Mar 3, 2014

The scent of Roses ~ Bvlgari - Rose Essentielle~

Hello sweeties <3

Haha~ I did it...after weeks of contemplating I finally bought Bvlgaris Rose Essentielle perfume and I am so happy with it *^* And now you might ask yourself "Why is she so crazy about a perfume?" Weeeee~ll, at first I only wanted the scent because I am one of the worlds biggest fangirls - Hizaki is wearing the same perfume <3 But after I tried it for myself at my local department store I literally fell in love. At first I was afraid that the scent would smell weird on me because in the past rose scented perfumes tended to smell after some hours but it wasn't the case with this one, which made me pretty happy...obviousely \(^O^)/

I got th 25ml version from the jewel charms collection. As I still have many perfumes at home I thought 25ml would probably be enough as I am not going to use this perfume every day ^^" I paid 46 EUR which is pretty expensive but I think the scent is worth every cent (or penny ;D). Only a little bit will stay the whole day ^^b
The flask has a round shape and isn't intended to be put on a shelf or something. It is perfectly suited to be put in your handbag. There is also a pouch to put in the flask so it won't break while in your handbag with all the neccessary things we women need ;) I think the flask looks really cute and reminds me of some kind of gemstone :3
I can't really describe the scent myself but the douglas-homepage states that it includes rose essence (hahaha~ obviousely xD), blackberry and patchouli. I wouldn't have got this scents myself but I think it has a really refined and somewhat regal and really feminine scent to it - I just love it! Normally I am a total sucker for really really über-sweet scents but this time I fell for this totally different scent in an instant <3
My verdict - Rose Essentielle is my favourite secent at the moment *-*~★
And hey...the package and flask is pink...needed to mention that xD

Do you have a favourite perfume? What is it?

Have a nice evening <3



  1. I had a sample of this and I liked it very much :D And the small version of its bottle is sooo adorable! :)

    1. This scent is really one of my all-time favourites :3

  2. My all-time favorie smells like roses too :) It's versace -bright crystal. I think I will try rose essentielle next time at müller.

    1. Never smelled that one before but maybe I will try it next time in müller or douglas :3 Love the scent of roses soooo much *^*

  3. Düfte find ich eine ganz spannende Sache! *_* Willst du nicht einen Post über deine Parfümsammlung machen? Und schade, dass man noch keine Gerüche durch's Internet schicken kann. Ich würd's jetzt gerne riechen :D
    "Mein" Parfüm ist Obsession von Calvin Klein.. bin zufällig drauf gestoßen und sobald die gewöhnungsbedürftige Kopfnote verflogen ist, habe ich bisher nur Komplimente dafür bekommen. Und der Duft hält eeewig <3

    1. Ja, das sind sie *-* Und nen Post über meine Parfümsammlung wollte ich schon lange mal machen...vielleicht wird es auch ein Video *hahaha* Und ich finds auch schade...ich bin so schlecht im Düfte beschreiben *hahaha*

      Obsession kenn ich auch :3 Und ich riech das voll gern an anderen aber an mir riecht das immer seltsam XD