May 31, 2012

Powder Rose

Hello my sweeties <3

After 2 weeks of contemplating and discussing with myself I finally reserved the black version of the Powder Rose OP on Closet Child...I have to admit that this color wasn't my first choice when it comes to that print but the longer I looked at it I really wanted that version. But I still want the yellow (or white) version if you see it for a reasonable price tell me ;)

Now I only need new pink shoes because my old ones are nearly dead...can still wear them for a few months but well I NEED new ones...if you know what I mean xDD

So~ did you recently buy new things? Tell me about it...did you plan on buying them or was it also on a whim like me?

Love and Kisses :3

May 29, 2012

Paris Window and Roses

Dear Sweeties <3

Sunday was really great! I went to a Meet-Up in Stuttgart for the first time and the hours before that I was really anxious because I was about to meet so many new people...but I feared for nothing because the girls (and guys) were all so nice. 
With Yuzuki - she is part of the Orga ^^

May 27, 2012

Fate and Betrayel

Hello Sweeties <3

Again I have two anime that I want to recommend to you ;) Hope you don't mind that I am posting so much anime-related stuff recently *hehe*
1. Fate Zero

Prequel to Fate/Stay Night. It shows what events led to the fight in Fate/Stay Night. This time without the annoying character of Emiya-kun...instead the focus is on his adoptive father Kiritsugu...I like him far better xD and Saber is so awesome <3
2. Betrayel knows my name

Well demons and angels, fight over the world, reincarnation...nothing to new but it is put together nicely and the Bishonen-factor is rather high *hehe* Worth a watch if you ask me ^^

Hope you will have a look at those two anime :)

Love and Kisses :3

May 26, 2012


Hello sweeties <3

So~ last weekend I treated myself to something special. As I mentioned in a previous post I bought a shimmering bodypowder from L'Occitane and I totally love it. I think it gives a special extra something to everyy cute outfit, may it be Lolita or Gyaru or just something cute for summer. 

The best part is that it isn't only a shimmering powder, it is also "delicately perfumed". Well, and the flacon looks really cute ;)

Only downpoint is the price of 27,90€ first I was hesitant to buy "only a powder" for that much money but in the end the result was worth it (can't show you atm because crappy phone-cam doesn't show it properly ^^").

All in all I have to say that I will definitely buy from L'Occitane again because their products all have "natural-origin ingredients" and the result is just great...well, and the products all smell so good and the packing is just too cute :3

Thanks for reading my two cent on L'Occitane <3

Love and Kisses~

May 25, 2012

Shatter my Illusions...

*sighs* Without words...I love Nobu <3

Did you watch the anime? Read the manga?
Some friends often tell me that I am kinda like Hachi when it comes to love...and I am not sure if thats really a good thing...well it isn't I think, but still Hachi is the one character from the story I can connect to the she is feeling really lost and lonely and is just trying to fill a void...and her actions seem totally random for others...most people really seem to dislike her character but well, I can relate...not that I don't know that I myself turn into a total retard when it comes to love but well, can't change who I am though xDDD

So, do you have characters from a TV series or anime you can relate to? Tell me, the Nerd in me really wants to know *fufufu*

Lats of love and kisses to my sweeties <3


Hello my Sweeties <3

First~ Thanks to the 66 people who read my blog regularly *happy* 
Second~ because it is only 4 more people to 70 readers I decided to do my first giveaway when my visitors reach that number ( all numbers that are a multiple of 7 bring me luck *hehe*) tell you friends about my AWESOME (well rather mediocre, but you don't need to tell them that XD) blog and you can look forward to a nice giveaway :3 *thinks about what to put as presents for the giveaway*

So stay tuned <3

Hugs and Kisses~

And just because I can *points down*
<3 <3 <3 EPIC ANIME <3 <3 <3

May 23, 2012

Fleeting Moments...

Hello my sweeties <3

Wohoooo~ work didn't eat me up...yet xD and I can post about my Saturday ^o^ As May 14th was my Birthday and Mondays are bad for really celebrating I decided I invite some friends to come to Stuttgart to celebrate and do some on Saturday we finally went to Stuttgart together (after my friends drove 3 hours by train...thank you so much <3). But before we came to the cultural part, we had a little snack...I had Sushi after a waaaaay to long time wothout *sighs* After that we went to the Staatsgalerie to see the exhibition called "Turner, Monet, Twombly", that was kind of a timeline/development of impressionist/expressionist art...sort-of-thing xD But I have to say I am not gonna be a fan of Twombly ^^" The Monet and Turner-Part was really great though but I already knew that before because I really love both artists <3
William Turner - Rain, Steam and Speed (1844) - source:

May 18, 2012


Hello my sweeties <3 Another anime related post xDD Sorry for that ;)

I wanna do Karaoke so badly *aaaahhh* That is one of the things I miss most about Japan *sighs* During my stay there me and my friends went to Karaoke at least once a week...sometimes even more xD When I visit Japanm again I definitely have to do Karaoke every day *haha* What do you think? Am I crazy? Do you like singing? Which song would you like to sing in Karaoke?

Kisses to you :3


May 13, 2012

I will be waiting for you, even if it takes 12.000 years...

Hello Sweeties <3

It is time that I recommend another anime, well better two anime, to you. Have you heard of Sousei no Aquarion? It is a story about a promises and a love that overcame 12.000 years...and I am a sucker for destined love and great promises. So~ if you haven't watched the anime yet you definitely should :3 Also don't miss the sequel "Aquarion Evol" ;)

I have to say that I so far like "Sousei no Aquarion" better than the Sequel although "Aquarion Evol" is great as well but if I had to choose between Silvia and Mikono I definitely would choose Silvia cause she kinda is more independent...sort of XD

Hope you will have a look at two great anime ^^ What anime are you watching at the moment? *curious*

Have a nice evening ^.^

Lotsa kisses <3

May 9, 2012

A sense of belonging~

Hello my sweeties <3

Finally I got time to post about my weekend. At first I have to say that it was AWESOME *O* But what did I do, you may ask ;) As I may have already mentioned in some previous posts I helped Vanilla at a Convention called Hanami. She makes her own cute accessories and was selling it there...visit her online shop - she makes some really great stuff ^o^ 
Although these spoon/fork-necklaces are really unusual every one of them was sold *yay* And I also want to have one *_*
At first I was really anxious if I would fit into all the Cosplayers and Con-Veterans but my worries were needless because as soon as I was there I felt like coming home...well that might sound a bit strange but as I have been into anime and manga for nearly 12 years now I really felt connected to the other fans there...although I am not that "active" anymore it felt great to see all the people and their love for anime xD I saw some really great Cosplayers and also met some really nice Lolitas...hopefully I get the chance to meet them again at a meet-up.
 Most importantly we sold many is really great how many people liked the accessories and it was even better seeing their faces light up after they found some cute accessories for themselves ^^ I am so happy for Vanilla that so many people liked the stuff she made ^o^
Everyone loved the oreo necklaces

May 1, 2012

Pink Strawberries~

Hello Sweeties <3

Yes~ my weekend was really busy xD After we went shopping on Saturday, me and some collegues went to the spring festival in Stuttgart. Well we only were there for one hour because it was really crowded but we did ride the ferris wheel and had some choco-fruits <---two of the most important things on festivals like that xD Afterwards we went to Starbucks and later to on of the collegues places to chat a little, see some pictures of her stay in Japan and drink some was a really great day but now I need weekend again so I can relax xD But that won't happen so fast *hihi* Today we are going to watch "The Avengers" and the coming weekend I'll help Vanilla with her merchandise at Hanami in Ludwigshafen ^^ (So~ if you are also there say Hello ;D)

View from the ferris wheel ^^