Apr 25, 2014

My Easter holidays - Meeting a dear friend

Hello sweeties <3

Last week here in Germany we celebrated Easter and as we had a long free weekend I decided it was time to visit my parents again <3 I went there last Thursday and sadly had to return on Tuesday as work was calling again ;) As usual I had a really great time at my parents place - we talked a lot, I took many walks as the weather was really awesome and I met one of my dearest friends who I know for 15 years already - Time really flies *hahaha*

<3 I am so glad we are still friends after this time <3

Of course we went to Chemnitz as always - according to my dear Katrin it is the most awesome city in the world xD Well, although I like the place better than in the past I can't second her thoughts on that matter *hahaha* Btw. I also did a follow-me-around video that I will upload later...still have to cut it *hahaha* always we didn't only talk but also did some shopping ;) And I found this beauty at a thrift store. Don't know yet when I will wear it but for 6EUR I had to take it home with me.

Also tried on this monstrosity just for fun *hahaha* I wonder who will look good in this  O.o

After around 4 or 5 hours we decided we were finished with shopping and roaming through Chemnitz but didn't want to leave for home yet - So we went back to Zschopau to talk a bit more and remember our schooldays xD
I never would have imagined loving this place so much. During my schooldays the only thing I wanted was to leave this place as fast as possible, see the world and find my happiness - and now? Everytime I am coming back I am falling in love over and over again - with the scenery, the people...I don't know, maybe it is just Nostalgia but my view has changed dramatically during the last 15 years :)

 I think my dear friend Vanilla would love the "Bärengarten" ;)

 Funny thing - some days ago someone asked us if we are sisters *hihi*Maybe we are and we just don't know it yet x"D

What did you do for your Easter holidays?

Hope you have a great start into this weekend <3



  1. Achja, man weiß erst was das Wort Heimat bedeutet, wenn man seine verlassen hat. Geht mir genau so mit dem Sauerland. Aber ich wollte eigentlich nie weg. Wer weiß, vielleicht gehe ich ja irgendwann mal wieder zurück. Wobei das Ruhrgebiet einfach unschlagbar gut verbunden ist. Man ist so schnell irgendwo. Dein Outfit ist überigens echt hübsch :)

    1. Das ist wahr :) Ich wollte echt immer weg in die weite Welt und jetzt wünsche ich mir nichts mehr als zurück in meine Heimat zu kommen xD

      Danke :3

  2. Schööön, ich freu mich für dich. :) Es tut echt gut, so alte Freunde wieder zu treffen und zu Hause zu sein, oder?

    1. Danke :3

      Ich freu mich immer so wenn ich heim komme...tut echt der Seele gut mit jemandem zu reden, der einen schon so ewig kennt :)