Feb 27, 2014

[Award] You are my Blogstar!

Hello sweeties <3

OMG~ this week is really great *-* I got a really great award from my dear Nezumi. Most of the time those awards are given to 10 or more blogs but this one is really really special as it goes only to one special blog...the idea for the award came from Grinsemietz and although I do love the idea of giving the award to only one blog I can't really decide which one to choose @@ There ares so many great blogs out there who would deserve this award...but after some thinking I came to a conclusion. 

Here are the Rules:
- This award only goes to one blogger!
- write down why you you give the award to this blogger.
- Write down who gave you the award?

I thought to myself "What blogposts do you anticipate the most? Which blog is most fun to read?" - and my conclusion was *tadaaaaaaaaaaa*

I really, really love to see her new outfits and also the work in progress. I am so fascinated with her skills when it comes to sewing *^* I wish I could sew as well as she does *O* I also love to read about here travels - seriousely I want to go to Barcelona so badly now *hahaha* And the fact that she loves Doctor Who, Sherlock, Attack on Titan and many other things I am obsessed about is all the more reason to give the award to her blog. I already mentioned it before but I am probably her biggest fangirl *haha* ^^"

Have a nice evening *chuuuuuu*



  1. Aww du bist einfach so süß...das hat mir echt doe Sprache verschlagen und ich habe sogar en bisschen Pipi in den Augen. Ich freue mich natürlich sehr darüber! ♥
    Hoffentlich können wir uns bald mal treffen! *grins*
    Bleib so wie du bist, denn ich lese deinen Blog auch total gerne! ^^

    1. ^^ Ich geb dir den Award sehr gern~ Ich freue mich immer soooo tierisch auf deine Posts das glaubst du gar net :3

      Ja, hoffentlich *-* Aber dieses Jahr wird das sicher mal zu irgendeiner Con oder so klappen :3

  2. Gratulation, liebe Alice :D

    Dein Blog ist auch super! Ich liebe ihn auch *_*

    Ich wuensche dir was!

    Alles Liebe Jade

    1. Danke ^////^ Das freut mich immer zu hören :3
      ich mag deinen Blog auch total gern <3