Apr 10, 2014

What I've been up to - Haul, OOTD...just random things~

Hello sweeties <3

Sorry again for beeing such a bad blogger during the last weeks but honestly speaking my life was a total rollercoaster...I kinda had to set things straight with myself but now I finally found the right course again ;) But during the  last weeks I wasn't inactive socially and now I want to catch up...yep, I did not only read books or watched TV shows xD

I also filmed a video ^^b Well, it took me some weeks to edit and upload it but I did film a video about my latest gets *fufufu* As I accumulated quite a bit in the last weeks the video is quite long *hahahaha*

Hope you enjoy it nonetheless <3

Next I went to a Korean restaurant with some friends and as I don't often get the opportunity at work to wear fancy clothes I decided to wear something gyaru inspired that evening...I forgot to take pictures of the food like a good blogger but it was just too delicious and well, I forgot to tale my cam ^^"But I have a picture of my outfit...not as good as pictures of food but anyways, I wanted to share ;)

Actually I went out with colleagues and friends quite often to have Korean food lately...also my parents came to visit me *yay* And who would have thought we went out to have fancy dinner *hehehe* But as my dad isn't into Asian cuisine that much we had Burgers at an American Diner and it was soooooo awesome...and way too much food for us to handle *hahaha*
 The weather was really great and I was able to show a bit of Ludwigsburg to my parents :3

It was fantastic...if you ever visit Ludwigsburg go have a burger at Kullman's Diner near the train station - it is epic and feels like travelling to an American movie from the 50's *O*

So yeah, these are the things I did during the last weekends...well, not all of them as we also went to the Steiff museum and had a bookmeet but for those two events I want to do special posts as we had a photographer with us at the museum and the bookmeet just needs one entry as there is so much to stay tuned for the next posts that hopefully won't take me two weeks to write *coughs* ^^"

Have a nice day <3



  1. Ich mag dein erstes Outfit so gerne. :) Das ist so süß und romantisch. Leider ist es irgendwie doch noch ganz schön kalt hier. Zu kalt, um so etwas niedliches zu tragen. :/

    Yay für Burger. *_*

    1. Awwww~ Danke <3 Bei uns isses mal warm, mal kalt...typisch April halt xD

      Ja~ Burger sind episch *O*