Sep 14, 2013

Stop Dreaming and grow up...

...NEVER! If growing up means giving up my precious dreams I rather stay immature and childish forever than grow up and lose my dreams, that the rest of the world might deem childish, unrealizable and immature.

However small or big, realistic or unrealistic you think your dreams might be - don't stop chasing after them! There might even be a chance that at the end of your life you will not be able to realize every dream you had but in the end when you look back at your life and what you did you can be full of regrets that you didn't try OR you can look at your life and say "Yep, I did the best with what I had!" and be proud of what you reached. So, whatever age you are, whatever status in life you possess at the moment, if you really believe in your dreams and yourself you can be everything :) You can either give up without trying or be a superhero, right? ^^b

The possibilities you have are the possibilities you take for yourself. If you don't take a leap of faith once in a while nothing are the one changing yourself, your future and your possibilities - don't rely on others to give you opportunities!

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Have an awesome weekend <3