Dec 31, 2013

This was 2013~

Hello sweeties <3

2013 is finally coming to a close. It was a year of many ups and downs and I am somewhat glad that the year is finally over. But now is not the time to think about the bad things that happened. As today is the last day of 2013 I want to recount the good things that happened this year :)

Dec 29, 2013

Sometimes the world is a wonderful place~

Hello sweeties <3

I am still recovering from all the Christmas food but still want to write something about the meeting with a dear friend from my highschool days :3 Everytime I am meeting with her I instantely feel transported back in time - memories I already have forgotten are coming back and I am turning 18 again x"D Well, not that any other day in my life is different though. 


Dec 28, 2013

Christmas Impressions~

Hello sweeties <3

So, Christmas is over, the year 2013 is also nearing its end and I am relieved that this year comes to a for Christmas I am sad that it is over but somewhat I wanted it to last longer *hahaha* As always we ate a lot, watched many fairytales and ate even more xD Of course we also had our traditional walk on the 25th...only thing that was (and still is) missing is snow T^T Hell, we had around 10 °C all the time...*fuuuuuu* What did you do during Christmas? Could you spend the time with your loved ones? Did you have to work? Were you travelling? :3 Here are some impressions of my Christmas <3

 Angels everywhere <3 I am really proud to call the Ore Mountains my home as Christmas in this region is really special in my really turns into a fairytale world than...well, even more than usual xD

Dec 25, 2013

Christmas Meet-Up

Hello sweeties <3

On Sunday, December 22nd we there was the Christmas Meet-Up in Stuttgart. As last year we went to the vegan restaurant Coox and Candy again and as last year we had loads of fun. As always we took loads of pictures and talked a lot. There was also a secret Santa and I could finally give my presents to my dear ones <3 

Everyone looked to pretty <3 SO many selfmade dresses and headdresses...loved each and every outfit :3
Love you girls <3

Dec 24, 2013

Merry Christmas ^-^

I wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas!
May all your wishes come true <3
Have a great time with your families and dear ones ^O^


Dec 23, 2013

7 things~

Hello sweeties <3

OMG~ tomorrow it is finally Christmas and after 8 hours in the train I finally reached my parents place. Why do we live so far apart? *sighs* Well, anyways, here are the 7 great things that happened last week :3

1. We had over 200 Lolita Valentines this week <3 SO AWESOME!

2. ...and I also received one *O* Thank you so so so much <3 <3 <3

3. Had an awesome Christmas Meet-Up with my girls from Stuttgart *_* It was sooooo much fun and everyone looked so beautiful <3

Somehow we look like deer caught in headlight but somehow I really like that pic <3

4. Got an awesome present from my dear Nezumi <3 Thank you so much my dear *_*

5. Finished reading The Hunger Games - Mockingjay...and the end was really great and fitting for the series :3

6. Made a 2nd Christmas Headdress for Nezumi and I think my skills are improving pretty much...I didn`t brn myself as much this time around *haha* really love doing this kind of creative stuff ^^

7. Started getting Acupuncture for my back pain and it really helps *yay* Finally some help for my back *wohoooo*

How was your week? Did you get everything reday for Christmas already? I still need to pack some presents...and of course tomorrow we will decorate the Christmas tree :3

Oh, I nearly forgot to publicly announce the giveaway winner *ahahaha* 
Congratulations to Miuko from Puppenschloss :3  
I am glad that you already received the package today <3

Have a nice evening my sweeties <3


Dec 19, 2013

It feels like Christmas~

Hello sweeties <3

Due to work and the overall stress before Christmas it took me pretty long to get in the Christmas mood ^^" Last weekend the spirit finally hit me when we went to the Christmas Market in Esslingen and so I thought I could also finally do a Christmas post with asking you some questions? I will answer them myself too, of course ;) 

How do you celebrate Christmas? Do you have any special traditions?
We have loads of them that never change *hahaha* On the 22nd or 23rd the Christmas Tree will be decorated and we prepare plates of sweets for everyone. We also watch fairytales the whole time. On the 24th we have a special Christmas Dinner with Linsen and Bratwurst as it is a traditional meal in the Ore is supposed to give you riches in the following year. The 25th and 26th mainly consist of eating xD

What do you love most about Christmas?
I love getting presents but for me the greatest thing is to finally see my family again and to see their happy faces while unwrapping the gifts I selected for them ^o^ Just spending time with my loved ones is the greatest thing at Christmas :3

Do you decorate your home for Christmas?
I do *points down* ;)

Gingerbreadhouse of was my first try and it looks more like a shack but well...I kinda like it so I use it as decoration XD
I have this snowman since like can put incense inside and he starts to smoke his pipe :3 And of course the nutcracker belongs to Christmas as well ^o^
Not in my room but I love pyramids like that...they remind me of home *_*

Do you have a favourite Christmas movie?
Mine would definitely be "3 Hazelnuts for Cinderella" - I watch it every year and still love it to death *_*

And last but not least - a non Christmas song that reminds you of Christmas? Why?
For me it is "Key of the Twilight" from .hack/sign by Kajiura Yuki. In Japan I heard it all time during Christmas and while burning incense cones and eating the Christmas Cake my mother send me. In my mind it is connected to Christmas forever :)

Maybe some of you will answer my questions and also post about them :) 

Have a nice day everyone <3


Dec 18, 2013

Some outfits don't want to be worn...

Hello sweeties <3

On Sunday we had the 1st Christmas Meet-Up in Stuttgart and decided for this occassion we wanted to go to the Christmas Market in Esslingen...supposedly one of the most beautiful Christmas Markets in Germany. I think it is really great but also super crowded x"D I already had my outfit planned out weeks in advance, I also made a special headdress for it BUT after washing the dress there were brown stains all over it because the brown bows in the front of the dress thought to themselves "Hey, I have a great idea, lets bleed on the dress!" much about the dress >.< I thought, okay, I can handle this...just wear another dress that matches the colors of the headdress...the dress was soon found BUT than the headdress broke *noes* T^T Now I had to wear a completely different outfit than I had first planned but well, I liked it nonetheless...still was sad about the other dress though...I think 2013 for me was the year of the cursed dresses *ahahaha* *sighs*

Cardigan: No Tabu
Blouse: Bodyline
Tights: C&A
Shoes: Secret Shop
Headbow: BTSSB
Collar: H&M
Roses: Claire's
Necklace: Claire's Kid's Section
Wig: Lockshop

Cape: New Look
Bag: Bodyline (finally I have a big pink bag *ngahahaha*)

Have a nice Wednesday everyone <3


Dec 17, 2013

7 things...or lets pretend it is still Monday ;)

Hello sweeties <3

Yep...I am kinda late again but with all the preparations for Christmas and my visits to the doctor I kinda forgot to post my 7 things yesterday *ahahaha* ^^" But that doesn't mean they didn't happen ;)

1. The "Dreaming Cinderella" JSK arrived and it is so gorgeous *_* I will post some pictures of it later but believe me it is a dream come true...only thing I have to get used to is the dropped waist but hey, it makes I nice shape so it will not be too hard :3

2. Watched "Frozen" with my colleagues and it was sooooo nice...I love Olaf cuz he loves hugs....and so do I <3 <3 <3

3. Finally finished my headdress for the Chrismas Meet-Up in Stuttgart on Sunday *yay me* Burned myself a couple of times while building it but it was worth it...or what do you think?
I used a normal headband and just glued everything onto it XD

4. Bought new black boots for all the new black dresses that will move into my closet :3
 In all black :) I hope they are as comfy as they look xD

5. Went to the Christmas market in Esslingen with my sweet girls from Stuttgart and we had loads of fun even though it was sooooooo cold *brrrrr*

6. Was complimented for my Co-Ord that I wore on Sunday by a Lolita who isn't only one of my dearest friends but also a really great inspiration *happy desu* <3

7. Already lost 2 kg with the "Schlank im Schlaf" - dietary change *yay* :3

Hope you also had a great week <3
Only one week till Christmas and only 6 days until I see my family again - so excited *O*

Have a nice day <3


Dec 13, 2013

Tiny Haul~

Hello sweeties <3 least in comparison to what I buy normally this haul is pretty tiny but I want to show it to you nonetheless. :3

 P2 Cosmetics Anniversary Pallet
NYX Pore Filler
Clearasil Daily Clear Cranberry
Essence Pure Skin Nose Strips

Dec 12, 2013

42 Random facts about myself

Hello sweeties <3

I was tagged on facebook today...twice that is and I though it was a really fun tag so I want to share it here on my blog as well *hehehe* It goes as follows. I am writing down 42 random facts (yep, two times I received the number 21 >>") about myself and I won't tag people by my own choice, no, you can write me if you want to participate or not and then I will give you a random number and you have to write down as many facts ;) So, here goes~
1. I never really know what to say about myself, which can be a problem now *hahaha*
2. Even at my age I am missing my family so much...we are living really far apart so every time I visit them I don't want to leave afterwards.
3. I will probably never grow up.
4. I am proud to be born in GDR and having experienced "another" Germany.
5. I tend to always compare myself to others and most of the time I see myself at the loosing end.
6. I get addicted to new TV shows/anime etc. pretty easily.
7. I can hear the same music over and over again for many weeks without even listening to other things and still not get bored.
8. I can speak Japanese.
9. I love to spend money on Lolita even if I promise myself that in the next months I definitely won't buy anything x"D
10. I am addicted to makeup.
11. I love winter.
12. In the future I want to work in Japan for 2 or 3 years...hopefully I can get a chance doing that.
13. I love vampires!
14. ...but I don't like Twilight as in my book Vampires are not supposed to glitter in the sun.
15. My favourite color is pink...who would have thought *hahaha*
16. I tend to overthink everything people say to me.
17. I love to watch Horror movies although sometimes I can't sleep afterwards ^^"
18. I've got my drivers licence but I never really drove a car as I think I am a danger to others on the street xD
19. I love the scent of vanilla.
20. Even though people would doubt it I do have the lowest self-esteem possible.
21. I have big dreams but I am afraid to believe in them...if that makes any sense XD
22. I love Sailor Moon and it was/is a leading factor of how I became the person I am now...probably xD
23. Sometimes I think that I am the most unintersting person this planet has ever seen ^^"
24. I lived in Ireland for 6 months and did an Internship there.
25. I studied in Japan for one year and actually never wanted to go back home.
26. My favourite artists are Caspar David Friedrich, Caravaggio and Gianlorenzo Bernini.
27. I am still waiting for Lestat to pop up in front of my window.
28. If I get hurt by someone I love dearly I tend to forgive pretty fast...for me there is not only 2nd chances but many more.
29. The greatest joy on Christmas (or every other occasion at that) is giving presents. I love the happy look on peoples faces
30. Sometimes I get the feeling that I am totally awkward in any kind of social situation.
31. I can't live without my smartphone.
32. ...but when someone calls I tend to not hear my phone at all XD
33. I am always trying to lose weight ^^"
34. I love strawberry flavoured sweets.
35. My favourite musical is "Elisabeth"...I absolutely love Mate Kameras
36. If I find a great fandom I want to share it with all my friends because it gets more awesome when you have someone to talk to ^^
37. I am a hypochondriac...I get really panicky whenever something is just a little bit off with my health...and at the end it only is a cold *ahahaha* ^^"
38. People often think that I am much younger than I really am *win*
39. If you put me in the kitchen Chaos is certain when I am finished xD
40. My dream is to open an Alice-Cafe and recruiting my sweet friends for teh project
41. I am a princess through and through!
42. Happiness for me is not only me being happy but also that my friends will be happy - because being happy alone isn't happiness at all imo ^^

So, I congratulate you if you reached the bottom of this post Here you have a cookie of awesomeness  <3

Have a very nice evening my dearies :-* *chuuuu*


Dec 10, 2013

OOTD - Winterprincess

Hello sweeties <3

On Saturday I went to Crailsheim to celebrate the Birthday of my dear Cassiya. As winter has already started and in some parts of Germany we already had snow [unfortunately not in the Stuttgart area] I decided to something wintery :3

Blouse/Cardigan: Bodyline
Shoes: Lovelyshoes
Tights: H&M
Necklace: Claire's
Belt: ebay
Roses/Headband: Claire's

The Paris Window Print by BTSSB is one of my favourite prints ever *_* So romantic~ I think it also matches the season pretty will with the angels and stained windows...don't you think? :3

Have a nice day everyone~


Dec 9, 2013

7 things~

Hello sweeties <3

Only two weeks till Christmas...well a little bit more but only 2 weeks left to work *ngahahahaha* This week is already starting with a good though but how was last week? Here are 7 great things that happened to me last week :3

1. Bought the (hopefully) perfect dress for the Jupiter concert in February <3

2. The tickets for the concert finally arrived *_*

3. Nezumi was so nice to give me the ticket with #14 as all numbers divisible by 7 are my lucky numbers xD

4. Went to the Christmas Market in Ludwigsburg and was absolutely stunned because it is so beautiful *_*

5. Finally found a Christmas present for my grandpa :3

6. Went to celebrate Cassiyas birthday and there we build gingerbread houses...we had loads of fun doing so :3

7. Went on a shopping spree on ebay and found really cute things to wear with Lolita :3

How was your week? What did you do?

Have a nice evening my sweeties :3


Dec 8, 2013

10 Questions Tag

Hello sweeties <3

Some time ago I was tagged by the lovely Jade from Princess Snow White and now I finally have the time to answer her 10 questions :3

The rules:
- Answer the questions given to you.
- Ask 10 questions yourself and give the tag to other blogger :)

1. What is your first memory?
*thinks* Okay, this may sound creepy because actually most people have their first memory only after the age of four but my memory is before that. I remember being bathed in a yellow bathtub for little babies and my thoughts were something on the line of "This person definitely is not my mommy!". Seriousely, I don't think that such a memory is even possible but this is the first memory I can think of *ahahaha*

2. Did you experience bullying?
Unfortunately yes, I even skipped school because of that and at one point I had to go to counselling sessions - but fortunately this is in the past now. When I think about why people bullied me I somewhat understand why they were doing it [not that I do approve of bullying in any way]...they might have been even more insecure that I was and well, when I was in school anime and manga were still considered childish  or gross. Nothing a normal person would read or watch. They just didn't understand I think. But anyways, this lies in the past now...and I have met many awesome people in the past years that are as crazy as I am and who made my life worthwhile <3

3. Is there a song you can't bear to listen to?
*thinks* Well, I would have to say "Tears" from X-Japan...I love this song to pieces but everytime I hear the first tune I instantely start to is such a beautiful song but it is hard for me to listen to it ^^"

4. What are you bad at but would love to be good at?
Too many things *ahahaha* But I would have to say knitting...I know how to do it but I am not patient enough to get one piece done ^^" 

5. What kind of food do you absolutely dislike?
Tomatoes...they are so slimy @.@ I can eat tomatosoup and everything made out of tomatoes though...I only can't stand the raw vegetable >.<

6. How much make-up do you call your own?
You can have a look here xD I think it is waaaaay too much but I can't stop myself from buying new makeup *ahahaha*

7. Do you like parties?
Hm, it depends on my mood...sometimes I really like to go out dancing and have a great time partying but sometimes I want a chilled evening with my friends, watching a movie or having some cocktails :)

8. If you had the chance what would you change in this world?
Well, the list would be endless...but well, I would want the everyone would understand each other and conflicts would be solved without war. Every human is different and has different views on life...we should accept those differences and accept the people as they are without trying to change them.

9. Who is your rolemodel?
My grandmother because even though her life wasn't easy all the time she kept looking forward. She showed me that you can be a strong woman and still be graceful in everything you do. I miss her so so much but in my heart she will always be a part of me ^^

10. How tall are you?
I am 163cm tall...I think that is a pretty good size, right? :3

And here are my questions:

1. What was the first book you read?
2. Who is your favourite villain?
3. Which fictional character can you relate to most?
4. What is the worst movie you ever watched?
5. If you could timetravel, where and when would you go to?
6. What is your biggest dream for the future?
7. What is your favourite piece of art? Why?
8. Are you supersticious?
9. Hello Kitty or Rilakkuma?
10. What is your favourite color?

I tag *thinks* Stoff im Gehirn, Kaninchenherz, Licentia Poetica, l0vepirate and everyone who wants to do this tag :) I am really curious about your answers <3

Have a nice evening and great start into the week me sweeties <3


Dec 4, 2013

Christmas Bakery :3

Hello sweeties <3

Last weekend I went to visit Nezumi for the first time at her home to bake some christmas cookies and, boy, was it an odyssey to get to her place. Even though she is only living aroun 40 km away I had to travel nearly 2 hours by bus/train @@ And I was really affraid that I would land somewhere totally different but none of thart happened, I reached Nezumi in one place and could help with the baking...well, at least I tried x"D As I don't have an oven at my place I can't bake that often and thus I am not to great at it *hahaha* I still hope that I was least I could mix or cut the ingredients *hahaha* ^^"

Don't they look delicious? *om nom nom* I made Vanillekipferl in the past already but everytime I forget how annoying it is to put the suger on many of them broke T^T

Dec 2, 2013

7 things~

Hello sweeties <3

W00t! I am on time with my 7 things *muahahaha* Yep, this in itself should be one of the good things, don't you think? XD

1. Fangirling with my dear Nezumi <3 It is always so much fun spending time with you :3

2. We baked gingerbread and other delicious cookies...although I am not a great help in the kitchen I fear *hahaha*

3. Met with Thi Lialin after a pretty long time <3

4. Found the perfect outfit for the Jupiter cross your fingers that I will get it:3

5. Rediscovered a past love of mine *points down*

6.  Kamijo announced his first solo minialbum <3 *dances in circles*

7. Christmas Time started *O* I LOVE CHRISTMAS SO MUCH! Well, my home lies in the Ore mountains so I am bound to be crazy about Christmas, right? ;D

So, how was your week? Do you love Christmas as much as I do? :3

Have a nice day~


Dec 1, 2013

1. December - Time for a Christmas Giveaway~

Hello sweeties <3

Christmastime has now officially started in Germany and to share the merry spirits with my dear readers I decided to do a Giveaway - because giving presents for me is as much fun as receiving them :3

This giveaway is open for everyone and will end on December 18th ^^

Good luck everyone and have a nice 1. Advent <3