May 31, 2012

Powder Rose

Hello my sweeties <3

After 2 weeks of contemplating and discussing with myself I finally reserved the black version of the Powder Rose OP on Closet Child...I have to admit that this color wasn't my first choice when it comes to that print but the longer I looked at it I really wanted that version. But I still want the yellow (or white) version if you see it for a reasonable price tell me ;)

Now I only need new pink shoes because my old ones are nearly dead...can still wear them for a few months but well I NEED new ones...if you know what I mean xDD

So~ did you recently buy new things? Tell me about it...did you plan on buying them or was it also on a whim like me?

Love and Kisses :3


  1. Hast Du die weiße JSK Version bei egl gesehn? ^^"

    1. Jupp...aber des is mir zu teuer xD Außerdem hätte ich mir das diesen Monat net leisten können >>" Daher ist CC ja mein Freund *hihi* Aber danke für den Tipp *flausch*

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you ^^ I think it is a great dress for summer (despite the color being black xD) because the fabric is so light *hehe*