Sep 30, 2013

7 things~

Hello sweeties <3

Woah~ it is Monday again did that happen? Time flys by so fast I can't really catch up with all the things I want to do and blog about *haha* But anyways, as it is Monday it is time again for 7 great things that happened last week :3

1. I finally got my new glasses *fufufufu* And they are so big O.O In my mind they weren't that big but they totally are...still gotta get used to them but I love them so far :3 *sneaking in an ootd here*
Top: J.Honeys - Cardigan: Bodyline - Skirt/Hat: H&M - Boots: New Yorker - Tights: C&A - Glasses: Be-Yu...What do you think about my new glasses? I loved my old glasses so much so I think I need some time to really get used to those glasses *haha*

2. We had a nice little Meet-Up with the Austrian Lolita Duplica. I really wanted to meet her for a pretty long time. She is a really nice person and I can't wait to meet her again at the IW Teaparty in Vienna :3

3. On the weekend we also had our 3rd local Swap Meet and I sold some now I can invest that money in my Teaparty Outfit *hehehehe*

4. Bought the most comfy dress from Emilie Lynn...I really wanted to wear it for forever because it was os comfy...yep, I was wearing it while ironing my dress for the meet-up on the next day x"D

 Love it sooooo much *O*

5. Pumpkin Spiced Latte from Starbucks *om nom nom* Do I need to say more? ;)

6. After what felt like an eternity I had the chance to properly chat with my dear Milky Rose <3 <3 <3

picture from Kamijo Official
*nuff said*

Hope you had a good start into this week...for me it will be a short one as October 3rd is a national holiday in Germany ^^b

Good Nighty Night :3

Sep 27, 2013

Sep 25, 2013


Hello sweeties <3

Just wanted to post the outfit I wore to a friends birthday party on first I wanted to wear Lolit but than I decided against it because I saw my Liz lisa blouse lying sad in my closet and I thought "Hm, haven't worn that in a while!"...I tried to do something gyaruish...but I think I pretty much failed *hahaha* I still like how the outfit came out though...what do you think?

Top: Liz Lisa
Shorts: H&M
OTK: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Antaina
Roses: Claire's, H&M
Bracelet: Efendi (small store in Nuremberg)
Wig: Lockshop

Sorry for the crappy quality of the pictures, I definitely need a better (and bigger xD) camera. I am thinking about getting a Canon one...I really want to make this blog even better for my readers so a better camera is another step :3 Do you have any good camera recommendations?

Have a nice evening!


Sep 24, 2013

Style your wig - Cute Bear Ear Style

Hello sweeties <3

as promised in my last post here is another "Style your wig"-tutorial. This time I was inspired by Sailor Moons buns but instead of creating two pigtails I kept my wig long and flowy and just added some buns to give it something speacial :3

This is what you will get :3

Sep 23, 2013

7 things~

Hello sweeties <3

It is Monday and that means 7 great things that happened last week :3

1. My Plan A and Plan B outfits for the IW Teaparty are finally complete. I found a really nice cardigan that matches the outfits I have in mind *fufufu*
Plan B ...the dress for Plan A is still at Emilie Lynn's place xD
2. Was invited to Noir Fleurir's birthday party on Friday and had loads of fun - Thanks for having me :3

3.Got the sweetest letter from my dear Nezumi <3 Thank you so much for letting me be part of your life and for sharing so many things with me *chuuu*

4. FINALLY received the Innocent World order that I thought went missing on its way ^^" But now everyones teaparty is saved *hahahaha*

5. Reached 140 Readers...thank you so so so so so much <3 Never thought that I would reach 50 and now I am over 100 *yay* Well, some would say 140 Readers is nothing to brag about but for me it is really great *O* Thank you so much for keeping up with my ramblings~ <3

6. Found the Babylips from Maybelline at dm...I was lusting after them for a pretty long time already and thought they would never make their way to Germany...but now they are here :3
The design is so cute and they really help moisturize my lips *thumbs up*
7. Had a great photoshoot with Nezumi, Noir and Lady Atropa at Killesberg in Stuttgart :3
Love how the duck in the background just fits perfectly into the setting *haha* I am also planning on doing a tutorial for the hairstyle I was wearing that day,,,it somehow reminded me of Sailor Moon xD
Hope you also had a great start into this week~

See you in my next post *chuuuuu*


Sep 21, 2013

Disney Cinderella Collection BTSSB~

Hello sweeties <3

There are news from BTSSB again but unfortunately the news are only good for those who live in Japan *sighs* Like most of the Limited Edition or Collaboration prints this one is only sold in, if one really wants it a Shopping Service would be adviseable. But anyways, even though I won't get my hands on this print so fast I want to show it to you :3

It is a collaboration between Disney and BTSSB and the theme they picked is Cinderella...all suggested in the name already ;) And I have to say the print is a dream come true <3

The print comes in three colors and each one of them is gorgeous...the gold, the glitter and the fabric are so awesome <3 

Sep 20, 2013

Forever with you~

Hello sweeties <3

I don't actually know how to incorporate the title into a post about a shoot I had with cute Nezumi last weekend but since I am literally listening to this song by Jupiter all day round since nearly 2 weeks I decided the post should have that title *haha* Well, and the first picture *points down* kinda reminded me of that maybe, there is a connection after all, right?

共に喜び悲しみ分け合おう [Let's share all the happiness and sadness] ...there was another statue at the fountain where two lovers console each other (honestly as having studied art history I actually should know the mythical characters that are shown here but well...I don't so I have my own interpretation xD). I think this quote from above mentioned song fits really good :)

Sep 18, 2013

Daily Skin Care

Hello sweeties <3

Until around 1 year ago I didn't think much about my facial skin care as I never had problems with pimples, dark spots etc. I used a cleanser in the morning and if my skind felt overly dry I used some hydrating creme in the evening but that was it. But as I am not getting younger and I want to keep my youthfull complexion *hahaha* for a very long time around 1 year ago I really started with a skin care routine that not only consisted of the above mentioned two steps ;)

Yep~ the products I use for my face drastically increased *haha*

Sep 16, 2013

7 things~

Hello sweeties <3

Yeah, I know I am doing this later and later every time but somehow recently I find it hard to get myself up and post about 7 things...I might be deep down in a slump yet again *sighs* But nobody is being helped with me being all whiny, right? So lets start with my 7 things :)

Sep 15, 2013

Sugar Coated

Hello sweeties <3

Just somewhat in line with yesterdays post I wanted to show you this awesome video about the L.A. Lolitas. I think it is really great to see the person behind all the ruffles and hear about why they discovered the fashion for themselves. You should definitely check it out - also the message is really clear: Stay true to yourself no matter what other people say! 

Have a nice Sunday my lovelies <3


Sep 14, 2013

Stop Dreaming and grow up...

...NEVER! If growing up means giving up my precious dreams I rather stay immature and childish forever than grow up and lose my dreams, that the rest of the world might deem childish, unrealizable and immature.

However small or big, realistic or unrealistic you think your dreams might be - don't stop chasing after them! There might even be a chance that at the end of your life you will not be able to realize every dream you had but in the end when you look back at your life and what you did you can be full of regrets that you didn't try OR you can look at your life and say "Yep, I did the best with what I had!" and be proud of what you reached. So, whatever age you are, whatever status in life you possess at the moment, if you really believe in your dreams and yourself you can be everything :) You can either give up without trying or be a superhero, right? ^^b

The possibilities you have are the possibilities you take for yourself. If you don't take a leap of faith once in a while nothing are the one changing yourself, your future and your possibilities - don't rely on others to give you opportunities!

picture from

Have an awesome weekend <3


Sep 12, 2013

The Illusion of Beauty

Hello sweeties <3

I am absolutely unhappy with my body at the moment. I think my thighs are to big, my ass could be the one of a horse and my tummy also flabs around too much in my opinion BUT as whining doesn't make anything better I decided I would do something about it. So 2 weeks ago I bought the book "Body by you: The You are your own gym guide to total women's fitness" by Mark Lauren. 

It promises that with only 20 minutes of workout every two days and healthy eating habits you can get the body you want. At first I was really sceptical because only 20 minutes of workout will never work...but I bought the book anyways xD Soon after my first "session" I already noticed something...called sore muscles. And than I thought to myself "If I get sore muscles after only 20 minutes of doing these exercises, its gotta work." Now, after two weeks I didn't loose too much weight but I already feel better and don't collapse when I go up the stairs *haha* Before my condition was really really really bad...and worse than that xD I will definitely keep you updated on my progress ;)

I have to say, doing no sports at all is not really a solution. You might hear about many different diets and all that stuff that wondrousely melt your fat away but in the end all the weight you lose will return when you start eating normal again. I wanted to believe in a supereasy solutions like that pretty hard and tried my fare share of diets and whatnots but in the end only sports and a healthy lifestyle can bring you the body you want.

Looking at those pictures one might think that there is not much of a difference but actually between these two pictures not only lie 10 years but also around 10 kg. My goal now: I want my hips to become smaller again, my legs and arms to be more trained and my tummy to be as flat as it was back than. [Don't want that sense of style back though *coughs*]

Have a nice day everyone~


Sep 11, 2013

Blushes over blushes~

Hello sweeties <3

As you know this weekend I went to Nuremberg again and as it always goes when I am around Koo-chan we can't help ourselves and go shopping. This time I focused on blushes and this is what I got *points down*

Well, I also bought some "supplies" that I urgently needed like Q_zips and cotton pads to remove make-up. I also got some balea makeup whipes and a new blush brush. I bought the one from Ebelin as the bristles are so so soft *O* And I got myself the alverde cream to powder concealer that Koo-chan recommended to me in the color ivory. I already tested it and I love it pretty much. The consistancy is really nice and for once it is not too dark for my skintone *yay*

Sep 10, 2013

Oh my Valentine~

Hello sweeties <3

Just a quick post before I go to bed *haha* Can't let one day go without a post, can I now? ;) Just wanted to show you this sweet Valentine I received this weekend *O* Whoever you are you made my day and gave me a boost of self-esteem <3 Thank you so much *chu chu chuuuuuu* :3

Wahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ someones dream is it to meet me *ngahahahahaha* @///////////@ 

Have a nice evening my darlings :3


Sep 9, 2013

7 things~

Good Evening sweeties <3

Hahaha, it is still Monday and I am not too late for the usual Monday post ;) So, without further talking lets start with the 7 great things that happened last week :3

1. Received the limited edition of the Versailles album Jubilee <3 This album made me come back to Kamijo's music after some years. Many of my fav songs are from this album and now I got the limited edition *fufufufufufu*

Sep 7, 2013

Looking for Baroque~ Visiting art museums of the supreme bliss that an angel blesses - BTSSB

Hello sweeties <3

When AATP is bringing out a new print BTSSB isn't far behind. Well, as they are the same company for each "brand" they bring out seperate prints that have similiar themes although this time I don't really see the connection *haha* Aaaaaanyways~ Baby will bring out a more romantic print with lots of ruffles and flowy fabrics...and even though these things scream my name I am not really sure wether I like this series or not ^^"

 I think the cut is cute in both versions and all the layers and ruffles make me love both the long JSK (left) and the short version (right). But I am not sure if I like how the print and the ruffles/layers are put together in the long JSK...I absolutely love the short JSK though <3

Sep 6, 2013

Royal Crown's Tea Package Series - AATP

Hello sweeties <3

There are news from Alice and the Pirates. The brand is preparing for the colder months and their new print just screams for a very british teaparty with scones and milk tea ;) This time there are three different JSKs, a skirt, a barret, a hat and some adorable pieces for Ouji. I am not really interested in the skirt version as I am a JSK person but I would love to see the the Ouji stuff on Elia Ember <3 <3 <3 It would suit her so well~

 There are 4 different colorways and I have to say this time I love all of them *_* Although I would go for the red or magenta colorway if I were to buy one of the JSKs :) But I have to say the fabric reminds me of the traditional tartan that is used for kilts in Scotland...I wonder which house these colorways might represent ;)

Sep 4, 2013

Tiny haul~

Hello sweeties <3

It feels like ages since I did my last haul, so I thought it is time to do one again ;) And although I was going through the city with the intetion to get some new glasses I did everything but buying glasses *haha* Well, I found some cute ones but unfortunately I forgot the prescription I recevied from the I have to go back again with the prescription and try again *ahahaha* Anyways, I wouldn't be me if I would come home empty handed. Here is what I got...instead of glasses ^^"

Essence Pure Skin Pore Refining Serum - because I have big pores and Koo-chan recommended this to me :)
Balea Professional Silberglanz Shampoo - Maybe the color will come out of my hair faster with this shampoo...for 1,45 EUR it is worth a shot~
Balea Beauty Effect Day Fluiy SPF 15 - This should help remove tiny wrinkles you get from laughing etc. As I am not getting younger I thought it is worth a try. For 3,45 EUR it is worth a shot, right?
Balea Cell Energy Night Elixer - Regernerates the skin with PhytocellTec...well, wasn't to expensive either. We are not getting younger here *coughs*
Balea Erdbeer Momente Showergel - It smells so delicious like strawberries <3 Need there be another reason? ;)
Nivea In-Dusch Body Milk Travel Size - I already have the big bottle and so far I really like it (review coming soon) and I thought for travelling this tiny bottle is just perfect :)

Sep 3, 2013

Wig Collection~

Hello sweeties <3

In one of my last post I was asked to write about my wig collection. So, here you go ;) Although you can't really count the wigs I have as a real collection as I mostly buy them at Lockshop and in my opinion 4 wigs doesn't make a real "collection". Anyways, lets start. 

Before I started buying my wigs at Lockshop I bought cheap wigs at ebay as many friends and other bloggers recommended different shops but I soon regretted that because even though it might feel like a steal at first to get a wig for only 10 EUR the quality doesn't really last and you soon have to buy a new wig. Of course there are great shops with cheap wigs that are good quality but so far from my own experience I can't really recommend ebay if you want higher quality wigs. My shop of choice will be Lockshop not only because the quality is great for the price but also because it is located in Europe *yay*

Sep 2, 2013

7 things~

Hello sweeties <3

It is Monday again and this means time for 7 great things~

1. I finally received my Rocking Horse Shoes I ordered 1 month agao *yay*.
2.My first Modcloth-Order arrived and the things are just so awesome~ I already wore my "rainbow unicorn"-dress for a shopping spree with my dear Koo-chan <3
Dress/Blouse: modcloth - Shoes: Secret Shop - Socks: Tutuanna - Belt: ebay - Necklace: Metamorphose - Roses: H&M + Claire's - headband: ebay - Earrings: modcloth - Wig: Lockshop

3. Had an awesome weekend with my girls in Nuremberg *O*
4. Made Matcha Icecream myself for the first time...Eiszauber ftw! Although it was a little bit bitter *coughs* Well, first try and stuff *ahahaha*
5.The awesome swap from America made it's way to my porch <3
6. Jupiters PVs for Scarlet and Nostalgie came out. Really great!!! Love them~ It was also Zin's birthday on Sunday <3
7. Most awesome thing of all: Kamijo's single Louis~艶血のラヴィアンローズarrived at my place and it is so GORGEOUS...I love the song, the video...just everything *_*
Yep, these are two CDs and yep, it is the same single only the A-Type and B-Type...I wanted the PVs but also the interview from the B-type ^^"

Hope you also had a great week and the start into this one wasn't as bumpy as mine ^^