Sep 21, 2013

Disney Cinderella Collection BTSSB~

Hello sweeties <3

There are news from BTSSB again but unfortunately the news are only good for those who live in Japan *sighs* Like most of the Limited Edition or Collaboration prints this one is only sold in, if one really wants it a Shopping Service would be adviseable. But anyways, even though I won't get my hands on this print so fast I want to show it to you :3

It is a collaboration between Disney and BTSSB and the theme they picked is Cinderella...all suggested in the name already ;) And I have to say the print is a dream come true <3

The print comes in three colors and each one of them is gorgeous...the gold, the glitter and the fabric are so awesome <3 

 The JSK version is so gorgeous *O* WANT WANT WANT! The rufflles, the lace, the bow, the bustle...everything is just so perfect...*sighs* Where is the rhich prince when I need him the most? xD

 I really love the sleev and the bodice of the Onepiece. It is so gorgeous *_*

And there is also a skirt. As I am not a skirt person I don't have an opinion on that. Only that I would have chosen white lace for the bottom instead of black ^^"

What do you think about that print? What fairytale do you want to see as a print?

Have a nice Saturday~



  1. The color combinations remind me of the galaxy-print trend ^^ Definitely not my style but very nice to look at - pretty colors and a nice detailed print with golden shimmer (*^^*)

    1. Indeed they do...haven't thought about that yet xD I really love the pink/magenta version but unfortunately they are only sold in Japan *sighs*