Sep 7, 2013

Looking for Baroque~ Visiting art museums of the supreme bliss that an angel blesses - BTSSB

Hello sweeties <3

When AATP is bringing out a new print BTSSB isn't far behind. Well, as they are the same company for each "brand" they bring out seperate prints that have similiar themes although this time I don't really see the connection *haha* Aaaaaanyways~ Baby will bring out a more romantic print with lots of ruffles and flowy fabrics...and even though these things scream my name I am not really sure wether I like this series or not ^^"

 I think the cut is cute in both versions and all the layers and ruffles make me love both the long JSK (left) and the short version (right). But I am not sure if I like how the print and the ruffles/layers are put together in the long JSK...I absolutely love the short JSK though <3

 The print is gorgeous as well. Although I don't really like the black version...obviousely xD I am the pastel kind of person as you already know ;)

 The short JSK has a bustle in the back which I really like...still conteplating about the long JSK though. I kinda like it but on the other hand there is something of with the print and how long the "border" looks in comparison ^^"

 Ther is also an underskirt in this series....which looks kinda off with teh short JSK in that picture O.o"

 The bonnet is soooo adorable *_* Maybe I have not yet given up on Bonnets at all xD

What do you think about Baby's latest print?

Have a nice weekend everyone~



  1. Ich fand den Print anfangs total toll. Als ich dann allerdings gesehen hab, dass der Portraitstoff glänzt, fand ich das iwie nimmer so toll.

    Den Bless from Micheal JSK finde ich dagegen wunderschön. Ich steh voll auf Chiffon-JSKs. :)

    1. Ich mag den Print auch wenn er glänzt xD Finde wie gesagt nur den langen Rand merkwürdsam @@ Aber den anderen finde ich auch total genial...nur mit dem Unterrock isser auch seltsam...aber den kann man ja weglassen XD

  2. omgosh all of these dresses featured in your post is so very pretty and romantic looking, thank you for sharing!♡

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