Mar 29, 2014

We are going to Paris~

Hello sweeties <3

This really is a year filled with concerts and short trips. In February my dear Nezumi and myself went to see Jupiter in Cologne, in May I am gonna see Yoshiki in Berlin and in July we are going to Paris for an event we thought wouldn't happen until next year - Kamijo is coming to Europe for one concert *O* 

I got VIP-Tickets for the both of us *yay* So, we are going to have a Meet & Greet with Kamijo...I am so so so excited...probably even more than with Jupiter *hahahaha* You can still get Regular Tickets here.

Mar 24, 2014

Fabric Fair Ludwigsburg~

Hello sweeties <3

I am so sorry for not posting the last week but a colleague told me about an amazing series and I was watching it ever since *hahaha* But yesterday I took a break from the show and went to the fabrics market in Ludwigsburg with some friends. And I actually only wanted to look around as I haven't touched my sewing machine for quite a while...but than my friend Nessie inspired me again to do some sewing :3 Here is what I got~

The fabric was just too cute to leave it :3 I will probably do a rug for my table with the strawberry one in the middle. The polkadot one will turn into a pouch...maybe...and the patchwork-like one has to wait for my decision XD

Mar 17, 2014

My Perfumecollection~

Hello sweeties <3

I have another video for you :3 I finally came around editing it *yay* It is my perfume collection :3 I know that compared to other Make-Up- and Beauty "Gurus" my collection is ratherv tiny but actually a normal person probably only needs one or 2 perfumes max...I have a round 15 *hahaha*

I think I am actually getting pretty good at doing the whole video-stuff...don't you think? I still have many things to learn though...but I am not as nervous anymore as I was in the beginning ^^b

As spring is now finally here I tried to wear as many pastels as possible *hihi* Also every time I wear that hat I want to travel to the Mediterranean Sea somehow *hahaha*

Hope you had a great weekend :)

Have a nice start into this week <3


Mar 14, 2014

Symphony of the Vampire

Hello sweeties <3

I can't believe that I haven't yet posted about Kamijo's new Minialbum did that happen? Even though I already received the CD 1 week ago...maybe I was just to engulfed in the music *haha* I really love how he made a story out of all the videos, telling us more about how Louis became a Vampire ^^ I think he really did a great job and the music is really great as usual...I would say it is typical Kamijo - I wasn't too surprised here ;) Still there were some rather unexpected pieces like Dying Table *points down*

Sonata is pure love...well, each and every song on the album is epic but at the moment I am totally into Sonata <3

Did you also get Kamijo's new Minialbum? What did you think?

Have a nice day <3


Mar 13, 2014

To the me in the past~

Hello sweeties <3

This week was totally busy and I couldn't even do half of the things I wanted to do ^^" For example I wanted to do a post/video about my latest haul and didn't have the time for that...well, better busy than having nothing to do, right? ;) 

Anyways, today I was browsing through old pictures on facebook and was transported back in time...and as it happens every so often with me I was thinking about the dreams and hopes I was holding some years ago - and do you know what I noticed? They haven't changed...on the contrary they grew stronger and stronger. Usually while growing older, you tend to realize that some dreams might be "improbable" or even "impossible" but for me, with every day, month and year I grow older I get the feeling that I am one step closer to my dreams...funny isn't it?

I can't even believe that both pictures are the same person *hahaha* And I don't only mean how I look ;) 6 years ago I wouldn't have imagined wearing "flashy" clothes like that. I was absolutely insecure and I thought the spotlight belonged to other people. I wanted to be a cute princess in a pastel world BUT I held myself back from doing the things I really wanted and it took my 6 years to slowly realize that the only person able to change myself into the princess I adored and make my dreams come true is myself. So I decided, no more hiding - I am gonna live my life to the fullest without regrets :3

Have a nice evening my dearies <3


Mar 10, 2014

I am wearing a bowtie now! Bowties are cool~

Hello sweeties <3

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty great actually~ On Saturday I met some fellow Whovians and bought myself a Sonic Screwdriver that is actually a real screwdriver and on Sunday I took a walk in the sun with a friend - yay, it is finally warmer again and the sun graces us all with her presence :3

Here is the outfit I wore for the Whovian Meet-Up. I tried to incorporate the Tardis blue in my outfit and as I am not a big fan of sandshoes, I mean converse on myself I wore the 11th Doctor's trademark clothing...and no, I don't mean the Fez that was killed pretty fast after its introduction ;) But have a look~


The weather was so great the whole weekend *-* I hope it stays that way for a while~ :3

Hope you had a great start into this week <3

Have a nice evening~


Mar 7, 2014

Jupiter - Last Moment

Hello sweeties <3

sdgsajgfhjsfk...the new MV for Jupiters single Last Moment is out since today and I am so so so so in love <3 The song is awesome and the band looks just gorgeous <3 I love Zin so so so so much *-* He is so perfect~ *sighs* I nearly cried because this video is so absolutely stunning *-*

Isn't it just plain awesome?

What is your favourite band at the moment?

Have a nice day~


Mar 4, 2014

The wonders of Line Camera

Hello sweeties <3

Yep~ I promised I would post more often from now here is the 2nd post in one day. Even though it is only a short post ^^" But I recently discovered the wonders of LineCamera. This is an App for Smartphones which is connected to the Line Messenger which is really famous in Japan. I recently discovered that there are many gimmicks surrounding this messenger, the one I like the most at the moment is the Camera ^.^~★ And just yesterday I discovered the magic photoshoplike features and I really love those...even though it is a bit creepy to see how in only 1-2 minutes you can transform a picture this much ^^"

 Of course you also have the options to put stickers and everything on your picture but there are many other Apps that can do the same...I am really impressed with the "beauty"-feature...and well, as I said a little creeped out as well because changing the left pic to the right pic only took me 1 minute O.O No blemishes, bigger eyes and a smaller face in only 1 minute *hahaha*

As I said, I really like to play with this app and change pictures but on  the other hand most of the time I like to keep my pictures as "natural" as possible because even though I can make myself look flawless on pics I know that in real life I still have those blemishes...sadly but hey, nobody is perfect, right? Except maybe Kamijo xDDD

What do you think about those kind of Apps? 

Have a nice evening~


My Princessroom :3

Hello sweeties <3

I am getting into Youtube more and more *hr hr hr* But don't worry I won't neglect my blog because of that ;) This time I filmed a roomtour as since my post about my room I did change some things again, bought new stuff and, well, I just wanted to film a roomtour xD
I don't know why it starts aroun 90seconds in the video...still try to figure out Youtube *hahahaha* I am kinda slow in that department x"D

Have a nice day <3


Mar 3, 2014

The scent of Roses ~ Bvlgari - Rose Essentielle~

Hello sweeties <3

Haha~ I did it...after weeks of contemplating I finally bought Bvlgaris Rose Essentielle perfume and I am so happy with it *^* And now you might ask yourself "Why is she so crazy about a perfume?" Weeeee~ll, at first I only wanted the scent because I am one of the worlds biggest fangirls - Hizaki is wearing the same perfume <3 But after I tried it for myself at my local department store I literally fell in love. At first I was afraid that the scent would smell weird on me because in the past rose scented perfumes tended to smell after some hours but it wasn't the case with this one, which made me pretty happy...obviousely \(^O^)/