Feb 28, 2014

[Book Review] Enders

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So before the month ends I want to post another review for the challenge so that my list for february doesn't look too empty - bookwise this month wasn't to good for me *haha*

Original Title: Enders
Author: Lissa Price
Pages: 288
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0857531360
ISBN-13: 978-0857531360

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Someone is after Starters like Callie and Michael - teens with chips in their brains. They want to experiment on anyone left over from Prime Destinations -With the body bank destroyed, Callie no longer has to rent herself out to creepy Enders. But Enders can still get inside her mind and make her do things she doesn't want to do. Like hurt someone she loves. Having the chip removed could save her life - but it could also silence the voice in her head that might belong to her father. Callie has flashes of her ex-renter Helena's memories, too . . . and the Old Man is back, filling her with fear. Who is real and who is masquerading in a teen body?
No one is ever who they appear to be, not even the Old Man. Determined to find out who he really is and grasping at the hope of a normal life for herself and her younger brother, Callie is ready to fight for the truth. Even if it kills her.

What I think about it:
Hm, I was really excited to start this book. I literally finished Starters and minutes later I started with this book but all my expectations were shattered to put it  exaggerate a bit xD As Starters was a really great start into the series Enders lacked in many parts. The characters that seemed so interesting in the first book turned really boring and the conclusions given in the end were already clear with the appereance of one character. At first I hoped everything would get cleared up in another way but the end was as anticipated. The book wasn't bad per se but in comparison to Starters it was a let-down in my opinion.
Also although the title is Enders there were not many Enders involved in te story - only the bad bad Enders who just want to use the Starters for their own profit. I think it is really sad that the majority of the Enders is depicted as evil and bad. I would have liked to have a deeper look into their motivation though.

All in all I have to say it was a nice read nonetheless even though the story was rather predictable and so were the characters. If you read Starters and loved it you will probably be a bit dissappointed with Enders. 


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