Dec 4, 2013

Christmas Bakery :3

Hello sweeties <3

Last weekend I went to visit Nezumi for the first time at her home to bake some christmas cookies and, boy, was it an odyssey to get to her place. Even though she is only living aroun 40 km away I had to travel nearly 2 hours by bus/train @@ And I was really affraid that I would land somewhere totally different but none of thart happened, I reached Nezumi in one place and could help with the baking...well, at least I tried x"D As I don't have an oven at my place I can't bake that often and thus I am not to great at it *hahaha* I still hope that I was least I could mix or cut the ingredients *hahaha* ^^"

Don't they look delicious? *om nom nom* I made Vanillekipferl in the past already but everytime I forget how annoying it is to put the suger on many of them broke T^T

We also mad winter apple jam...and the recipe said that 1 kg of apples would give 4 normal glasses. We decided we wanted 8 glasses so each one of us gets 4...and look what happened O.O Where in the world do 2 kg of apples make 4 regular glasses of jam? Or was our understanding of "regular" not right? XD As you can see we got 11 regular glasses of jam and around 15 small glasses...I think there was a miscalculation in the recipe...either on the webz or we misunderstood *hahaha* Anyways, the jam is really delicious *om nom nom*

Inbetween baking and making jam Nezumi and myself did what we can do best - fangirling. While cutting the apples we watched the musical Elisabeth and fell in love with "Death" again and later we swooned over Jupiter...well, especially of Zin and Teru that is *hahaha*

Really like that pic *haha* Zin facepalms because of the stupid fangirl *hahahaha*

Also met Nezumis cute babies <3 All four of them are so cute *O*

Last but not least here is my OOTD:

Cardigan/Blouse: Bodyline
Shoes: Secret Shop
Roses: H&M
Belt: ebay
Headband: Claire's
Collar: H&M

Have a nice day everyone <3 ~yay, it is Wednesday, half of the week is over ^^b~



  1. Replies
    1. Ich muss immer warten bis ich wen mit Ofen besuche x"D Hab leider selber keinen T^T

  2. Oh, Bratapfelmarmelade, das klingt lecker! Und davon kann man doch nie zuviel haben, oder ;)
    Du hast nicht zufällig das Rezept dafür, oder? ^_^

    Du könntest dir einen kleinen Backofen für deine Wohnung kaufen. Bei amazon gibt es Mini Backöfen / Tisch-Backöfen, die wie ein Mikrowelle aussehen und Umluft haben für unter 100 Euro.

    1. Stimmt, davon kann man nie genug haben xD Hm, ich muss mal Schelli fragen wo sie das rezept her hat. Kann ich dir dann schicken ^^

      Oh, danke für den Tip...werde mich mal bei Amazon umschauen :3

    2. Hallo Jana,
      und, konntest du das Rezept von Schelli bekommen? ;)
      Du kannst es mir über LJ, DS oder mexx schicken. Ein Link auf das Rezept im Internet würde mir "reichen", aber es klang, als wenn es ein privates Rezept war, das erst jemand aufschreiben / kopieren muss...

      Schönes Wochenende!