Apr 3, 2014

[Book Review] Memory

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Over one month ago I posted my last book review - and it isn't that I didn't read any books in March, I just didn't have the time to write about it. There were some personal things happening and most of the time I didn't have the spirit to upload a review >>" But anyways I have two reviews waiting for you -  and here comes the 1st one :3

Title: Memory
Original Title: Memory
Author: Christoph Marzi
Pages: 328
Language: German
ISBN-10: 3401066226
ISBN-13: 978-3401066226

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Jude Finney hat eine besondere Fähigkeit: Er kann die Träume der Toten sehen. Auf dem Highgate Cemetery, in einer Welt zwischen Realität und Traum, begegnet er der geheimnisvollen Story, einem Mädchen, das tausend Geschichten kennt, aber sich an seine eigene nicht erinnern kann. Jude ahnt, dass Story noch lebt, irgendwo in den Straßen von London. Und dass es höchste Zeit wird, sie zu finden.

Jude Finney has a special talent: He can see the dreams od the dead. On Highgate Cemetery, in a world between reality and dreams, he meets Story, a mysterious girl, who knows a thousand stories but can't remember her own. Jude knows that Story is still alive, somewhere in the streets of London - and it is time that she gets found.

What I think about it:
I love the stories by Christoph Marzi - and this one is no exception. The setting is great, the story is interesting from start to end and the atmosphere makes you want to go to London and visit the Magnificent Seven by yourself. Although the characters are your typical awkward boy and girl they never seemed boring. Also the other characters had a really mysterious feel about them...even though you only got bits and pieces of them in the book.

I really loved reading the book and can't wait to read more from Christoph Marzi ^^ 


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