Jun 28, 2013

Turning to the sun like a sunflower~

Hello sweeties <3

As the weather is again turning from bad to good and than to rain again I thought I'd share the summery outfit I wore on Saturday to help Cassiya decide on a wedding dress. As the weather on Saturday was pretty good I also wanted to reflect that in my Co-Ord. Did I succed? ;)

OP: Baby the stars shine bright - Cardigan: H&M - Socks: Angelic Pretty - Shoes: Secret Shop - Hairband: Claires - Earrings: Bijou Brigitte

What are you planning this weekend?
I am finally attending a meet-up in Stuttgart again and can't wait to see the girls again :)

Have a nice Friday~


Jun 27, 2013

Moon Prism Power make up~

Hello sweeties <3

Look what I found while browsing the interwebz *points down* 

The nailpolish bottles transform into the transformation wands from the 2nd season <3 <3 <3
Sailor Moons brooch from the 2nd season transforms into a blush/powder *O*
 All pictures were taken from Famitsu <3

It is pure awesomeness...although the biggest downside is that this special release is already sold out T^T But still, the design is gorgeous and maybe I get lucky and find it (for loads and loads of money) on ebay...I still remember the prices for the old Bandai figures. Do you remember them? I think it will be the same here beacuse Sailor Moon is just too famous ^^"

Love that song and can't wait for the remake of the anime <3

Have an awesome day <3


Jun 26, 2013

Pink Box June 2013

Hello sweeties <3

As I already mentioned on Monday in my 7 things-post I finally received my first Pink Box this month and was really positively surprised about the products that were included in the box :) As this was my first ever beauty box I was really sceptical in the beginning. Therefore I decided to start with a not to expensive box (the Pink box is 12,95 EUR per month)~ After ordering it only took 5 days for the box to reach my place *thumbs up*

As the name says, the box is hot pink. In each box you receive a beauty magazine. Mine was Couch...honestly I never heard about that but it is pretty much like every other beauty magazine.

Jun 25, 2013

Vampires and Southern Bells

Hello sweeties <3

Now you might be wondering what this title is all about...or some of you who know Anne Rice or True Blood might not wonder that much xD Anyways, as my last big trip to Japan in April ignited my wanderlust again, in my mind I am already planning my holidays for next year :3 At first I was totally set on travelling to Japan once again but now after starting to watch True Blood my love for the state Louisiana, that was first awakened by Anne Rice, was ignited again \^o^/ Therefore I am planning my first ever trip to the states...well, at least in my mind I am planning it as I don't have a travel companion yet and travelling alone doesn't seem quite as fun as with company xD 

So, this post will become an inspirational post for me, so that I keep on pursuing the idea of this trip...because if I don't talk about it and just keep it as an idea I will never actually go on this trip *ehehehe* Yep, this is the kind of weird person I am >.>""
So beautiful...just like in Interview with a Vampire (picture found here)
(picture found here)
French quarter <3 (picture found here)
St. Louis Catherdral in the French quarter :) (picture found here)
Do you have any plans for big trips? Are you going somewhere during this summer? What country or place do you want to visit? Do you have a dreamplace you want to see?

Have a nice afternoon~


Jun 24, 2013

7 things~

Hello sweeties <3

It is Monday again and you know what that means - I will post about 7 great things that happened last week :)

1. Had Korean food with my colleagues on Wednesday.
2. Nearly every day was sunny last week <3
3. Received my first Pink Box after some misunderstandings on my side...will post about that later :3
4. Helped Cassiya to find a gorgeous wedding dress~
5. Played Mario Party with Milky Rose and Pea after what felt like forever <3
6. Met my girls on Saturday <3 <3 <3
7. FINALLY watched The Crow and love it *O* I wanted to watch that movie for like soooo long and never got the chance *sighs* Already knew the TV show with Marc Dacascos and the move ignited my love for Eric Draven again <3

Hope you have a great start into this week~


Jun 23, 2013

Conquering Facebook

Hello sweeties <3

Yep~ your eyes aren't playing tricks on you - I am going to conquer the internet starting with facebook...well, not really but as GFC will undergo some changes and some of you might not be able to read my ramblings anymore after those changes happened I thought "Why not try building a facebook page?"...well, actually I got the inspiration for doing so from koo-chan :) So, if you want you can also follow me on facebook here.

Have a nice and relaxed evening~


Jun 19, 2013

Summer OOTD and MUA

Hello sweeties <3

It is another awesome summer day and I have to sit in the office T^T Anyways, in the evening I will go to a Korean restaurant with my colleagues and thus I decided to dress a little bit fancy today  ^o^

Skirt: H&M - Camisole: J.Honeys - Top: J.Honeys - Shoes: H&M

Herp-Derp-Me xD As it is pretty hot outside and I tend to really sweat under my bangs I clip them away for work x"D Also I didn't use that much Make-Up so that my skin can still breathe in this heat~

Jun 18, 2013

Arrival of summer~

Hello sweeties <3

We didn't think it would happen this year but last weekend it finally did - summer arrived in all its glory. Well at the weekend it wasn't as hot as today but still it was pretty warm. I had already given up on seeing the sun ever again but well, as the old saying goes, hope dies last xD And I do hope that summer is staying a bit longer and not just for a short visit ;) For the occassion of summer finally visiting us and of course for Ayins birthdayparty on Saturday I wore a really summery Co-Ord - all in mint and pink. And fortunately we had a really nice photographer around to take pictures <3


OP: Angelic Pretty - Cardigan: Bodyline - Roses: Claire's, H&M, New Yorker - Headband: Claire's - Necklace: Metamorphose - Socks: Daiso - Shoes: Secret Shop

The day was really nice and I could see my girls again <3 That is awesome alle the time :3 This time we also had the chance to play "Werewolf" - you draw cards at random and only you know if you are a normal person or a Werewolf. And than the fun begins because each night the Werewolfs want to eat and the villagers have to decide who is an evil Werwolf to win - it is really fun to play if you play with the right people :)

I hope you have a great start into this day~


Jun 17, 2013

7 Things~

Hello sweeties <3

It is this time of the week again. After an idea of cute Schelli I am posting 7 nice things that happened last week every Monday. So far it is the 2nd week and I am still pumped to do it :) So without further ado lets start:

1. Ayins Birthdayparty in Ingolstadt - got to meet all my dearies <3
2. The German Railway was punctual two days in a row *yay*
3. Ayin's and Vanilla's happy faces when they received their presents - makes me happy as well <3
4. Summer finally arrived - temperatures at the weekend were between 25-30 °C *yay*
5. My scalp has finally stopped to itch and feel tight *yay* Changig my eating habits pays of ^^b
6. Purchased a dress at the Innocent World Onlineshop for the first time :3 Can't wait to receive it~
7. Finally received my cute mobile phone cover <3

So, this were my 7 was your last week?
I hope your start into the new week was as sunny and warm as mine :)

Have a nice evening~


Jun 14, 2013

Memories - a funny thing

Hello sweeties <3

It is a funny thing with memories - when time passes the "sparkle" they get grows bigger and bigger. Shortly after an event that might have been great the memory of it is, although fond, just a memory of a nice event. But looking back on things after years have past the memories begin to "sparkle" somewhat.  Sometimes over time our mind even adds little things that might not have happened during the real event and hence it grows even more special. 

The funny thing is sometimes I can't even distinguish what part of a memory is real and what part was made up by my mind - and I don't think that this makes me crazy in any way. It is funny, while in school I didn't particular like going to school are had fond feelings for the place but looking back after this time all I can think about is the good things and even the bad things aren't bad anymore. I am no psychologist so I don't know if there is a description for what I am trying to describe but I know that this happens to many people. We tend to put our past into a soft focus and put sparkles on it...and here we have the twosided sword. On one hand seeing the past as only good stops us from dwelling on the bad things, on the other hand we tend to run away from the present into thoughts of the "glorious" past.

And now, my readers, you might ask why the hell I am talking about this? Well, it was just a random thought that dropped into my mind this morning and I wanted to share it with all of you :3

I hope your day is as sunny as mine~


Jun 13, 2013

IW Sale - Dot Shantung JSK

Hello sweeties <3

And the shopping continues...I really didn't plan on getting yet another Lolita dress but as IW has sale with 70% off I just couldn't resist to order this baby *points down* It is the Dot Shantung Jumperskirt in pink <3 This dress wasn't actually on my wishlist but for only 6867 Yen I just couldn't say no ^^"


 It is sooo cute <3 Perfect for spring and summer :) I also love the ivory version but as this one was already sold out in the short version (long just looks weird in me ^^") I decided to get the short version in pink, because with pink I never can go wrong xD

Will you get something from the Innocent World sale?

Have a nice day~


Jun 12, 2013

New things make my heart sing~

Hello sweeties <3

I am seriousely addicted to shopping xDD Sometimes it really annoys me how much I am buying but on the other hand new things make me every girl might know, when times are tough you go shopping and it somewaht lifts your spirit, am I right? Although I think this is a bad habit I often can't stop myself entirely ;) As happend during the last 2 weeks. Here is what I got for myself~
As my old mobile fell down one time to often I had to get a new one. As you can see I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 (mine is red though) and a matching cover <3 I think it is so awesomely cute <3 I bought it at this ebay store :)

 You can never have enough blouses. As the pink blouse I already have doesn't suit my style so much anymore I bought this cute blouse...also at ebay ;)

And as a Lolita you can't have enough white blouses...I found this beauty, you might already guess, at ebay :)

Can't wait to receive these babys <3

What did you recently buy?

Have a nice and sunny day everyone~


Jun 11, 2013

Swan Lake in the jungle~

Good Morning sweeties <3

Saturday was our monthly meet-up...and actually we had planned to go to the fairytale forest near Nuremberg but as the weather made people not wanna attend such kind of meet-up we changed plans and went to the botanical garden in Erlangen instead. At the beginning it was raining pretty badly and we had to take refuge in the green house where we took some pictures while sweating ourselves to death *haha* The results are pretty nice though. Emilie was able to get the camera from koo-chan's boyfriend and she did really well *hugs*

Emilie took so many great pictures <3 I really like the contrast between the light colors of my dress and the dark green of the "jungle" :)

After some time the sun also did show her face and we were able to stroll through the botanical garden and take some more pictures. 
JSK: Metamorphose - Blouse: ebay - Roses: New Yorker, Ann Christine, Claire's, H&M - Necklace+Earrings: Kaufland - Shoes: Bodyline - Tights: Ernsting's Family
Exhausted from all the posing we went to Mireo to have some cake...unfortunately we could only stay there for one hour as there was a private party later in the evening so we went to do some shopping and also found some nice things for cute Vanilla's birthday ;)

In the evening Emilie, Milky Rose and myself went to the cinema to watch The Great Gatsby. It was definitely not what I expected but it was worth the watch, Although I would have preferred the movie in 2D and English ^^" I loved the costumes and I still think that men should wear suits like that even now *sighs* They would look so much more handsome *hahaha*

Did you already watch this movie? What do you think about it?

Also, don't forget my giveaway ;)

Have a nice day~


Jun 10, 2013

7 things~

Hello sweeties <3

After an idea given to me by my cute Schelli every week I will try to upload 7 great things that happened to me during the past week. I will try to post them every Monday, hopefully I can keep that up ;) So, lets start~

1. The sun finally came out to greet us :3 Hopefully the rainy days will be over for real now :)
2. I went to Franconia to meet my girls again and we went to the Botanical Garden.
3. Kamijos first Solosingle will be called "Louis" fandoms are connecting *hehehe*
4. Got my ticket for the Innocent World-Teaparty <3 <3 <3
5.Found another guilty pleasure *shifts eyes* AKB0048 <.<"

6. Watched The Great Gatsby and loved it :3
7. Didn't wear a wig with Lolita and it looked really nice~ *selfesteem boost* xDD

...well, not everything is awesomely great but these things lifted my spirit pretty much. I think reminding yourself of the positive things happening in your life really helps you turn into a more positive person - I will give that a try ;)

I hope you had a great start into this week~

Have a nice evening :)


May Favourites

Hello sweeties <3

I know, I is already well into June but I still want to show you my May favourites ;) So, here we go~
1. Diadermine Wrinkle Expert 3D Night Creme - Well, as I am not turning younger I thought it was time to start with this kind of cream. Really moisturizes the skin and smoothens your skin ^^b
2. Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Correcting Powder in Creamy Natural - Still loving it as it covers blemishes and makes your face look refined :)
3. Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer - Great Concealer, I use it for the nose and chin area and it does wonders~
4. Instant Anti-Age Effect "The Eraser" - Another concealer that I use under the eye to cover dark circles.

5. Sleek Oh, so special!- and Lagoon-Pallet - my goto-pallets this month. The pigmentation and colors are really awesome. You can find a review on our beauty blog :)
6. Multi Color Blush in Strawberry Frappuccino by Catrice - Still loving this one to pieces <3 Great for everyday use~
7. Benefit Bella Bamba blush - LOVE IT! Awesome color, awesome pigmentation...but not for everyday use although I wore it to work this month xD

8. Sweet Recipe Baby Chou Makeup Base from Etude House - Holy Grail! Even without foundation over it your skin looks so much betterv with this base alone <3
9. Sweet Recipe Chocolate Highlighter from Etude House - I never used highlighter that much but this made me change my mind. Gorgeous color~ I love Etude House ;)

10. Alverde Setting Spray - I was looking for a not to expensive setting spray for a really long time and found this. Love it!
11. P2 Keratin nail polish - I don't know if it really helps my nails but I love to use it everyday to make my nails look more refined :)
12. Maybelline Falsies "Federlook" - Really love it as it makes your lashes thicker and longer *_* It also doesn't clump on me ^^b

What were your favourites in May?

Have a nice start into this week~