Jun 17, 2013

7 Things~

Hello sweeties <3

It is this time of the week again. After an idea of cute Schelli I am posting 7 nice things that happened last week every Monday. So far it is the 2nd week and I am still pumped to do it :) So without further ado lets start:

1. Ayins Birthdayparty in Ingolstadt - got to meet all my dearies <3
2. The German Railway was punctual two days in a row *yay*
3. Ayin's and Vanilla's happy faces when they received their presents - makes me happy as well <3
4. Summer finally arrived - temperatures at the weekend were between 25-30 °C *yay*
5. My scalp has finally stopped to itch and feel tight *yay* Changig my eating habits pays of ^^b
6. Purchased a dress at the Innocent World Onlineshop for the first time :3 Can't wait to receive it~
7. Finally received my cute mobile phone cover <3

So, this were my 7 was your last week?
I hope your start into the new week was as sunny and warm as mine :)

Have a nice evening~