May 13, 2012

I will be waiting for you, even if it takes 12.000 years...

Hello Sweeties <3

It is time that I recommend another anime, well better two anime, to you. Have you heard of Sousei no Aquarion? It is a story about a promises and a love that overcame 12.000 years...and I am a sucker for destined love and great promises. So~ if you haven't watched the anime yet you definitely should :3 Also don't miss the sequel "Aquarion Evol" ;)

I have to say that I so far like "Sousei no Aquarion" better than the Sequel although "Aquarion Evol" is great as well but if I had to choose between Silvia and Mikono I definitely would choose Silvia cause she kinda is more independent...sort of XD

Hope you will have a look at two great anime ^^ What anime are you watching at the moment? *curious*

Have a nice evening ^.^

Lotsa kisses <3


  1. Ich schau gerade keinen anime xD sondern supernatural mit benni ~ aber auf meiner liste steht katekyo hitman reborn und fairy tail =)

    Psychic Detective Yakumo xD hat mich aber auch irgendwie angesprochen

    1. Das wollte ich auch irgendwann mal schauen...weil überall auf tumblr fliegen Bilder davon rum xD

      Ich schau nebenher noch Fate Zero...aber Aquarion ist sowas wie mein Sehnsuchtsanime *hach* Die Musik ist einfach zu genial :3