Nov 30, 2013

OOTD - Lavender Prince

Hello sweeties <3

Yesterday, after a long time, I finally met Thi Lialin again and we had a reall great time doing some shopping, walking over the Christmas market and having Tapas :3 Seriousely, yesterday I really wanted to be a good girl and only buy the things I really needed...but well, as soon as I saw some Limited Editions I couldn't stop myself *ahahahaha* But this haul is for another post ;) Today I want to show you the outfit I wore yesterday :)

Blouse: ebay-find
Cardigan: Bodyline
Shorts: Pimkie
Tights: H&M+ebay
Boots: Montreal (haven't worn them for years x"D)
Hairband: Claire's

I think its a really cute outfit...shorts are my clothes of choice when I am not wearing Lolita :3

Have a nice weekend sweeties <3


Nov 29, 2013

It is Christmas Time~

Hello sweeties <3

Well, for me every year the Christmas time starts on the 27th November because it is my dads birthday and as a tradition since I can think every year the first Christmas decorations are put up on that day...unfortunately I don't live near my parents anymore but I will keep this tradition up forever. And what better way to start into Christmas with some gingerbread, hot chai and a pretty LE from Essence :3 Actually I only wanted to buy the snow flake topper but in the end I nearly paid 20 EUR for all the stuff I got *ahahaha*

All colour^3 nailpolish, snow flake topper, eyeshadow and glittery lashes :3
So much for only buying the snowflake topper *haha*

Nov 27, 2013

Follow your dreams!

Hello sweeties <3

"Follow your dreams!" - That is an easy and also great thing to say but there are not many people really following their dreams. When we are young most of us are full of dreams and we still believe that every one of those dreams is possible. We believe that we can be a princess, a superhero or a superstar. But, lets face it, growing older we learn so much more about the world and we already got our hopes broken for what feels like a million times and thus we stop dreaming those big sparkling dreams. We are afraid that if we dream big we also might fall very very deep. And hey, truth is, this might happen more often than we hope for. Thus we tend to make our dreams shrink...until we are certain that we can achieve them and hey, if not it won't hurt as much, right? Well, I think this is rather sad because, yeah, we might fall harder if we dream bigger but in the end making our dreams smaller only not to get hurt is like betraying the most important person in your life - yourself! 

I know damn well that my dreams are totally outrageous sometimes and if I would tell people they would send me to a psychic ward without further notice...but does that keep me from having and believing in them? No! Because at times if you feel like you are all alone in this world and nobody seems to have a care for you to spare those dreams are the only thing keeping you from giving up. I have to admit that I am to big of a coward at the moment to set things in motion and realize one of my biggest dreams...the wall I created for many years now is still too big to just jump over...but I am not giving up just because of this obstacle. I just know that for me (and everyone else who believes) there is something big waiting at the end of the lane - we just have to fight for it!

picture taken by Markus Windeisen
 So never give up even though it seems impossible to go on at times!


Nov 26, 2013

7 things~

Hello sweeties <3

OMG~ it is Tuesday again...but for now, lets pretend it is still Monday and I am not too late (again) for this post ;) So, what happened during the last week? Honestly, not very much as due to health issues I have to cut down a bit on my activities. I am stressing myself out to much over everything and thus my health said "Nope! Stop now or I will stop you!"...and so I did ^^" But anyways, I have still 7 great things that I can count down for you :3

1. Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special "The Day of the Doctor" - so epic *O*

2. Got myself a new dress from BTSSB...but I will show this in a later post ;)

3. SAILOR MOON *O* I started watching it again and it feels like years ago when I watched it for the first time. Still my favourite anime of all time <3 <3 <3

4. Went to the cinema with my colleagues and watched "Hunger Games: Catching Fire" and loooooved ot *_*

5. Finally started to read "The Hunger Games"...didn't have the urge after the first movie but now I couldn't stop myself *hahahaha*

6. Nezumi and I decided on a date for our Japan trip next will be November...time enough to save money *muahahahaha*

7.Already got all Christmas presents for my family *muahahaha* It was pretty easy this year around *ngahahaha* Do you also start buying Christmas presents that much in advance?

Hope you had a good start into this week :3

Have a nice evening <3


Nov 22, 2013

Bambi Milk - Hot Body Milk

Hello Sweeties <3

Today I wanna talk about a product that I recently discovered via facebook xD It is called Bambi Milk - Hot Body Milk and it supposedly helps with dimpled skin and it supposedly also helps you with loosing weight. I tried it for one week already and what I can say for now is that it definitely makes your skin really smooth and smells nice while doing so. About the slimming effect I am not really sold...We will have to wait and see *hahaha*

I think the design of the bottle is really simple but yet really cute.

Nov 20, 2013

BTSSB - 始まりの記憶の中のSoiree

Hello sweeties <3

OMG~ Baby the Stars shine bright is on a roll...just some days ago I posted about the Primavera Waltz Onepiece and now Baby is already releasing another gorgeous print. This time even with a price that normal people can pay *hahaha* ^^" The print is showing a wonderful and romantic ball with so many gorgeous details. To be honest when I first saw the print I instantely had to think of one episode of Sailor Moon *hahaha* *points down*

One of my fav scenes ever...yep, it is german *hahaha* This scene made me wanna be a princess...even more x"D

But anyways, on to the pictures of this gorgeous print <3
 So pretty *_* A scene right from a fairytale *sighs* I want this print so so so much *sighs again* My prince where are you? x"D

Nov 19, 2013

Tartan Princess OR you were inspired by British fashion, right?

Hello sweeties <3

I really want you to show the outfit I wore for the bookblogger meeting on Saturday as it is somewhat really different from what I am used to wear. I get used to dark colors on myself more and more and I am already on the lookout for darker dresses now :3 My goal is to have a rather gothicy Co-Ord for the Jupiter concert in, keep your fingers crossed for me ;) But anyways, here is my Saturday-outfit :D

Nov 18, 2013

7 things~

Hello sweeties <3

It is Monday again and you know what that means, right ;) Also I am really on time this week *hahaha* Gotta make up for the weeks when I was to late in posting my 7 things ^^" So lets start~

1. Watched Disney's The Beauty and the Beast again after a pretty long time. I still love that movie as dearly as 20 years ago *_*

2. Went shopping with one of my Japanese colleagues and had a really great time. Also found the latest LE by Essence...that I will talk about soon..ish xD

3. Went to the 1st Bookblogger regular table in was really really nice to meet new people who love books as much as I do...although I was really nervous that nobody would talk to me let alone like me x"D Thanks to my cute Nezumi for encouraging me <3

4. Started with another "diet"...well, not actual diet but in lack of a better word I call it that. Actually it is a specific way in which you change your eating habits. It is called "Schlank im Schlaf" (Loose weight while sleeping) and I heard from friends that it is working really good for them so I also will give it a shot :)

5. Together with Nezumi I met a really nice photographer by chance in Stuttgart and she took really nice pictures of us together. Can't wait to get the finished products :3

6. Got complimented on my eyes :3 In the past I considered my eyes an outstanding trait of my face because they are rather big and they have a nice color of blue but recently I forgot that someone could even remotely consider them beautiful...stupid me *hahahaha*

7. One of my most favourite bloggers of all time is now following my blog <3 <3 <3 Go check out Stoff im Gehirn - so awesome <3

Also as a honorable mention this week: I am going to participate in a book challenge created by my dear Nezumi and Sasija. It will be held in German though but if you want me to translate you parts of the challenge please don't hesitate to ask me <3

Have a nice start into this week~


Nov 17, 2013

Scarlet - Primavera Waltz OR I need this in my closet *O*

Hello sweeties <3

It is time for yet another new print...well, rather dress preview. This time it is something rather special and many of you might think me crazy for wanting it but OMFG, this dress is just everything a princess could ever wish for *hahahaha* A realy lacemonster in all pastelcolors of the rainbow that makes Marie Antoinette come back to life *_* Did I mention that I totally fell in love with it at first sight? The dress is called Primavera Waltz and it is really a dream become if I only had the money to get it for myself I would reserve it that instance...but well...until I find my [rich] prince in shining armor I will have to be content with looking at the pictures T^T"""


And because such a gorgeous dress doesn't come alone there is also a really pretty Bonnet/Hat with the same design...I WANT IT SO BADLY *_* And of course I would need a new wig with those pretty curls to match the outfit :3

So, what do you think about the dress? Do you belong to the people thinking me crazy or are you also enchanted by the gorgeous design? Tell me your honest opinion :)

Have a great afternoon my sweethearts~


Nov 13, 2013

TAG: Blogger packen aus (Blogger show it all)

Hello sweeties <3

When I started this blog I did a lot of these tags but than I decided to stop that because there are so many tags out there and I just don't have the time to do them all but this time I make an exception as I was tagged by my dear Nezumi <3 And although the tag is in German I try my best to translate it x"D

So, lets start ^O^ The theme is called "Blogger packen aus" that can be roughly translated with "Blogger show it all"...meaning that I have to answer the following questions with 200% honesty ;)

The Rules:
- mention the Blogger who tagged you
- answer the questions
- send the tag to 5 more bloggers

The questions:

1. What kind of blog are you reading? Why?
The first question and I already have to think pretty hard xD. I really love to read beauty and lifestyle blogs. But I also love blogs about anime and manga. Of course I love, love, love fashion blogs, especially about Lolita and other Japanese street fashion. You see I don't really have preferences on my blog reading habit *hahaha* As I love so many things I also love to read about many different subjects :3

2. Where do you like to shop?
Well, physical shops I would have to say dm, H&M, Blutsgeschwister, Douglas and thrift stores...and bookstores <3. But as I am mostly shopping on the internet I would have to say amazon, Closet Child and ebay...if that even counts as a shop *hahaha* I also love to browse through Modcloth *_*

3. Which blog do you follow/read the longest?
*thinks* Actually I can't really remember. I first started reading blogs on livejournal and some of those blogs don't even exist anymore...I am reading Düsterkitsch for a pretty long time now and absolutely loving it but maybe there is a blog I am reading far longer *hahaha*

4. Which blog did you subscribe to recently?
I think it was Rise and Fall because I love reading about J-Fashion and also slices of life. I think this is a nice blog that has it both :)

 5. What are your favourite 3 Blogs? Why?
Hm, it is really hard to decide. Every blog I am following has something special and I really can't wait for updates on those blogs...but if I really had to decide I would chose Stoff im Gehirn, because she is such a lovely Lolita and I am her [self proclaimed] fangirl #1, Kaninchenherz, because she is such a sweet sweet girl *_* and Licentia Poetica, because where else should I get my reading inspiration ;)

6. Do you like blog parades, challenges or other promotions? Do you do them yourself or are you rather participating?
Well, it depends on the subject if I like them or not. I love challenges and I really love to read blog parade entries but so far I haven't found on that I would participate in myself. As for challenges I just found one today that I will be doing soon :3 I also already did two giveaways and I think they are a great way to thank your followers for keeping up with you :)

7. Did your shopping habits change through blogging? Why?
They definitely changed. Before I would think more about buying yet another blush, eyeshadow etc. but now I see all the LE previews and as soon as the LE is out I need to get it. Also regarding Lolita fashion my habits definitely changed...I am more on the lookout for new prints and if I can find a rather "cheap" one I don't think to much about it and just buy it *hahaha*

8. Do you plan your monthly posts? Where do you get your inspiration?
Hm, I am not really planning every post out to the detail but I have many ideas in the back of my head. On Mondays I have a fixed post about my 7 great things of the past week but so far that is all for planning. The rest gets posted as I live...when I meet special people I post about it, when I see something interesting, when I buy something that I want to share...even when I feel nostalgic or a little bit homesick I might get inspiration and post about it :)

9. Do you answer every comment/E-Mail you receive on your blog?
Yes, or at least I try...sometimes I am so busy that I overlook one comment but I try to answer it nonetheless even if it may take some time. I think it is important to read and answer every comment to stay in touch with the people who read your rantings ;) For me it is really important to know what my readers think about the stuff I am writing down here ^^

10. Last but not least: Do you have any tipps for people who want to start a blog and reach many people?
Hm, I am the type of person just going along with the blogosphere. I think it is important to connect with other bloggers, might it be through comments, following them etc. You can also share your posts on other social platforms as facebook, tumblr or twitter. Also don't post about something that might interest many people but doesn't interest you. Write about the things you like - if you only post because you want E-Fame your blog will not grow and get readers because it will show that you are not behind it with all your heart...and hey, it is not so important how many readers you have - as long as you like what you are doing it is all that matters :)

I am tagging:

Have a nice evening my sweeties <3


Nov 12, 2013

Haul - Catrice Arts Collection, Alverde Waldgeflüster, P2 Mirror Mirror

Hello sweeties <3

I've got the feeling that I haven't done a beauty haul in what feels like ages. I did buy many things since my last haul post but never got around to post it in time BUT with the gorgeous LEs that came out this month I could just not post about it *haha* ;)

I apologize for the quality of the pictures but as most of the time I don't come home before 6 pm I have to take the pics with artificial lighting and so far I haven't gotten the hang of that ^^"

Nov 11, 2013

7 things~

Hello sweeties <3

While it is still Monday I am going to post my 7 things...well, that is something that hasn't happened for some weeks now *hahaha* So lets start~

1. My dear Nezumi got us VIP Tickets for the Jupiter concert in Cologne in February *O* I can't wait to see them life in concert and to get a picture with them *ngahahahaha*

2. Had a really awesome meet-up with the girls here and met some really nice people for the first time. Hope to see you all very soon again <3

3. Watched "The Host" with my colleague...well, the movie was one of the worst movies I have ever seen but it was nice to chill out and make fun of the movie ^^"

4. Watched Shingeki no Kyojin <3 <3 <3 Yep, finally succumbed *hahaha*

5. A summer teaparty in Rothenburg was announced :3 Can't wait for it to be summe 2014 *_* The theme will be fairy tales...right down my alley *_*

6. Finally went to Esslingen for the first time...and noticed that I already was there in 2008 with my Art history class...duh xD Nonetheless the town is really great *_*

7. Became godparent of a cute little ratboy *_*

Hope you also had a great week and a good start into this one <3


Nov 8, 2013

OOTD - Rose Princess in Nuremberg

Hello sweeties <3

This is the outfit I wore for meeting a good friend in Nuremberg. Unfortunately the weather and the light weren't that great and I couldn't take as much pictures of beautiful Nuremberg but the day was great nonetheless :3

...nope, not my outfit yet but two pictures I snapped before all the light and "good" weather was gone *hahaha*

I actually wanted to take more pictures but the light wasn't that great *sobs* But anyways, I pretty much love that outfit as it is super comfy but still really princessy :3

OP: Innocent World
Cardigan: No Tabu
Blouse: ebay find
Tights: Takko
Shoes: Secret Shop
Necklace (Cage): Accessorize
Necklace(pearls): Claire's
Roses: Claire's
Wig: Lockshop

Have a nice weekend everyone <3


Nov 7, 2013

Empties October

Hello sweeties <3

Well, we are already one week into November but I still wanted to post my empties for the last month. So, here we go~

It is mostly skin- and bodycare again as although I am using make-up on a daily basis it doesn't seem to end *hahaha*

Nov 6, 2013

Happy Ending Story - Metamorphose temps de Filles

Hello sweeties <3

I was contemplating for a rather long time if I should post about this print or not. I think it is already out for some time but I wasn't sure if I liked it or not. Well, the theme is right up my alley but the look was something else...for one it is a darker print and until two weeks ago I thought dark prints don't suit me at all XD Now that I made up my mind I decided it is time to give my 5 cents to this print ;)

 The print comes in three colorways and tells the story of the ugly little duckling turning into a beautiful swan hence the name Happy Ending Story. I really love that story as it directly speaks to my soul ;) As a teenager most of us don't feel to pretty but with time we transform into a beautiful swan...I think it is pretty much a story about self-esteem :) But anyways, back to the print. At first I didn't really like it because there are so many frame prints out there at the moment but what it made interesting for me is the style of the 1st JSK and the OP...I think it is really unique :) If I had to decide I would probably go for the 1st JSK in the blue colorway :3

 You can also get Berrets, Wristcuffs and Socks to your dresses but well, I am not a fan of wristcuffs and the bows look as if a small kif made them, so I am a little disappointed there ^^" I love the socks though, they are really cute in my opinion :)

So, what do you think about that print? Yay or Nay? Would you buy it?

Have a nice day everyone~


Nov 5, 2013

7 things~

Hello sweeties <3

Oh my~ it is Tuesday again *haha* Somehow on Monday I am always too tired to think about good things from the last week...probably because it is Monday and the start of the week *hahaha* I really should get my act together and start posting my 7 things on Monday again. But as I am not a time lord (yet) today I have to post it on Tuesday *hihi*

1. Speaking of Timelords, the 50th Anniversary Special from Doctor Who will be shown in cinemas all around Germany on the 23rd of November *yay* They announced it last week so I post this as one of my 7 things ;)

2. Halloween...need I say more? *sings* This is Halloween, This is Halloween... *sings*

3. Met a good friend in Nuremberg after a pretty long time and had a great time :) Also used this occasion to wear Lolita again for a non-Lolita-Meet-Up *hihi*

4. Got into the Sailor Moon vibe again. I love this show so so so much *O* I can't wait for the remake to come out :3

5. Only had a four-day-week at work because of the national holiday here in Germany *yay*

6. Me and my lovely ladies received a Valentine <3 Sadly this week we only had 2 Valentines in total *sighs*

7. Decided on my Co-Ord for the Christmas Meet-Up in Munich :3 Will do something Snow Queen inspired~ I will post about that when I got all the stuff I need...and there may also be a Tutorial of sorts ;)

Hope you had a good start into this week <3

Have a nice day!