (not including anime or Japanese Dorama) - So lets start!

1. Game of Thrones
I was first introduced to the show by my best friend and I srsly wasn't sure about it - just another new show that will be cancelled too soon by the network for weird reasons? But man was I wrong...I am hooked since day one and I also started reading the books recently. But now I have to wait another year for the next season XD

2. Doctor Who
Who doesn't love timetravelling aliens with two hearts and charisma to swoon the whole world? I only watched the new episodes so far but I still fell in love with the Doctor <3 My moste beloved Doctor is the 10th but I also love 9 and 11...can't wait for 12 to start his adventures ^O^

3. Sherlock
I love British TV-shows...I love British Actors...I love Sherlock Holmes...and I love Benedict Cumberbatch - I think this show does the original stories more than justice even though it is set in modern times London. Cumberbatch plays the "highfunctioning sociopath" perfectly ^^b

What are your favourite TV shows? Did you watch the above mentioned three? What did you think about them?

Have a nice Sunday <3


Jun 10, 2014

Top 3 - Perfumes

Hello sweeties <3

It is time for another installment of my newly created and already forgotten *coughs* Top 3. This time I ant to talk about my Top 3 most favourite scents of all time...well, until now because I might find another awesome scent just today ;)

1. Rose Essentielle - Bvlgari
I already ranted about this perfume in my perfume collection video a lot and I still love it sooooo much *-* Most of the rose scented perfumes don`t smell that nice on me but this one is really different. The scent is not as heavy as you might expect and you really feel like walking into a rose garden. Also it has a freshness to it that I am missing in most of the other rose perfumes out there ^^b

2. Anna Sui - La Vie de Bohème
This one also was love at first "sight"...or rather smalle ;) It is really fruity and also floral at the same time. And most important for me: It is really sweet and feminine <3 Also the bottle looks amazing ^o^

3. Chanel - Egoist
Picture taken from here
Well, this is a scent for men and even though I love to smell at men as it is supposed to be I also love to wear that scent myself from time to time :3 The scent is manly sure but it has a sweet note and in my opinion it absolutely smells like cinnamon *hihi*

What is your favourite scent? Do you rather like sweet, floral or fresh scents?

Have a nice and sunny day <3


Jun 6, 2014

Going crazy at Douglas~

Hello sweeties <3

after a pretty long time I treated myself to some high-end makeup again. As you might know I am always on the lookout for THE perfect foundation. So far I have not found it but yesterday it might have arrived. It was recommended to me by a friend and even though the price at first repelled me from buying it, I was soon suckered in and *tadaaaaaaa* I got it XD But you know me, I didn't keep my order at only one item. I also bought yet another anti-age cream that I want to try out and a Mascara I was lusting after for 2 years already :3 Here is what I got *points down:

They're Real from Benefit - Diorskin in Nude - Lancome Visionnaire

Jun 5, 2014

What I got for my Birthday

Hello sweeties <3

So, my birthday was already 3 weeks ago but still I want to share with you what I got from my awesome friends <3 I love every single piece...and as you already saw in the video of my actual birthday party the present does not have to be all fancy etc. to make me squeal in  happiness - just seeing that people put some thought in something makes me happy above else ^^

Jun 3, 2014

Looking for Prince Charming~

Hello sweeties <3

I try to post more often again from now on xD And honestly I have so many things to write about but somehow time eludes me and...the day is over without new post uploaded...I seriousely should think about my time management *haha* 

Today I want to show you some pictures that a dear friend of mine made of me. She especially requested me to wear My First Soiree from BTSSB so I did and I have to say that I am pretty content with this Coord - it is not to over the top and rather toned down but I think this is exactly what makes it so nice...what do you think?
Are you sitting comfortably? Nope >.< - Alright, these pictures are going to be awesome xD