Sep 9, 2013

7 things~

Good Evening sweeties <3

Hahaha, it is still Monday and I am not too late for the usual Monday post ;) So, without further talking lets start with the 7 great things that happened last week :3

1. Received the limited edition of the Versailles album Jubilee <3 This album made me come back to Kamijo's music after some years. Many of my fav songs are from this album and now I got the limited edition *fufufufufufu*

2. Went to the Emilie Autum concert in Munich with Koo-chan and Emilie Lynn and totally fell in love. The performance was just awesome and the girls are so beautiful...and the morbid victorian setting is just right down my alley ;)
3. On Sunday I met a friend for brunch after a really long time and we went to the historic market at Nuremberg castle. 
 Dress: Blutsgeschwister - Socks: H&M - Shoes: An-Tai-Na - Blouse: ebay - Parasol: Baby the stars shine bright - Belt: ebay - Roses: H&M/New Yorker

4. Went shopping with Koo-chan and finally got myself new glasses *fufufu* I actually wanted to get them somewhere else but for practical reasons I went to some kind of franchise store (if they break I can also get them repaired in Stuttgart and don't have to wait until I come back to Nuremberg)...Also I got two vouchers for my purchase. 100 Euro that I invested in back-up glasses and 100 Euro for a friend that I gave to Koo-chan ^^v
I love my new glasses *_* Still have to wait 3 weeks until they are finished though ^^" We also met a guard of the buckingham palace...well, at least his uniform ;)
JSK: Innocent World - Blouse: from Koo-chan - Belt: ebay - Socks: H&M - Shoes: An-Tai-Na - Roses: Claire's/H&M

5. Found a Yves Saint Laurant Blush for only 18 Euro instead of 39 *fufufu*

6. Fell in love with the new eyeshadow pallet from Sigma *_* The colors are so gorgeous...I will probably get it pretty soon *haha*
7. Tokyo was chosen for the Olympic Summer Games in 2020 *yay* Congrats to Japan <3

Hope your week was great as well. What did you do?

Have a nice start into this week~



  1. Hi^^

    Ich mag diese Posts von dir :3
    Awwwwww~ mit Bush hattest du aber Glueck *_* 18 Euro statt 39. Das ist ein guter Deal!
    Deine Outfits sehen auch wieder super knuffi sues aus <3

    Wuensch dir ne gute Nacht :)


    1. Danke <3 Diese Posts sind mir auch recht wichtig weil sie mich immer aufbauen und ich net die ganze Zeit nur schwarz sehe ^^"

      JApp, war ein echter Glücksgriff *hehehe* Und er ist so tollig...werd ihn nochmal näher in nem Haul Post zeigen :3

      Wünsche dir ein schöne Woche ^o^

  2. Ich liebe es, wenn du deinen "Lucky-Post" schreibst :)

    1. Hast mich ja auch dazu angestiftelt ;)

  3. You look so lovely~ *_* beautiful outfits (I especially like the second coordination)