Dec 9, 2013

7 things~

Hello sweeties <3

Only two weeks till Christmas...well a little bit more but only 2 weeks left to work *ngahahahaha* This week is already starting with a good though but how was last week? Here are 7 great things that happened to me last week :3

1. Bought the (hopefully) perfect dress for the Jupiter concert in February <3

2. The tickets for the concert finally arrived *_*

3. Nezumi was so nice to give me the ticket with #14 as all numbers divisible by 7 are my lucky numbers xD

4. Went to the Christmas Market in Ludwigsburg and was absolutely stunned because it is so beautiful *_*

5. Finally found a Christmas present for my grandpa :3

6. Went to celebrate Cassiyas birthday and there we build gingerbread houses...we had loads of fun doing so :3

7. Went on a shopping spree on ebay and found really cute things to wear with Lolita :3

How was your week? What did you do?

Have a nice evening my sweeties :3



  1. tolles kleid! hast du das alyssa abgekauft? :)

    1. So schauts aus :) Hab schon ne ganze Weile nach dem perfekten Kleid für das Konzert gesucht und habs dann auf DS gefunden :3

  2. Ui, was hast du denn auf ebay so alles gefunden?
    Und das Kleid ist hübsch. Bin gespannt, wie deine Coord dazu ausfallen wird :)

    1. Ich kanns gar net abwarten das Kleid endlich in Händen zu halten *_*
      Und über die ebay-Sachen werd ich bald nen blogpost schreiben :3

  3. Oh Gott, das Kleid ist ein Traum. ;__; <3