Dec 17, 2013

7 things...or lets pretend it is still Monday ;)

Hello sweeties <3

Yep...I am kinda late again but with all the preparations for Christmas and my visits to the doctor I kinda forgot to post my 7 things yesterday *ahahaha* ^^" But that doesn't mean they didn't happen ;)

1. The "Dreaming Cinderella" JSK arrived and it is so gorgeous *_* I will post some pictures of it later but believe me it is a dream come true...only thing I have to get used to is the dropped waist but hey, it makes I nice shape so it will not be too hard :3

2. Watched "Frozen" with my colleagues and it was sooooo nice...I love Olaf cuz he loves hugs....and so do I <3 <3 <3

3. Finally finished my headdress for the Chrismas Meet-Up in Stuttgart on Sunday *yay me* Burned myself a couple of times while building it but it was worth it...or what do you think?
I used a normal headband and just glued everything onto it XD

4. Bought new black boots for all the new black dresses that will move into my closet :3
 In all black :) I hope they are as comfy as they look xD

5. Went to the Christmas market in Esslingen with my sweet girls from Stuttgart and we had loads of fun even though it was sooooooo cold *brrrrr*

6. Was complimented for my Co-Ord that I wore on Sunday by a Lolita who isn't only one of my dearest friends but also a really great inspiration *happy desu* <3

7. Already lost 2 kg with the "Schlank im Schlaf" - dietary change *yay* :3

Hope you also had a great week <3
Only one week till Christmas and only 6 days until I see my family again - so excited *O*

Have a nice day <3



  1. Das headdress ist dir wirklich gut gelungen, sieht fantastisch aus. <3
    Die Stiefel, die du dir gekauft hast, sind extrem süß. :3 Freu mich schon auf Bilder damit, hihi.
    Und wow zu 2 kg weniger! :0 Das ist toll. Vielleicht sollte ich "schlank im Schlaf" auch mal probieren. xD Ist es denn einfach oder recht mühselig, sich daran zu halten?

    1. Danke ^^ Hab mir dabei auch mehrmals die Pfoten verbrannt aber das war es wert *hehehe*
      Kanns kaum erwarten die Stiefel zu bekommen :3 Hoffentlich sehen die auch so gut zu dem Kleid aus wie ich mir das vorstelle *hahaha*

      Also Schlank im Schlaf ist eigentlich gar net so darf halt nur zwischendrin nix essen und haben sollte man so gut wie möglich auf Kohlehydrate verzichten...kann manchmal recht anstrengend sein aber ansonsten geht das echt gut :)