Dec 8, 2013

10 Questions Tag

Hello sweeties <3

Some time ago I was tagged by the lovely Jade from Princess Snow White and now I finally have the time to answer her 10 questions :3

The rules:
- Answer the questions given to you.
- Ask 10 questions yourself and give the tag to other blogger :)

1. What is your first memory?
*thinks* Okay, this may sound creepy because actually most people have their first memory only after the age of four but my memory is before that. I remember being bathed in a yellow bathtub for little babies and my thoughts were something on the line of "This person definitely is not my mommy!". Seriousely, I don't think that such a memory is even possible but this is the first memory I can think of *ahahaha*

2. Did you experience bullying?
Unfortunately yes, I even skipped school because of that and at one point I had to go to counselling sessions - but fortunately this is in the past now. When I think about why people bullied me I somewhat understand why they were doing it [not that I do approve of bullying in any way]...they might have been even more insecure that I was and well, when I was in school anime and manga were still considered childish  or gross. Nothing a normal person would read or watch. They just didn't understand I think. But anyways, this lies in the past now...and I have met many awesome people in the past years that are as crazy as I am and who made my life worthwhile <3

3. Is there a song you can't bear to listen to?
*thinks* Well, I would have to say "Tears" from X-Japan...I love this song to pieces but everytime I hear the first tune I instantely start to is such a beautiful song but it is hard for me to listen to it ^^"

4. What are you bad at but would love to be good at?
Too many things *ahahaha* But I would have to say knitting...I know how to do it but I am not patient enough to get one piece done ^^" 

5. What kind of food do you absolutely dislike?
Tomatoes...they are so slimy @.@ I can eat tomatosoup and everything made out of tomatoes though...I only can't stand the raw vegetable >.<

6. How much make-up do you call your own?
You can have a look here xD I think it is waaaaay too much but I can't stop myself from buying new makeup *ahahaha*

7. Do you like parties?
Hm, it depends on my mood...sometimes I really like to go out dancing and have a great time partying but sometimes I want a chilled evening with my friends, watching a movie or having some cocktails :)

8. If you had the chance what would you change in this world?
Well, the list would be endless...but well, I would want the everyone would understand each other and conflicts would be solved without war. Every human is different and has different views on life...we should accept those differences and accept the people as they are without trying to change them.

9. Who is your rolemodel?
My grandmother because even though her life wasn't easy all the time she kept looking forward. She showed me that you can be a strong woman and still be graceful in everything you do. I miss her so so much but in my heart she will always be a part of me ^^

10. How tall are you?
I am 163cm tall...I think that is a pretty good size, right? :3

And here are my questions:

1. What was the first book you read?
2. Who is your favourite villain?
3. Which fictional character can you relate to most?
4. What is the worst movie you ever watched?
5. If you could timetravel, where and when would you go to?
6. What is your biggest dream for the future?
7. What is your favourite piece of art? Why?
8. Are you supersticious?
9. Hello Kitty or Rilakkuma?
10. What is your favourite color?

I tag *thinks* Stoff im Gehirn, Kaninchenherz, Licentia Poetica, l0vepirate and everyone who wants to do this tag :) I am really curious about your answers <3

Have a nice evening and great start into the week me sweeties <3



  1. I am so sorry to hear about your experience being bullied. I was as well in school, and it can be super tough. <3

    1. Oh my, I am sorry to hear that you also were bullied. It was super tough but I think it made us stronger in some way :)

  2. Hey :D

    Toller post und vielen Dank fuers mitmachen :3
    Tut mir leid, dass du gemoppt wurdest. Aber mir ging es genauso. Ich wurde gemoppt weil ich Anime und Manga mag und weil ich immer meine Hausaufgaben gemacht hab etc. Ich war sooooo unbeliebt... Manchmal bin ich auch einfach frueher nach Hause gegenagen, weil es mir einfach zu viel war..
    Btw, ich bin etwas kleiner als du ;)

    Ich wuensche dir noch einen schoenen Tag und ne super Woche *knuddel*


    1. Hiho :)

      Immer doch gern <3
      Ach, das ist in der Vergangenheit...hab mir viel zu lang darüber Gedanken gemacht. Jetzt isses ja vorbei und ich hab daraus gelernt und bin als Perso gewachsen ^^ Ich war auch wegen meiner Hobbies total unbeliebt...Manga und Anime waren halt damals noch net so beliebt wie heute. Und ich war eh recht still und somit total seltsam ^^" Und ich hab auch geschwänzt weil ich net mehr konnte...war regelmäßig deswegen krank etc. Die Leute wissen gar net was Mobbing mit einem machen kann...aber hey, wir sind die Sieger aus der ganzen Sache *har har har*

      Wünsche dir auch eine ganz tolle Woche <3

  3. Thank you for tagging me =) I´ll do it on my blog soon ♪

    1. You're welcome :) Thank you for doing the tag <3

  4. Danke für's taggen! ^^
    Hab dir Fragen auf meinem Blog beantwortet. ;)