Feb 28, 2015

Ghouls and Domes OR Where has all the time gone? @@

Hello sweeties <3

Yeeehaaaa~ not another month since my last post *muahahahaha* Even though at the moment I don't think that my life is to interesting for most people I want to try to take care of my blog some more in the future....but the thing is recently I was only thinking about what would be interesting for people to read or see and forgot the most important thing of all: the things I want to write about :) Who cares if nobody wants to read them? I created this blog to share my memories and opinions with the world...sure, it is nice if people read them but is it important? Not really~ So, from now on I will write about just teh random things I encounter *ngahahahahaha* Well, at least I try to *hahahahaha*

That said...I might have found some new obsessions regarding TV-shows lately >>" Not that I am already watching millions of anime and other series...but you can never have enough fandoms, right? RIGHT? x"D

Feb 21, 2015

Did I mention...I really love pink~

Hello sweeties <3

Uh~ already one month since my last post...hmm, I really should make that a thing: one post a, but the last month wasn't to interesting for me as I was sick for two weeks and well, except for watching Donna Leon-movies I didn't do that much during that time...BUT last week I was feeling better and finally had the chance to wear Lolita again *yeah* And I could wear my adorable new Angelic Pretty dress out for the first time...and it was still cold enough to wear it *ngahahaha*