Apr 29, 2014

A wonky day in my life ;)

Hello sweeties <3

before I leave for work I wanted to share the video with you that I promised in my last post :) It is a "little bit" wonky but I think it still shows the beauty of my home ^.^ Hope you enjoy~

Have a nice day <3


Apr 25, 2014

My Easter holidays - Meeting a dear friend

Hello sweeties <3

Last week here in Germany we celebrated Easter and as we had a long free weekend I decided it was time to visit my parents again <3 I went there last Thursday and sadly had to return on Tuesday as work was calling again ;) As usual I had a really great time at my parents place - we talked a lot, I took many walks as the weather was really awesome and I met one of my dearest friends who I know for 15 years already - Time really flies *hahaha*

<3 I am so glad we are still friends after this time <3

Apr 15, 2014

Outletcity Metzingen and more new clothes~

Hello sweeties <3

Someday, in the near future, I will post about the latest bookmeet that happened around 1 week ago - I promise...but today I want to talk about my first trip to a so-called Outletcity. My colleagues and I talked about going there for 2 years now but never took the opportunity to actually do the trip...even though it is only 45 minutes away from where we live. On Saturday we finally went shopping there and even though we stumbled out of most of the stores in shock as the prices are still pretty damn high I found some nice things for a decent price...and I bought loads of chocolate and sweets in general :3

Apr 11, 2014

Take your Unicorn and travel to a never seen place...

Hello sweeties <3

As I told you in my last post we visited the Steiff museum and had a little photoshoot there ^^ Although it is pretty far away from any bigger city it is worth your while to go there. Everything is sooo cute and you don't get bored listening to the story how the "Knopf im Ohr"-brand was created.

These are the first impressions from the museum and the photoshoot :3

This was at the end of the guided tour. It was a room filled with teddy bears (who as I know now are named after Teddy Roosevelt). There were trinkets and pieces from many different countries and the little teddy bears have been travelled all around the world. Such a cute idea and absolutely magical <3

Apr 10, 2014

What I've been up to - Haul, OOTD...just random things~

Hello sweeties <3

Sorry again for beeing such a bad blogger during the last weeks but honestly speaking my life was a total rollercoaster...I kinda had to set things straight with myself but now I finally found the right course again ;) But during the  last weeks I wasn't inactive socially and now I want to catch up...yep, I did not only read books or watched TV shows xD

I also filmed a video ^^b Well, it took me some weeks to edit and upload it but I did film a video about my latest gets *fufufu* As I accumulated quite a bit in the last weeks the video is quite long *hahahaha*

Hope you enjoy it nonetheless <3

Apr 4, 2014

[Book Review] The Looking Glass Wars

Hello sweeties <3

As promised yesterday I have one more book review for March waiting to be posted. I already read the book in the middle of March but as with Memory I didn't have the muse to write a review ^^"

Title: The Looking Glass Wars
Original Title: The Looking Glass Wars
Author: Frank Beddor
Pages: 376
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1405219769
ISBN-13: 978-1405219761

You can buy the book here!

Alyss, born in Wonderland, is destined to be a warrior queen. After a bloody coup topples the Heart regime, Alyss is exiled to another world entirely, where she is adopted into a new family, renamed Alice and befriended by Lewis Carroll. At age 20 she returns to Wonderland to battle Redd and lead Wonderland into its next golden age of imagination.

What I think about it: 
Wonderland with a twist? I am all in! All the characters you already knew from the original book are there but they are not what they used to be in Lews Carroll's story. They are more mature and the story is missing a big deal of the nonsense Alice in Wonderland lived from. The book also includes Lews Carroll and tells us that he indeed did write "Alice in Wonderland" but that what really happened is a totally different story. Alice, or rather Alyss, is not just a normal girl but the princess of wonderland sent away because of a terrible war. During her time in London she is forced to forget who she really is and on returning to Wonderland she realizes that what she belived to be a fantasy is indeed real.

The setting and the story are really great. Frank Beddor did a great job in transforming the nonsensical Characters into more mature versions of themselves without loosing the important traits of their character. I really loved to read the book and can't wait to read the second and third book of this series :3 The only downpoint I have to mention is that sometimes the writing style was to rocky for me. Thus I only give 4 stars for the book ^^


Have a nice Friday and a great start into the weekend <3


Apr 3, 2014

[Book Review] Memory

Hello sweeties <3

Over one month ago I posted my last book review - and it isn't that I didn't read any books in March, I just didn't have the time to write about it. There were some personal things happening and most of the time I didn't have the spirit to upload a review >>" But anyways I have two reviews waiting for you -  and here comes the 1st one :3

Title: Memory
Original Title: Memory
Author: Christoph Marzi
Pages: 328
Language: German
ISBN-10: 3401066226
ISBN-13: 978-3401066226

You can buy the book here!

Jude Finney hat eine besondere Fähigkeit: Er kann die Träume der Toten sehen. Auf dem Highgate Cemetery, in einer Welt zwischen Realität und Traum, begegnet er der geheimnisvollen Story, einem Mädchen, das tausend Geschichten kennt, aber sich an seine eigene nicht erinnern kann. Jude ahnt, dass Story noch lebt, irgendwo in den Straßen von London. Und dass es höchste Zeit wird, sie zu finden.

Jude Finney has a special talent: He can see the dreams od the dead. On Highgate Cemetery, in a world between reality and dreams, he meets Story, a mysterious girl, who knows a thousand stories but can't remember her own. Jude knows that Story is still alive, somewhere in the streets of London - and it is time that she gets found.

What I think about it:
I love the stories by Christoph Marzi - and this one is no exception. The setting is great, the story is interesting from start to end and the atmosphere makes you want to go to London and visit the Magnificent Seven by yourself. Although the characters are your typical awkward boy and girl they never seemed boring. Also the other characters had a really mysterious feel about them...even though you only got bits and pieces of them in the book.

I really loved reading the book and can't wait to read more from Christoph Marzi ^^ 


Have a nice day :3


Veronica Mars

Hello sweeties <3

After watching 2 seasons of this totally awesome show within 1 week I thought it was time to talk about it. You might have already figured out that I am totally obsessed with this show. Although the show is from 2004 it still has one hell of a story and I am not actually really sure why they cancelled it after onle three seasons >.<

Some of you might already have watched it but for the ones who haven't yet here a short overview ;) The show centers around a high school girl Veronica Mars, who lives in Neptune, a city where the middle class doesn't exist - you only have the totally rich and the poor. After the murder of her best friend her life of luxury and happiness is suddenly over, her dad who was the former sheriff gets degraded and has to makes ends meet as a private investigator and Veronica is helping him out with his jobs. This way she not only meets interesting people but also gets closer to finding out who the murderer of her best friend is.

The setting is really different to other crime shows and the characters are all really well rounded - even though sometimes a bit over the top. I love the dialouges and the humor - and I especially love Kristen Bell *O*

Started watching the 3rd season just yesterday and can't wait to see the movie - so if you haven't watched that show yet I highly recommend that you start watching it now :3

Hope you have a nice day~