Apr 15, 2014

Outletcity Metzingen and more new clothes~

Hello sweeties <3

Someday, in the near future, I will post about the latest bookmeet that happened around 1 week ago - I promise...but today I want to talk about my first trip to a so-called Outletcity. My colleagues and I talked about going there for 2 years now but never took the opportunity to actually do the trip...even though it is only 45 minutes away from where we live. On Saturday we finally went shopping there and even though we stumbled out of most of the stores in shock as the prices are still pretty damn high I found some nice things for a decent price...and I bought loads of chocolate and sweets in general :3

Chocolate Galore <3 The discount at the Lindt Outlet is really awesome but not as good as the discount at Milka :3 I bought so many things and thought I had to pay at least 10 EUR but in the end I had to pay only 5 EUR ^^b I should have bough more xD

Th green jellybears are for my brother as he totally loves jellybears :) The rest of the chocolate will be distributed to my family when I go home during Easter holidays :3

 Look who I met at the Milka Outlet ;)

This dress was a really lucky find at S.Oliver. I actually was contempalting if I should really try it on as the tag said it was size 34 (size 2 in the US) and I am by no means a size 2 even if I lost a good deal of weight during the last months xD So, you know why I was hesitant but my colleague said I should try it nonetheless because it has some kind of shirring in the back and guess what it fits me :3 That not only gave me a new dress but also a boost of confidence *hehehe* Also the dress originally was 120 EUR but I only paid 19,95 ^^v Awesome, right?

The 2nd item I found is another dress. This time from Vero Moda. This also cost only 20 EUR (original price is 40 EUR) and I fell in love at first sight <3 It makes such a perfectly small waist and a nice looking bosom, if you know what I mean ;) My colleague said that these pictures reminded her a little bit of a Greek Goddess...another confidence boost here :3

I also got two shirts at S.Oliver, each originally was 20 EUR, I got one for 6,99 EUR ^^v I love the message on both of the shirts. The grey one saying "Still waiting for you" xD and the black one is my fav "A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear" - true to this, right? :3 The shorts and the white shirt with the lace details I regularly bought at H&M but I still wanted to show you *hahaha*

These two dresses I already ordered in the beginning of March at but they only arrived this weekend. Long way from China ;) They both only cost around 10 EUR (I think even less but I don't really remember ^^")

Hope you have a nice day <3



  1. Wooow, so viele schöne Sachen *o* Die beiden Kleider von sammydress gefallen mir natürlich am besten :D
    Aber die stehen so lange Kleider ja auch super :o

    1. Danke :3 Ja, die Kleider von sammydress sind echt viel Spitze <3

  2. Es ist ein bisschen ungewohnt, dich mal nicht in Lolita-Kleidung zu sehen, aber du hast ein paar schöne Sachen ergattern können. ^^

    1. Kann ja net nur Lolita tragen xD Auf Arbeit würde ich dafür schiefe Blicke ernten XD

      Danke :3